July 19, 2010

Hank's Show today

Today, on Hank Stoltz’ radio show between 11:15-12 a.m., we’ll be discussing the status of the Gateway Cities legislation. Tim McGourthy will be on, as will Ben Forman from MassINC. Both have them have been following this issue very carefully, so it should be an informative and stimulating discussion.

Again, that’s 830AM between 11:15 and 12, and the call-in # is 508 438-0965.

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David Z. said...

Good "As I See It" article in today's T&G about the Gateway Cities initiative.


I especially like the following excerpt about a new thinking regarding market rate housing,

"The bill also creates a novel market-rate housing program with a modest $5 million carved out of existing economic development funds. First proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick, these resources will support housing developers that put forward new projects with the potential to transform Gateway City neighborhoods and catalyze new investment. This is a departure from past approaches, which limited state neighborhood revitalization efforts to support for housing restricted for low-income families. Experience has shown that restoring healthy real estate markets often requires bringing a mix of incomes back to urban neighborhoods. While the funding for this program is small, it is the first of its kind and represents a fundamentally new approach to housing policy."