July 21, 2010

Cape Air

I paid for a ride in (110) and to be picked up (110) for my trip last week.   Total of 220 for three people.   The three tickets round trip to San Diego was approximately 1,200.    I would have gladly paid Cape Air to fly me to Boston from ORH with a code sharing agreement with JetBlue. 

Avoid the security check at Logan.   I just see how this would not work for Cape Air and JetBlue? 


JSF said...

Cape Air charges around $100 to fly from Boston to Provincetown, which is the same distance as Boston to Worcester (39 nautical miles).

Based on that pricing, for three of you to fly in and out of Boston would have cost $600.

Still worth it?

Jahn Dough said...

BIll , IMO the market for such air services at Worc Airport is very limited. Again, my opinion only.

I think you have to remember you live very close to Worc Airport which IMO is a huge variable for this short haul market to Logan. pLus how much would this cannabalize future long distance air service from Worc airport?

Those from the east side of Worc or Shrews may very well opt to drive to Logan.

Not enough of a threshold population to suopprt such a service.