July 25, 2010

Christie on gambling

Interesting video, especially in light of the fact Massachusetts looking more into gambling.


Jahn said...

Here's a list of gov't run industries/ businesses that I penned a week or so ago:

a. the post office

b. Amtrak

c. Freddie Mac

d. Fannie Mae

e. Ginny Mae

f. Low income housing constr.

g. city hospital(s)

h. State hospitals

Let me also add in:

1. public education

2. trash pick up

3. social security

4. medicare

5. fire fighting\

6 MG

Once Agian the list is endless and now this so called republican reformer governor in NJ wants to take over the casino industry. Sorry, but this man is a fool. A state run casino authority...surely he jests. The gaming industry reached a saturation point years ago

Why bother to take over an entire industry when you (NJ) already get to legally skim a nice %'age right off the top?

Bill Randell said...


I agree with you on this one, but I am not sure that is what he is proposing.

My take was that he wants to reinvest more of the revenues that they raise back into that aree to help the gambling industry? I could be wrong.

What I found interesting was you are hearing how the casinos are all down and now the Commonwealth is proposing three of them?


Jahn Dough said...

YA I thought of that too re Mass. building casinos in the middle of a depression....then I thought of Deval over in Iraq, gaming the war situation for politcal gain, then I got PO'ed , then I lost my train of thought, then I had a train wreck. What can I say.

I did hearr Chrisite mention re- investing more casino proceeds in the immediate AC area, b/c this is where the casinos are located. I kinda see problems with that though.

Streams of tax revenue dedicated to particular causes or areas or groups can be troublesome to me. E.g. Last I knew The MBTA gets 20% of the Mass sales dedicated to their operations and the end result is foolishness like 41 year olds retired with full MBTA pension and health Insurance for life and agency is still bankrupt.

If The Donald cant make a go of an AC casino, what chance does the state have....not that giggolo Don is necessarily always a savvy business person. I mean can you imagine a state casino authority and you and I take day trip to AC on Friday and 1/2 of the staff has called in sick that day. See todays Herald front page, if you'd dont think it can happen...!!!!!!!!. I couldnt get the Holden assessors office last Friday afternoon....called 3x & not even a recodring telling you they're closed, whatever, so then I call another Holden office to see if I can find out whats up with the assessors office........no answer there either...............they must be at the pool on Salisbury St or the Outter cape beaches. :)

Imagine a casino in Palmer getting disproportionaltely large sums from "the take" from a casino In Palmer? I can understand funds to cover add'l town expenses directly related to the casino, but that's about it. The rest should go the the states so called general fund.

David Z. said...


Haven't you drank the kool-aid yet? Everyone knows the government does things much more efficiently than the private sector. :)

Jahn Dough said...

David, David, David my fine feathered Worcesterite. Gud two here frum ewe. Eye dew hope yore suuummmaaaaah is going well. Get up to Happy Hampton or down to the Irish Riviera yet? I sure hope sew.

That being said, please be advised that raising my blood pressure this time of year could be hazardous to my health and you may not have anyone to disagree with in the future. Imagine a world w/o Jahn Dough? :(

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