February 06, 2013

New Blog

Been spending alot more time on Twitter (@flyorh) as of lately and not so much time on the blog..   Lately it seems to me that blogging has been going the wrong direction.   Seems like 100 years ago that Jeff Barnard would stop by and we would talk?

Right now I am going to revamp the website, FLYORH.com, and create a new blog just for the airport.  I really believe there is 70% chance we will have an annoucement in May for service starting in November.

This blog will focus on issues like the Housing Policy, Panhandling, etc.     Will try to get the new blog and website down for the week-end. 

1 comment:

elmparkblogger said...


how about breed specific legislation and dog parks?

the fast growth of Worcester lately and why we should all love it?

Willis Ctr?

foot patrols?

marijuana dispensaries?

what is really going on at the Housing Dept and where does all that money go? and why arent we hearing about the CDC's requirement to provide 3 years of open accounting books?