July 28, 2010

Kerry will pay taxes now

Great article in the Boston Globe

Peter Blute had a great line today on the radio.  Ironic isn't that the Republican Senator is known for his $30,000 pick-up truck that he drives around the Commonwealth, while the Democratic is known for his $7,000,000 yacht that he stores in Rhode Island to avoid the Massachusetts sales tax. 


signman said...


do as I say not as I do... no different around here.. The Kennedy's did it as well.. the mom dies and they listed her home as Florida to escape estate taxes..we all would try the same thing but the key to this was he brought the boat to Ma that excludes him from not paying. To quote our president TIME FOR CHANGE....Peter was right on..

Jahn dough said...

And then there's Geo Steinbrenner who had the gaul to die in a year when there is no federal estate tax (a.k.a the death tax).

He must been a republican and hired Goldman Scahs for his estate planning?

Sad part is that no etsate tax means that when middle class mom & pop kick the bucket and leave the the 1950's ranch house to the the 3 kids.............guess who gets ++++ed over bigtime b/c there is no estate tax................yup the kids. Very few peopel realize this.

Anonymous said...

As a former boat owner, and mass resident - i was told specifically when i went to register my boat that "the boat should be registered in the state where it will spend the majority of its time in the water."

In my case that was in RI. What Kerry did was not illegal. That boat is docked in RI, not Boston. Granted his tax attorneys probably told him to do so, and as a public servant it was a bad move on his part. But it is not uncommon, nor illegal to do so.

Proper thing to do would be for Mass to change the law to read that a boat should be registered where the owner is a full time resident..

Jahn Dough said...

Mass supreme Jusdicial court yesterday ruled that those responsible for clearing snow and ice from their sidewalks after the end of a storm will now be responsible for repeatedly clearing "non naturally" occurring snow and ice.

So, Signman after you clear your sidewalk on Dewey St, you're still on the hook if a gypzy snow plow re depoists snow on your sidewalk or if ice reforms on it well after the snow strom has passed.

Basically, one will have to now check their sidewalks daily for snow and ice w/o re to where it orignated from.

So...............what happens to these carpet bombed city sidewalks that are all full of cracks, depressions, holes, and the like when have the typical freeze and thaw cycles that occur almost daily in the winter in these environs.

Will the city also be on the hook if I notify them that because the sidewalk has settled that everyday thaw & freeze daily cycles result in water flowing into the depressions and freeezing over?

Sad part is the so called slip & falls that occur on sidewalks are most often just nuisance claims to ins. companies and they just settel them for 5 or 10K and be done with it and your ins. rates go up, b/c they can settle a case w/o the insured acquiesence. It's called subrogation.

Why the hell is the private land owner abutter to a sidewalk responsible for maintining and clearing property that does not belong to them. For the life of me, i cant understand this horse++++.

Jahn Dough said...

Anonymous, Last I knew Kerry and/or his main squeeze Momma T. own persnal residences in Idaho, on Nantucket, on Beacon Hill, in DC, and possibly in Fla , too...so how is to say where they are "full time residents"

Also the boat is not owned by Kerry or MommA T. but instead by a Limited Liabilty Company that supposedly will charter the rig. I can most definitely assure you folks that that any expenses that the LLC pays for this boat will be picked up as expenses for the LLC which I assume is a for profit entity.....bottom line the gubmint will subsidize their boat expenses at a rate of about 50% b'c it will be an onlgoing business and the Kerrys will sneak in a littel pesonal usuage of the boat on the sly.

Anonymous said...

Jahn -

Regardless of how many homes he has he has to file a state tax return that lists his primary residence as Massachusetts.

I personally don't care where he registers the boat, or whom is the owner. Politically it was dumb.

Jahn dough said...

Anonymous, I realize that, but he doesnt own the boat.

It Appears Momma T's LLC bot the boat and not JFK personally. JFK's persoanal residence does not enter into the equation of taxation of the boat. It's all about the boats "residence" vs personal residence(s).

Primary residences for many pols can be very confusing at best. Didnt Worc have Beacon Hill pol (rep?) as few years ago who basically lived in Boston almost 24/7/365.