July 21, 2010

City Manager Pay

Lets just hope he does not make as much at the City Manager of Bell, Ca.

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Jahn Dough said...

Speaking of the city manager, do we know if the council votes a TIF, does the CM, being the city CEO, have to also sign off on it.

I ask b/c again today (7-22) we have anotehr story re the TIF for the site of the proposed DA's new office digs.

Clancey voted to hold the vote. Seems he wants to know more info re how much in total this project will realize in gub'mint funding. Now here's a rarity, I agree with Clanceys vote to hold thsi item. Frankly IMO it s/b voted down.

Basically we have a real estate dev'er who grossly under estimated their re-hab and tenant fit up costs and quite possibly was the low bidder (offered the lowest rent to teh DA's office) which rent they thought was viable as a result of badly underestimated cost projections.

I am asking agian, why should the taxpayers of Worcester have to subsidize this de'vers incompetence. This reprehensible. It appears the project will not fly w/o taxpayers subsidy. I say the dev'er should eat their mistakes. I wonder if teh dev'er is also now looking at forfieting a perforamnce bond or deposit monies, if any.

I only wish the council had also looked more closely at how much we we gave to the Hand It Over Theatre...and possibly to the soon to be Hand It Over Restaurant.

I'd be very curious to know what favored player(s)own this place.