August 31, 2012

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August 30, 2012

Access road-let's learn from our mistakes

For a moment let's look at our train station:

  • we build a new train station
  • we build a new garage
  • now we are working on better train service

Now for the airport

  • we build a new terminal

Many people now say we need an access road.   Let's not make the same mistake we made with Union Station.  We do not need an access road right now, we need reliable airlines!!! 

JetBlue2ORH!!!   Have you signed the petition yet?

August 28, 2012

Champions Video Petition

August 27, 2012

August 26, 2012


If anyone wants to post on their website, I can send you the code!!

Sign the JetBlue2ORH Petition

In light of the upcoming October announcement, please sign the petition above to show JetBlue how much support their is for their services in Central Massachusetts.

August 25, 2012

What Next?

The great news is that there is an announcement coming in October..   For those that are concerned that Dave Barger said he has not planes ready until 2014.  What did you expect him to say?  We have plenty of extra planes laying around doing nothing?? 

It was a great day for ORH last Wednesday..  What do we do next?   Thinking of a couple things but the one I like right away is for MassPort to offer FREE PARKING in 2013.

August 16, 2012

All Videos

Deadline:   August 19th Sunday mdnight
Time now:  August 17th  12:21 AM

Contest Video;  Not eligible for top 5 or cash

JetBlue Video          (JetBlue response to the contest)  Not eligible for top 5 ranking or cash, since they are the object of contest and I am trying to get them to judge the contest.  JetBlue, thanks for the entry, it has spurred much of the interest!  As of August 17th, over 4,000 views!!  In my opinion the best video to date, but since I am not a judge who cares what I think.   

City of Worcester JetBlue Public Service Announcement   Shows the commitment the City of Worcester has to attracting JetBlue to ORH.  Sorry not eligible for top 5 or cash.  Great job!

Mayor & City Manager          (their version of Dave Barger's Commercial below) 

CEO of JetBlue--Dave Barger    (actual commercial) Inspiration for the Mayor and City Manager.  Shows how dedicated CEO's will do anything to benefit their companies!!    Obviously not eligible for top 5 or cash.

SIDE NOTE:   I have to give credit to Dave Barger (CEO of JetBlue),  Mike O'Brien (City Mgr) and Joe Petty (Mayor)  for doing these videos.


AM Curtis

ORH Thrifty

Contonio 2

Matt Ward


Dennis O'Connor

Chandler Crew 2


Dave Carson


William Feraco


Julie Kozlowski

Jon Rice

Emily LaCroix

Wagon Tours

SL McGhee

Robert Branca
WooFather  Version 2

Samira Son entry

JetBlue to Big Woo

Rainbow Child Development

George Pollock 


Ode to Dave Barger   eligible top 5 but no cash

Wizard Of Oz 

Jean Sauer 

Steele Sturgis

Tdardas video

James Contonio


Commercial       Vertere

Commercial         LoveLord Productions

Commercial          Bulgere



Chandler Business

Helen   eligible top 5 but no cash 

Advantage  eligible top 5 but no cash

Worcester Fitness

Steve Foley

Star Trek

Commercial    Valcourt

Commercial      Melemed

Commercial      Lucid

August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Great Picture

Posted on Twitter by Jaimie Contonio

August 12, 2012

Mike Sottak working on video

Great picture of my friend, Mike Sottak, working on his JetBlue video

Two Videos

August 10, 2012

20 error messages

We all know what this means

Will from Wonderland is directing to people to red his blog

August 09, 2012

Harry T, Dave Z & Sprout

Can't wait to see your videos!!!

Harry you could win category for "Best Video submitted by a Greek"

Chandler Business Association

August 08, 2012

Advantage Benefits 1 minute video

no we can not win

Two more videos done & City Mgr working on his

Extra on a video

My family will be an extra in a video today....   Think it is a good concept --whould be fun

August 07, 2012

Latest Video

One minute videos

Getting lots of e-mails from people working on videos.  Some of them are really funny and I think everyone will be surprised to see some of the people who are working on them.

Businesses, as I have said many time here and on Twitter, should use this one minute video as not only an appeal to JetBlue but advertise their own business?   Free one minute video that alot of people will see... 

August 06, 2012

Advantage Message Board

Have a new message up about contest and Nick's picture of Barger for JetBlue Day

August 22nd

From now till August 22, this blog will focus solely on the arrival of Dave Barger in the City of Worcester on August 22nd.    This week-end my daughter and I spent some time putting together a one minute video.  We actually had alot of fun doing it.. Will have done over the next couple of days....  

Couple thoughts:

  • Telegram headline should be JetBlue in Blue letters
  • Businesses could try and run specials that day that we can post
  • message boards could have the picture Nick did

Lets keep the ideas coming in. 

August 04, 2012

One minute videos

Again you need to submit via Twitter with the hashtag #JetBlue2ORH

Was thinking.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to high-light their businesses while explaining why JetBlue should come to Worcester.

Basically free one minute commercial!!  

August 02, 2012

JetBlue Prediction

If you look at Providence, I say that this meeting is still another informational feeling out but almost there type meeting.   Predict by end of year service annoucement for February with service to Florida, may San Juan??

How many flights and what cities in Florida no idea ...  

August 01, 2012

Picture from Nick

Barger Coming to ORH August 22nd

He sent me a tweet last night that he will be back in Worcester August 22nd.