July 20, 2010

Direct Airlines

Surprised that we have not heard any announcement yet on the new destinations?   If they are going to make some changes in Florida, they are really going to have to announce them no later then the end of August. 


David Z. said...


There was an article in this week's Worcester Business Journal with comments from Direct Air's Ed Warneck and Ed Freni, director of aviation for the Massachusetts Port Authority about Worcester Airport.

According to Ed Freni, "Massport will be studying what improvements are needed at the airport over the long term. One of the biggest upgrades, Freni said, is access to the airport. He said transportation issues to the airport will be studied in the coming weeks to determine priorities. In the short term, he said some aesthetic improvements will be made, including new landscaping and consistent signage at and leading up to the airport.
“We’d like to put a new face on the place,” he said."

Ed Freni went on to state, "The eventual goal is to increase passenger traffic and business use of the airport. It’s unlikely the airport will get back to its golden years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when upwards of 350,000 passengers traveled through the airport annually."

BTW, you missed a great NOLA fest but I hope you enjoyed your working vacation in California.

jahn Dough said...

bILL, i THINK YOU MAY BE A TAD OVERLY OPTIMISTIC RE: massports takeover at the airport.

What time of the day did u travel to logan? The few times I have provided transport to & from Logan in the Jahnmobile, it was "off hours" and I made under an hour with EZ PaSS at 65 to 70 mph. You maust have got caught up in commuter traffic.

David, I have said time and agian that Massport may flex their eminent domain muscles, just like Popeye used to flex his Sailor Man muscles for Olive Oyl and Wimpy. ONly time will tell if my specla- tion is correct. Expect many ROAR type lawsuits if they do. As I understand it, there is some question whether massport's land taking powers extent to Access road building or merely are for "airport" (runway) expansion.

Speaking of ED (eminent domain), I still have not heard the term bandied about by the city and CSX as re CSX'ss RR yard expansion. 13 separate properties have to agree to be bought out to expand the RR yard. If I am one of those 13, I am holding out for top $$$$$$ or take me by ED and expect to be sued. Although it's CSX who would be taking via ED, the city of Worcester has a checkered past with ED takings. Just ask the law dept what happened after the cty was sued by ED'ed property owners involved in the Worc Med center land takings. Taxpayers had to pony up more dineros