July 11, 2010

Asian Beattle

When this started I told anyone, who would listen, that if anyone thinks that the Asian Beatle would be contained.  There is just no way.  Think about it just one tree limb that contains the beatle escapes, there goes your containment.

Three times last week driving up Chester, I saw guys pulled over on the side of the road cutting tree limbs down from the ice storm two years ago.  Most likely to take home and burn during the winter.   Now they have been found in Boston.

What makes anyone think they are now not in Shrewsbury, Westboro or Northboro?    They are there are now there too and each week there will be a new discovery.   What I found interesting about this story was the City of Worcester has received 41 million dollars.     Can we get an accounting of how 41,000,000 million dollars is being spent?


Jahn Dough said...

I would suggest that FLY ORH.Com is the man made version of the Asian Long horned beetle to stop the growth of Worc's low income housing industry. :).

Ok folks the dawg daize of summmmaaaah aaaaah here. I have heard some talk of summer jobs for kids of late on the radio. I am of the opinion (always corect opinion!) thaT real world job experience is a very important part of kids growing experience(s).

So I will ask the same qiuestion I ask year after year on this topic. Should minimum wage law be waived for summertime employeees. Dittos for employment taxes, workmens comp., and other expenses directly related to keeping a person on the payroll?

My feeling is that a summer job at even $4.00/hr, for example is better than no summer job at all. If we can put 2 kids to work for $4.00/hr vs. only one kid for $8.00/hr, is not the end result better? If the kid doesnt want to work for $4.00, then tough cookies & KMA.

Jahn Dough said...

So it's 1045 am before I get to read todays rag.

Worc Econ dev'ment folks are again throwing money down a rathole with this total $40,000 proposal to give grants of up to $5,000 each to person(s) with an artistic bent to create jobs and/or foot traffic in certain, primarily downtown areas.

"....creative individuals.... really help develop a strong economy for the city....". REALLY? When is the last time a creative person (euphemism for artists) created a job and or any real foot traffic in Worcester?

Sure, an arts district for Worc would be nice, but I mean we gave teh The Hand It Over Theatre millions and have they really created anything, short of tax exempt status for their $25M of real estate holdings? The only thing creative about this Hand It Over bunch is their seemingly uncanny, continual knack for raping the tax paying citizenry of Worester for what they seem to think is an unending abysss of public funding for so called entrepeneurail adventures ...or what I conjecture may in in fact ultimately become a misadventure.

Up to 5,000 each doesnt amt. to peeing into the Quabbin Reservior. it would be better spent Using to create summer jobs for kidzz.

Gimme $5,000 in an artistic grant and I'll create a marijuana laced rolling paper! Call it Jahn-ajuana. (assuming here one hasnt already been created?)

Also, no onesh ould get the $5,000 until they have creatred job and or can present independent, verifiable evidence of creating foot traffic. File under another useless give away.

Jahn Dough said...

I must be looking in the wrong places, but I still cannot find the real estate transaction transferring Worc Airport to Massport.

Someone please help me here??? What am I missing here?

I have looked under Airport Drive, Massport, Worcester airport commissioners..........I give up. I may have to call the keeper of Worcesters records to find the deed transfer.

Now there was a deed transfer .....right?? Massport did buy the real estate....right? Maybe this is like a Main South CDC low income housing deal where the buyer gets everything but the land? What I call trailer park style...a.k.a. Rte 20'ing.

Jahn Dough said...

Awl-sew , pleeeze note the korrect spelling of the werd BEETLE. The X brothers would be disappointed.

IMO, Too much time on the BB diamond trying to be an Ace.

Knot enuff tyme inn Anglais class.