July 19, 2010

South Worcester Industrial Park (SWIP)

great summary by Nicole, click here


Jahn dough said...

So it takes 8 yrs ( 1994 to 2002) just to get the raod started. We're now 18 yrs down the pike on this project and all we've done is clean up the sites and raze structures?

This project is on its 3rd city manager and their has yet to be a building constructed.

Can anyone imagine a private company taking this long to complete a project which really is not all that complicated. Clean up & build road then RFP's to build.

These are the same types who will soon be making health care decisions for you. Get that life insurance paid up in full.

Gub'mint moves slower than an 800 lb. person

Bill Randell said...


To date no on esingle job has been created. In fact jobs have been lost when companies have been forced to leave?



Jahn Dough said...

When will people start to understand that tasks the private sector can do s/b done only by the private sector.

Where do i start?

a. the post office

b. Amtrak

c. Freddie Mac

d. Fannie Mae

e. Ginny Mae

f. Low income housing constr.

g. city hospital(s)

h. State hospitals

The list is endless.

Jahn dough said...

Palmieri, 5 mins ago on Politos show said and I paraphrase.......when the council tackles an issue they put it in fourth gear. This was in response to Polito saying that the coucil drags its feet on too many issues.
Pilot Payment Phil evidently does not realize that my caaaaah has 6 gears.

I wonder when Mr Palmieri is going to start hitting up the likes of Community Health Link, Genesis Club, MLK Empowerment Center, and other smaller non profits for pilot payments?