July 17, 2010

Kudos to the Mayor of Fitchburg

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Anonymous said...

kudos to what? You had a bunch of businesses working together serving the city, and the mayor kicks them aside and awards it all to one operator? Now how much do we want to bet that the new contract goes to one of his relatives -

Bill Randell said...

RFP was put out and the City saves $30,000... Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bill - The mayor just gave a bunch of local haulers a kick in the teeth in favor of an out of town company. What about lost local tax revenue? Drivers laid off. ect ect. ect. Aren't you always posting pictures of out of town construction companies in your blog, then saying "what about the local guys?"

Bill Randell said...


All things being equal, the local bidder in fact does get the bid. In this case the local company was beat.

In one year it goes out to bid, if not sooner if the winning bidder does not do the job.

Itw as a fair process and the City of Fitchburg saves 30,000. God job by their mayor.


Jahn dough said...

ANonymous, Bills beef, as I recollect, was with Community Dev'ment Corps which are not even subject to putting contracts out to bid under municipal bidding laws as they are private non profit corporations, non unlike how, for example, Easter Seals or the Boy Scounts are private entities & not subject to the same public bidding rules.

Bill Randell said...


Thank you. The bid process is a good thing. By the way, the City of Worcester has a great purchasing agent in Orrell.

If you pick up a book in his office it states the in a case where the bids are the same the local bidder gets it. Again this is good.


Confused said...


Honestly with the hypocrisy. If you or one of your toadies was affected by this, you would be going nuts, burning effigies of city officials.

Every other blog we hear about, how the city of Worcester refuses to support local business. Now you go and say F you small local businesses.

Maybe BC has lost some of its luster, but isn't it a general known that small local bussiness tend to cost more than the big company?

So whats it Bill buy local (for a little more)? or Get a deal and hire out of towners. Either way drop the holier than thou act.

Bill Randell said...


The public bid process is a fair process. In fact, as I have mentioned before, we happen to have a great purchasing agent.

If the bids were equal then I would say that the local vendor should get the bid. You can't give bids to the local vendor, if they are not the lowest bid.

Not sure why you are confused on this one.