March 31, 2012

How does someone send an e-mail from my e-mail?

The short answer is they did not, but made it look that way.  Take a look at this post, go to the bottom and you will see  this button to the right.  Click on it.

You can then put any name or any e-mail that you want then load up e-mail addresses.     

Credit Card Refunds

I was at my bank today talking to the mgr and the assistant manager about credit card refunds for Direct Air Tickets.  Commerce is accepting requests but are not processing refunds right away , but will respond within the 60 days.   Bottom line if they don't get money back on their end , they are not going to give a refund.

As far as the other banks that have processed refunds, I was told many banks do that but they are "provisional credit"..  In other words, they assume that they will get monies on their end.   If they do not get money back, they will then reverse the prior credit given.

Steve, I know you are going to site some Federal Law as to why this is not the way this is suppose to happe, but this is what is happening.  At the same tiime I agree.  Why should Commerce Bank or any other bank be on the hook for an airline (Direct Air) that misappropirated money or a credit card processor (JetPay)  that goes out of business

March 30, 2012

E-mail from Bill Randell???

I just went to my Outlook and there are 15 messages that say    "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)", but I had not sent out any e-mails???  It looks someone (wonder"land" who?) sent out an e-mail pretending to be me??

Bottom line if you get any e-mails from anyone recommending a link to Worcester Wonderland, we all know who it is from????   In fact I got one.     This is akin to someone setting a fire then calling the fire department.  A desperate cry for help/attention???

I would greatly appreciate if anyone reading this blog post spread the word on this...  THANK YOU!!!   Bullies are never ever able to stand up and put their name behind anything they say.  For that, in a way, I feel bad for these bullies.      Here is the message:

Bill Randell has sent you a link to a blog:
Blog: Worcester Wonderland
Post: Local Publisher Arraigned


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Batman pulled over

Platter River Claim

When Direct Air started to implode I called Platte River and e-mailed them for a claim and I got it in the mail the other day.  Since I have no tickets, I will not be filing a claim.

If anyone out there does want to file a claim let me know.  I can give them this paperwork and I think you would get in on the ground floor--maybe not?   My claim number is 159108-2, so I think I may be the 2nd person?

March 29, 2012

JFK Tax cut

103 & 104 Armory Street and 3 Burns Court

Site plan meeting Wednesday April 11th to review South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corp plan to build 3 buildings with 10 units and 20 parking spots.  

We have foreclosed empty multi-families all around Main South and SWNIC is building new construction.    It is not about what the neighborhood needs, but it is all about the monies-development fees etc.    It never ends.   

It does not say in the public notice but I am guessing all ten units will be affordable.    

Go Local Worcester

1 Million payroll at empty Worcester Airport

Is the Plan to market Worcester a bust


March 28, 2012

JetBlue Flight 191

Check out their blog entry on this flight.     How good are these guys???  They have their CEO on Twitter, a great blog and bad situation that they attack head on.     A consumer like myself can not help but be attracted to airline like this?

Instead in Worcester,  when MassPort has to deal with Direct Air fall-out.   What do they do??    They take out a full page ad in the Telegram?        50 years ago that may have been a great idea and it may ensure favorable treatment in the Editorial section, but today does that make alot of sense.  

Imagine if they had the Airport Director open a Twitter account to answer questions or tell him to answer questions on local blogs???    Hey, but what the hell does JetBlue know anyhow???

Supreme Court trial commercial

Mayor's forum--Dave Rushford

Must see TV this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Channel 3)--8PM.  Interview with the City Clerk, one public servant when asked a question (I have asked him 100"s), I get a quick clear consise answer.

Thanks Dave!!!!!

March 27, 2012


In theatres March 30th,        Take a stand against bullying  by taking a stand with us

Airport Directory Andy Davis answer

Barger, JetBlue CEO, said that the Providence airport appears well prepared to handle JetBlue flights. “I think we’re real impressed with what we saw with the infrastructure in Providence,” Barger said. By contrast, he said that Worcester Regional Airport needs significant upgrades to improve passenger access and navigational aids. “I mean, it gets a little foggy up there,” Barger said.
  1. What are the navigational aids he is referring to?
  2. How much will they cost?
  3. Are there any plans in the works to have this done?
You’ll have to ask the CEO what he meant. I can tell you that in over 3 years, 268,650 passengers got to and from the airport and Direct Air had 1,460 commercial operations, in addition to another 150,000 aircraft operations that used the airport. Please be assured we are talking with airlines regarding ORH but these things take time. As for your blog, I am circumspect in using it as an appropriate venue to comment on any airline discussions we may be having regarding possible service.

Andy Davis
Worcester Regional Airport

Direct Air Owners

Does anyone really doubt these people are going to leave the country and with $30 million dollars of money never to be seen again?  

New additions to blog roll

Supreme Court blog   and Hipmunk

JetPay & Direct Air

Another story -- bankruptcy for the processor (JetPay) of credit card purchasers of Direct Air ticket sales will be in their future.  They are saying they have insurance to cover ctatrophic events like this but when they sure dont have $20,000,000 dollars worth of insurance

DirectAir will convert to Chapter 7 (liquidation) from Chapter 11 any day. 

Airport Director follow-up question

From the Boston Globe, what did the CEO of JetBlue mean when he said

Barger said that the Providence airport appears well prepared to handle JetBlue flights. “I think we’re real impressed with what we saw with the infrastructure in Providence,” Barger said. By contrast, he said that Worcester Regional Airport needs significant upgrades to improve passenger access and navigational aids. “I mean, it gets a little foggy up there,” Barger said.

  1.  What are the navigational aids he is referring to?
  2. How much will they cost?
  3. Are there any plans in the works to have this done?

MassPort Letter

Check in out in newspaper.--Page 10.  Can anyone cut paste and send to me?

Short Term ORH goals

As mentioned here I believe if Allegiant went back to Hagerstown, that they have to be looking at ORH.    I love the idea of an ORH-PIE flight.       If it is going to happen, it will happen fast?  I hope..

Dave Zimage pointed this letter to the editor in the Boston Herald to me.    Boys and girls, Linear Air basedout of Hanscom.  Great company lets get them to put some of their jets at ORH!

March 26, 2012

Airport Director follow up question

Can someone suggest a follow-up question in our comment section?  I will pick the best one to help us get an answer to our original question and forward it to him, as well as post it on this blog.



Anonymous Cyberbullying hotline

Many schools are requiring that this to be reported --great story    Small portion: 

Anonymous bullying reporting is now required for schools by many state laws and is recommended by the major anti-bullying curriculum programs. In response, SchoolReach, a leading automated parent notification service used by public, private and parochial schools throughout the United States, has introduced the CyberBully Hotline. The CyberBully Hotline provides schools with another valuable tool of helping their students deal with all forms of bullying. The two-way communications tool allows students to instantly text an anonymous message directly to school officials and those officials can also reply anonymously in order to provide students the help they need to address the offensive bullying act.

If anyone believes that bullying doesn’t take its toll on schools, families, society and, most of all, children, consider these startling statistics*:
  • 1 out of 4 children is bullied
  • 43 percent of young people have been bullied while online
  • 35 percent of adolescents have been threatened online;
  • nearly 1 in 5 have had it happen more than once
Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students and today, child and teen bullying and cyberbullying are at an all-time high. Interestingly, forty-seven states in the United States have passed school anti-bullying legislation, many mandating anonymous bullying reporting. Yet there are no federal laws dealing directly with school bullying. This has left schools and districts searching for anti-bullying curriculum programs and effective resources to address this epidemic problem.

Andy Davis answer


Thank you for your email. I am always happy to discuss Worcester Regional Airport and to listen to ideas from the community. As for your email, I am not aware of the report you are referencing and suggest you contact the airline directly to clarify what you may have heard.

Please be assured though that Massport will continue to meet with airlines regarding service to ORH and share the market data that clearly depicts the breadth of support in Central Massachusetts for the airport.

Andy Davis
Worcester Regional Airport

Andy Davis E-mail

I have e-mailed him the following question:

"It has been reported that JetBlue has said ORH needs improved navigational aides. 

  1. Is this true?
  2. What are they referring to?
  3. How much will this cost?
  4. Are there any plans to have this done?"

March 25, 2012

Convenient Location?

No it is not convenient, but people will find it if we have the right flights.  Do we need an access road?  Yeah , we do, but there is no reason we can not make this into a vibrant airport over the next 10+ years, which it would take to build an access road.

What concerns me right now, more then an access road, is whether or not we have the adequate landing equipment at ORH for a company like JetBlue.  

March 24, 2012

ORH Navigation Improvements

I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about here. Can someone help em?

  1. What needs to be done at ORH?
  2. How much will it cost?


Direct Air Bankruptcy

Great story in the newspaper regarding yesterday hearing.

All predicted here last week

How could anyone had thought that Direct Air mgmt did not raid the escrow account.   What I do not understand is how aren't public charter airlines required to somehow audit these escrow accounts?  There seems to be no supervision or anyone checking the escorw account books?   It is a god dam free for all and when you are dealing with crooks they wills steal whatever is not nailed down

March 23, 2012

Hagerstown has been able to get Allegiant back!!!

If Hagerstown can do it, why not ORH?

Direct Air Bankruptcy

Articel in newspaper today, looks like credit card processor for Direct Air is in trouble.  What I fount the most interesting, however, "JetPay estimates its exosure to customers refunds up to $20 million,"

Good thing we made Direct Air put up a $200,000 Bond?

March 22, 2012

Cyber Bullies

I had the opportunity to come face to face with one the other day.  Let me give you all some advice.  Don't ever:
  1. say hi to a cyber -bully
  2. ask them how they are doing 
  3. ask them to stop and chat.  
Really wanted to know why someone I never  knew,  ever met or even recognized, could hate me so much.  One thing to meet me and hate me, ask my mother-in-law, but to get someone that mad at me who I never met?  

Why should you not do this?   The cyber-bully will not answer, stare at you and say that he was threatened by your advances..    As I have said many times on this blog, I actually feel sorry for these Cyber-bullies.  They miss out on the opportunity to make some great friends.  

Funny how many people I have actually gotten to meet and consider to be friends because of this "silly"blog.

Public Charter Regulation Changes

Here is what need to change
  1. Do not let Public charters sell anything that does not go right into escrow accounts to protect the buying public.  No memberships, no vouchers or whatever else they can create.   Any monies received from the public need to go into escrow .
  2. An outside company need to audit the escrow account at least quarterly.  It looks like by looking at Steve's blog there is already a 1.5 million dollar descrepency
  3. Amount of the bond should be in direct relationship to the number of tickets they sell per month.   have a bond of $200,000 was a complete joke.
Amazingly this is not the first time this has happened--Ellisons and Sovereign World Travel!!  Hopefully changes are made to prevent this from happening again. 

Direct Air Family Ties

You warned here first no to buy Family Ties. Surprise surprise looks like the esgrow account will not have all the monies for the pre sold tickets either Link to video

Announcement to make


Herald Story on Airport

Click here


March 21, 2012


Starting to seriously question the sale of ORH to MassPort.  I agree that Worcester should not be in the airport business, but maybe we should have (which was mentioned 100 times on this blog) put this entire airport out to bid to all the airport mgmt companies, UPS of the world, etc.

The whole benefit of a MassPort take over was that they would be able to divert carriers to ORH to service their passengers that live in the ORH catchment that fly out of Boston and maybe steal those who go to Hartford-Providence-Manchester..   One year and nine months later not one flight?  Nothing...   Meanwhile the goal of JetBlue is 150 departures per day out of Boston.      

Harry, let me ask you this.. Just for a second we assume SouthWest decided to fly out of ORH, do you think MassPort would let them????      By now I predicted multiple commercial carriers out of ORH when MassPort took ownership, but sadly I have been completely wrong!!! 

150 departures out of Boston from JetBlue and we can not get 1 per day??? 

JetBlue Blog today

Read it

There goal is 150 departures per day out of Boston.....     We can't get 1??!!!      WTF.  Enought of this bulls--- we dont have an access road.   There are 99 other reasons why ORH does make sense.  

Direct Air News in Myrtle

Direct Air Bankruptcy blog

Click here

This begs the question what happens when Jay Pay credit card processing, never heard of them, declares bankruptcy  Kind of a strange number to even $2,000,000.  All the others are to the penny

DOT Summary

This afternoon, the Department of Transportation offered the following guidance about travelers stuck in limbo or wondering about refunds:

Direct Air was authorized by the Department to operate public charter flights between numerous cities and Myrtle Beach, S.C., and points in Florida. Under Department regulations, Direct Air was required to have in place an escrow account into which all charter participant funds were to be deposited until payment was made to the airline that was to perform their charter flights. The Department is investigating the handling of that escrow account. In addition, as required by Department rules, Direct Air has in place a surety bond in the amount of $200,000 protecting charter participant payments.

The company has announced that it intends to restart operations as of May 15, 2012; however, the company currently does not have authority to do so and that announcement does not affect consumers who currently are in mid-trip or who had paid for but had not yet begun travel under the current program that has been canceled.

At this time, it is unclear whether consumers who have completed the outbound portion of their trip and need to return home will be provided return transportation by Direct Air but we have been advised that the company is working with the airlines involved with its charter program to provide return flights. Direct Air has established a toll-free number that should be operational at the time of publication of this fact sheet or shortly thereafter to provide consumers more information about this matter. That number is 1-855-888-8090.

Obtaining a Refund

Consumers affected by Direct Air's cessation of service who are due a refund need to be able to prove to the escrow bank and surety bond company that they purchased charter air transportation or an air charter tour package from Direct Air. Documents that may accomplish that might include a Direct Air receipt or invoice, or possibly the consumer's credit card purchase record.

Under Department rules, consumers may request a refund from Direct Air by writing to the company at 1600 Oak Street, Suite B, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, with copies sent to the company's escrow depository bank, Valley National Bank, 1455 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470, and to the holder of its surety bond, Platte River Insurance Company, Alejandro Navarro, Attorney-in-Fact, 700 A Lake Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446. Claims made under the surety bond must be made within 60 days of the date of the originally-scheduled return air transportation. Claims are limited to the amount paid by the consumer for the charter air transportation or air charter tour package.

Credit and Debit Card Refunds

Customers who paid Direct Air by credit card may be entitled to a credit from their credit card company under the Fair Credit Billing Act. Write to your credit card issuer, being sure to state your account number. Enclose a photocopy of your credit card statement, if you have received one, and a photocopy of your ticket, itinerary or receipt if possible, or indicate the price of the transportation and the date it was purchased. State that Direct Air has ceased operations, that you will not receive the product that you charged to your account (i.e., the comprehensive tour), and that you are requesting a credit pursuant to the Fair Credit Billing Act.

The credit card issuer must receive this notice no later than 60 days after the date that you received the first monthly statement that listed the Direct Air charge, although credit card companies sometimes waive this deadline for future transportation. If you have a paper ticket or other evidence of your transportation, some credit card issuers may ask for the original unused ticket or other documentation. If this is requested, keep a photocopy and send the original by certified mail. Do not send the original documentation unless it is requested. However, it would be a good idea to enclose a copy of any confirmation or itinerary sheet that you may have received.

There are no federal protections for debit card purchases of the type described above for credit cards. However, some debit card issuers voluntarily provide some or all of those protections. If you paid by debit card, check with your debit card issuer regarding your refund rights.

Direct Air update

Like predicted people are not getting reimbursements for tickets.  Why?   The escrow account must me tapped out by now.   

This Chapter 11 bankruptcy should turn into a Chapter 7 shortly.

March 20, 2012

Jeff Barnard

I have said this many times, but it is worthy of it again today.   Remember the first time I was told that "Jeff Barnard was here to see you".   I had no idea who he was, walked up to him and he introduced himself and said "Jeff Wormtown Taxi".        We talked for a long time, even met for a coffee a couple times and met up on Park Ave for the blogger story from WoMag.   We did not agree on every level, but he was just a good guy and was always helpful with suggestions.  Think, or I hope, I did the same in return .....  In the end I considered him a friend. I have met alot of great people through this "silly" blog.   I guess even the blog world is going to have its good and bad people just like the real world.   

In the words of Rodney King, too bad we can't all just get along??

Lastest Offbeat JetBlue Idea

We try yo get JetBlue to give us some flights to Florida.  We tell them to charge $50-$75 more each way then they would out of Boston.  Between the convenience, parking fees, gas and tolls people in the Central Mass Catchment area would fly out of ORH.   Figure 140 people times $50 that is $7,000 more to each way to JetBlue's bottom line for the same flight out of Bostoon, not to mention ORH would most like waive fees.

We need to appeal to JetBlue and show them how ORH can be a more lucrative route !!!!

New addition to blog roll

JetBlue Blog 

Idea what if we got JetBlue to just fly one flight out of ORH as a stunt/promo and charge $50 more per ticket out of ORH then Boston?   How fast do you think it would sell out?

Councilor Germain & Vision

I would like to give credit to Councilor Germain for at least birnging up the Vision idea, although I did not like it.  At least he realizes the importance of a viable airport and is trying to come up with some ideas.  Telegram story in newspaper about it.

What I found most interesting was Airport Direct Davis quote "Massport plans to market to "legacy carriers" such as American, United and Continental and try to bring back regualry scheduled flights to hub airports in NY, Washinigton and Chicago if possible.

Okay we would want that over anything else, but here are my concerns. 

  1. "plan to"?    You mean you have not been doing this?
  2. JetBlue conspicuously absent?

Cranky Flier on Vision

Great website- CrankyFlier.     I have link in blog roll.   Sent him an e-mail on Vision, here are his comments:

Vision Air has had a rough go of it lately.  They tried to start a bunch of flights including a fledgling Destin hub and it's been far from a success.  Now they're retrenching and haven't really had anything that has wound up working for a sustained period of time.  Maybe they'll try to fill Direct Air's shoes in Worcester as they've already done in a couple markets, but I wouldn't get too excited yet.  Vision has a habit of pulling out of cities quickly if they don't work, so even if they do come in, wait until they've been around for a few months and show sustained success before breaking out the bubbly.

March 18, 2012

Direct Air Bankruptcy

If you look at the filing, thanks anonymous.  You notice three names
  1. Ed Warneck
  2. Hank Torbert
  3. Reg Grenier
Well we all know who Ed Warneck is, chief propaganda czar, but who the hell is Hank Torbert and Reg Grenier.   Answer as reported in Telegram Avondale Ventures.   Was Avondale Ventures part owner in Direct Air?

Where is Judy Tull and the Ellisons?   Where the hell is Ed Warneck? That guy was everywhere doing interviews and now we need to put his picture on milk cartons.... 

Allegiant Airlines

Just try to find some bad press and check out their financials--they are a publicly traded company.

Vision Airline Stories (past 30 days)

Their hub was Destin???  These guys will not make it to the end of the year.

Click here    (March 18, 2012)
Before the flights even began, the university confirmed Vision's flights to Florida would end Jan. 6 — three weeks into the schedule — because planes were unavailable to the carrier

Click here ( February 23, 2012)
The airline's scheduled service out of Atlanta, which began in late 2010, will end after this month, according to Vision director of sales Clay Meek. The airline, which has administrative offices in Suwanee, has been operating flights from Atlanta to Louisville, Ky. and Destin, Fla.  Vision had envisioned Destin as a hub, but it is also pulling all of its service from Destin.

Click here (February 28, 2012)
Vision Airlines kind of stormed onto the scene with low fares and unique routes, but now we’re a little concerned that the dream might be over. Right now it’s business as usual for the carrier, and if you head on over to their website they’re still busy advertising nonstop flights to make your next vacation that much better. However, we have noticed a few warning signs—and we’re not the only ones—that might be hinting at a short future for Vision Airlines.
First and foremost the airline is still flying around, so if you have tickets booked in the next few days you’re probably fine. What we’ve noticed is that they’ve started scaling back on destinations and flight cancellations have become the norm rather than the exception.

Direct Air Assets and Liabilities

Their bankruptcy says assets  $500,000 to $1,000,000, while liabilites are $10,000,000 to $50,000,000.   First question what assets do they have?  They got none!!!!   Other then an escrow account for sold tickets???

Liabilities $10,000,000 to $50,000,000?? WTF!!!  That is kind of a wide spread , how are you possibly unsure whether you owe $10,000,000 or maybe I owe $50,000,000!!!      Right now ORH can affford to take a chance on another public charther or airline (Vision), unless it is a publicly traded company that we are feel secure with their finances and are willing to buy a ticket.

Does anyone have any doubts that the escrow account will be our of money this week and that there will be millions owed to actual "ticket" holders , not "voucher" and "membership" holders.  Dont worry thought we have a $200,000 bond to help the.  $200,000!!!!!    A bond of this amount was a drop in the bucket...    

In the short term, we need Allegiant desperately!

Offbeat idea

I spoke with Shaun Sutner this week from the Telegram, who did a story today on the future of ORH.   In it he has quote from me

William Randell, a city businessman and blogger who has followed the airport closely over the years in his “Worcester Blog,” has his own offbeat idea for attracting a blue-chip airline.  n“There has to be some way JetBlue can set it up to allow people in Worcester to deposit cash in to their Travel Bank to show them how badly we want service,” he posted on his blog recently. “Imagine if we could raise $1,000,000 bucks by people depositing cash in their True Blue Account, it would help entice JetBlue to come to ORH (the airport’s FAA name).”   The airline’s Travel Bank is part of a frequent flier program that allows customers to use credits to pay for flights.

Am not sure why it is offbeat?   JetBlue flies 100 flights per day out of Boston, an airport owned by the same company that owns MassPort.   How do we convince JetBlue to divert one flight per day  to ORH or should I say JetBlue Airport?  Seriously 1 flight out of 100 per day to Florida?  
  1. JetBlue has a program TrueBlue 
  2. You earn points with each mile you fly but you also earn points other ways like when you buy things from partners they specify
  3. earn points with your AmEx card
  4. It is a great program.  Not vouchers or membership but kind of like your credit card where you earn points.
  5. You can also outright put cash into your TrueBlue Account
  6. My idea would be to pick a day or a week and urge people from Worcester to cash into their accounts that they would use to fly out of ORH.   Personally I would put $2,000 in since we would use it anyhow over the next year or two flying JetBlue out of Boston.   
On JetBlue's end I know they would be able to track this?  I am open to a better "offbeat" idea.     

Next Spring FlyJetBlue out of JetBlue airport to JetBlue
 park to see the Rex Sox


We knew here on this blog that Direct Air was going down for some time.   The number of complaints that I would get via e-mail and cell phone were unreal.     The top three were 1) the delays, 2) nobody ever answered the phones and 3) the lack of communication at the terminals when there were problems.  Despite all of these problems, Direct Air still sold tickets!!!   A publicly traded company like Allegiant that although must have egos (just like anyone else) also has a fiduciary responsibility to their stock-holders.   There is a huge opportunity for airline.

All of us want JetBlue--I know that.   For the life of me I can not understand how JetBlue can fly 100 flights per day out of Boston, but we can not get 1 flight per day out of ORH?   I like my one flight per day to Florida.  Short of that Allegiant and not Peoples Express or Vision are our next best bet!!   People's Express way too early to jump on that idea and Vision?  Well just do a google search.  Not as bad as Direct Air but not the best reviews.  Then check out Allegiant.  Only good news!! 

 Allegiant ORH-PIE.

March 17, 2012

Allegiant ORH-PIE

PIE=St Pete's

St Petersburg-Clearwater
  • Allegiant already flies there from many destinations to PIE
  • Allegiant loves secondary airports like ORH
Vision Airlines is not the answer.  They are one step above Direct Air and would be another mistake.    Allegiant is legitimate airline, public traded and wildly successful serving the secondary markets like ORH.      More importantly they are great businessmen.  Show them the number Direct Air was putting up and throw some low fees their way and they would come back.    


    Here are some ideas:

    1. Linear Air at Hancom Field is a great airline with VLJ's.  We should try to get them to put a plane at ORH.
    2. Beg Allegiant Air to come back
    3. JetBlue--tell them we will name ORH JEtBlue airport.   We start with one flight per day to a differnet destination in Florida each day of the week alternating between the Gulf and Atlantic Coast.     ORH--your aiprort to Florida.   Tel JetBlue they can charge extra for tickets over Boston to cover any additional costs.  People will pay extra for the convenience.

    March 16, 2012

    Direct Air files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    from Worcester Telegram

    Direct Air, the charter airline that suspended service this week, filed yesterday for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Worcester. Southern Sky Air and Tour LLC, doing business as Direct Air, said it had assets of between $500,000 and $1 million and liabilities between $10 million and $50 million.

    Direct Air Employee Comment (West Virginia Call Ctr)

    Anonymous said...  Just informed by payroll processing co that they are waiting to get an update from direct air sopke w rep
    from myrtle call center they have nothing to do with the west virgina call center payroll co and can not assist with getting our pay checks today was supposed to be pay day and my direct deposit is no where in site
    7:31 AM

    Anonymous said... Payroll processing co for west Virginia call center never received wire transfer from direct air into the payroll account the payroll co is doing best to contact someone in myrtle beach direct air office but phone calls are being avoided still no word on wether or not we will be paid calls have neen made to labor board and governor of west Virginia
    11:59 AM

    March 15, 2012

    Old Buildings

    Was the Empire Mattress Building (9May Street), 5 May Street or the Burwick (Hadley)Furniture Buildings historical landmarks like , for example, Mechanics Hall?  No!!  I actually remember the initial movement to save Mechanics Hall in the mid 70's.  It made sense then, now and I am glad we did it.  Most importantly it has paid back a return to the City of Worcester.

    Does anyone really believe that the saving of 5 May Street, 9 May Street and the Hadley Building to the tune of (I am guessing right now)  of $40-$50 million.  My god can you believe it is that much money??     Do you notice any return on this investment?   In fact I could  argue that  we would have been better off tearing these buildings down and saying no to any of these "free monies".  

    Evidently trying to say we need more affordable housing when we are well beyond that mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts no longer works.  Now we need to save every single older building in the City of Worcester, but since a private developer can not make economic sense out of it, we need to let the affordable housing developers do it.

    Direct Air-- My Next Prediction

    My last prediction regarding Direct Air was on November 10th, 2011 when I put the over/under for them going out of business was Ground Hog's Day or February 2, 2012 right here on the blog.      Read it again.     Too bad I could not pick stocks this well. 

    Here goes, we will find out by the end of next week that the numbers were juked and that the escrow account will be tapped out .   A week or two after that, the bond company will say the $200,000 bond is tapped out also.    Today we know the club memberships (Way2Go) and vouchers (Family Ties) are worthless, but if you don't get your ticket monies refunded or your claim with the bond covered ASAP, your tickets will be just as worthless.   

    It hit me today, why would these guys say they are coming back May 15th?    Simple they wanted to try and get their hands on any monies that they could before it was all refunded back.  In order to stop or at least slow the run, tell the public that you will be coming back in two months.     Can't wait to see the story on these guys on American Greed within the next 12 months.

    As for you laid off employees of Direct Air.  I truly feel bad for you, this was not your making and everyone knows that.    Next week, however, you will get letters from your health insurance carrier that premiums have not been paid for the last two months and your insurance in being cancelled retro-actively.  Since the policy is being terminated you are not eligible for COBRA.

    Direct Air Employees Comments

    I have been gettting these, which I have no way of verifying but they sure look legitimate.   If you look at my stat counter the blog has been getting hits from that area?

    Unemployeed thanks to direct air said...
    The whole staff was fired today from the direct air west Virginia call center as a former employee may i say all ur statements of family tie members and way 2 go members will not get their monies
    12:18 PM

    Anonymous said...
    there will be no refunds for vouchers, and no refunds will probably get processed. the staff that was working on the requests was fired today
    3:10 PM

    Another unemployed member of direct air said...
    I was also an agent in the west virgina office and was fired today i was informed by the supervisor that ticket holders of any kind are pretty much out their money due to no funds available the amount of money owed to several different companies a substantial amount we were informed that the DOT was trying to help direct air investors in the right direction which gave us hope of employment but today 30 + employees were fired around 10,000$ was refunded yesterday and thats it i would like to apologize for working for crooks please know none of the agents were aware of the wrongful doings and we all have felt horrible for the outcome
    4:56 PM

    City Top Housing put on leave with pay

    Click here


    Great job WoMAG.    In particular Jeremy Shulkin!!!  Amazing how cyber-bullies when confronted either a) change their phone numbers or b) make no comments???     Harry T and Paulie, you guys have stood up for all of us who have been attacked by these bullies and I thank you very much!!!

    Low Income Housing Map

    A litte old but still applies

    Click here

    March 14, 2012

    The Ellisons

    The case

    Here is how I read it. The Ellisons owned a public charter like Direct Air.   Like Direct Air they were suppose to put monies from tickets sold into an escrow account. When business tightened up they played games with the escrow account and they eventually went out of business.   Make a long story short when they counted the money to give people their monies back for pre-sold tickets, there was not enough money there so they tried to hold the Ellisons personally liable ("piercing the corporate veil").

    Looks like a lower court agreed that the Ellisons were liable personally, but the appeals court saw it otherwise.     At least that is how I read it??   My point being is that, if there are not (or should I say when) enough monies in the escrow account, even if you could go after the owners of Direct Air personally they are hidding their monies right now anyhow..

    You will, however, be able to make a claim against their bonding company but bond is only $200,000??!!!      This is a joke of an amount??!!!

    For the record,

    • no way in hell will all the monies from ticket sales be in the escrow account
    • 200,000 bond will pay out a tenth of the people who are owed monies
    • voucher and membership owners will not get a penny back since that went into the general funds of Direct Air, who will be filing bankruptcy over the next month
    • Direct Air will never fly another flight 

      Million dollar question

      If ticket sales actually were deposited with Valley National esCrow account, per the operating agreement, people should be able to get their monies back for TICKETS BOUGHT!!.    If they did not, which I would not doubt people may be out of luck going at them.   Does anyone audit this???  I doubt it!!!! 

      Check out this case Stanley Marshall Ellison & Key Dearing Ellison.     Assume for a second the money is not there then you can file a claim against the bonding company but they are only in for 200,000!!!  That is not going to go far.

      Membership (Way2Go) and Voucher (Family Ties) holders can exchange these for my TiNovo gift certificate.   They are worthless.    I am predicting that no way in hell are all monies at Valley National and the 200,000 bonding money will be burned through and alot of ticket holders will not get any money back either.

      Valley National Bank

      This is the bank listed in the operating agreement, I just called them (800-522-4100).      They told me that they do in fact have an esgrow account for Direct Air but they can not tell you over the phone whether or not your monies are there.   You need to call your credit card company who can then check with Valley Bank, the esgow company holding the funds. 

      1. If you have a ticket do this and hopefully you get your monies back.
      2. If you do then file a claim with Capitol but they only have $200,000 of insurance?
      3. I fyou have vouchers (Family Ties) or memberships (Way 2 Go) , these monies did not go to esgrow but rather to Direct Air.     You have little to no chance of getting these monies back.
      Personally I would file a claim with the insurance company now so I was inon the ground floor.   If I get my monies back then I would cancel claim? 

      Capitol Insurance

      Finally got through to them, the bond is good to the tune of $200,000!!!   That is nothing..  Shouldn' t someone somewhere made sure they has a multi million dollar bond???     People holding tickets better hope that the monies from sold tickets have in fact been deposited into Valley National Bank per their Operating Agreement.   

      All payments are payable and/or deposited to a charter escrow account at Valley National Bank, 1455 Valley Road, 3rd Floor, Wayne, New Jersey 07470, Direct Air’s depository bank. Your payments are protected by a surety bond issued by Platte River Insurance Company of Wisconsin (the “Securer”).

      Konnie follow-up

      Konnie is it ridiculous how much has been spent but has any of these projects made the City of Worcester a better place.   In other words do you think we, the people of Worcester , got any return on this investment?????

      If we are above the level of affordable housing mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts why do we keep supporting the development of more affordable housing???

      Konnie Lukes-- KUDOS KUDOS!!!!!

      Telegram today:   here is part of the story

      Councilor-at-Large Konstantina B. Lukes last night lambasted the use of public funding for “affordable housing” being built in the city that cost more per unit than her own house while developers invest very little of their own money.   She singled out the ongoing 13-unit 5 May St. rehabilitation project, but also criticized the completed Hadley Building at 651 Main St.
      Citing figures supplied by the city administration, Mrs. Lukes said the developer of 5 May St. spent only $10,000 of his own private equity for a project that leveraged $3 million in public funds. The public funding per affordable housing unit there is $237,692, according to city figures.  “This is a waste and it is far in excess of what a private developer would set aside,” Mrs. Lukes said.
      She also noted that the $21.7 million in public funding for the 40 affordable apartments in the 45-unit Hadley building resulted in a cost of about $543,000 per affordable housing unit.   “That is inexcusable,” Mrs. Lukes said, “because that's a waste of taxpayer money whether it comes out of our pocket or the state.”
      Referring to the long struggle to develop it, Mrs. Lukes said, “a private developer could not do the Hadley Building and yet we pumped all sorts of money to save that building. Maybe we should have let it get knocked down and have a McDonald's there.”

      March 13, 2012

      E-mail I just received

      Direct Air finds it necessary to suspend flight operation from Tuesday, March 13, 2012 until May 15, 2012. This decision was made to address operational matters. We are currently evaluating strategic alternatives for Direct Air.

      Direct Air is committed to our passengers, employees, and the communities we serve.

      Please check back to our website for more details.

      Very Truly Yours,

      Direct Air

      May 15th??

      Heard on the radio that Direct Air said that they would resume flights on May 15th.      That has to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!!  How about we will pay off our fuels right now, fly everyone home that we have stranded and be ready to fly everyone, who has booked us to go away for school vacation?   Who the hell would ever buy a ticker for May 15th anyhow??  What a joke!! 

      Instead they say the Florida and Myrtle Beach rush ends we will start flying again.  Direct Air is as dead as as Hooters Airs, Judy Tull's previous airline.    I truly feel bad for anyone who was duped into buying Family Tie vouchers or membership in Way 2 Go.  Anyone else holding a ticket file a claim.

      Filing a claim

      Platte River a subsidiary of Capitol Insurance.  Claims office in Glastonbury

      860-494-4900  ext 7 (nobody answers)

      e-mail    (i just sent an e-mal 2:45 )  here is the response
      Thank you. We are in receipt of your e-mail to Platte River Insurance Company/ Capitol Indemnity Corporation.   If this is a first notice of intent to file a bond claim, your claim will be assigned a claim number and directed to an adjuster who will promptly contact the appropriate party(s). The adjuster may contact you by mail/e-mail for  additional information

      Operator Participant Agreement

      Click here

      All payments are payable and/or deposited to a charter escrow account at Valley National Bank, 1455 Valley Road, 3rd Floor, Wayne, New Jersey 07470, Direct Air’s depository bank. Your payments are protected by a surety bond issued by Platte River Insurance Company of Wisconsin (the “Securer”). Unless you file a claim with Direct Air, of if DA is unavailable, with the Securer, within 60 days of completion of the charter (or, in the case of cancellation, the intended date of your scheduled return Charter), the Securer will be released from all liability to you under the security agreement. If there is no return flight in your itinerary, completion means the date or intended date of departure of the last flight in your itinerary. All transactions between the Customer and Direct Air shall be solely in United States Dollars; Direct Air is not responsible for any fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.

      Direct Air

      From the Direct Air Website: Direct Air finds it necessary to suspend flight operation from Tuesday, March 13, 2012 until May 15, 2012. This decision was made to address operational matters. We are currently evaluating strategic alternatives for Direct Air. Direct Air is committed to our passengers, employees, and the communities we serve. Passengers holding reservations for Direct Air flights departing between Tuesday, March 13, 2012 and Tuesday, May 15, 2012 are directed to contact their credit card company to arrange for a refund. Please check back here for more details. Very Truly Yours, Direct Air

      Note "passengers holding reservations", not holding vouchers or memberships.
      Maybe Judy and Ed can borrow this sign and just replace the word Hummer with plane and stand out at the 290 exits at Kelly Square

      What next?

      Running a business is not easy and I feel bad for anyone who has to close the doors.  That said this (sorry Harry T) reminds me of TiNovo selling gift certificates the week before they go under.   Right up to the very end Direct Air was selling Family Ties vouchers and Way2Go membership, which will be completely worthless after the bankruptcy case settles.

      Let me stress again as a public charter Direct Air has to esgrow monies from ticket sales, so these monies should be safe.   Monies for vouchers and club membership went right into their general operating account.   These guys had to know that cash was running low, so low that they could not pay for fuel, but they keep selling worthless memberships?  This has to be criminal!!  There business practices the past two months was nothing less then one last "grab for cash"!


      March 12, 2012

      Direct Air Bankrupt

      Every day I get e-mails.  One day Family Ties is going to end, then once it ends low fares and now the Way 2 Go program.    Then one day Judy Tull leaves and the next day she is back.  During all of this I keep getting comments after coments about how bad the service is.   Looks like my February 1st prediction that they would be out of business was 41 days too early.

      It is all over Twitter

      Direct Air is BANKRUPT and has stranded passengers from Niagara to Fort Myers. A big FU to them

      As punlic charter airlines, Direct Air was suppose to put monies from ticket sales into esgrow and have it bounded .  Bottom line if you bought tickets, your money should be safe.   On the other hand if you bought things like Family Ties, these were not tickets but vouchers--YOU ARE SCREWED!!!!!!

      More links

      Niagara Falls

      Central Falls Rhode Island

      Great story in the Washignton Post

      Here is part

      Ritz says the “Save Chocolateville” bar — honoring Central Falls’ nickname — recalls the tale of an American city that once thrived as a manufacturer, sank into decline and is trying to turn itself around. Proceeds will go to a yet-undecided program benefiting city children.

      “Chocolateville to me represents the spirit of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, productivity, and — when that first mill building was created there — it was the heart of the community,” said Ritz, who heads the organization Leadership Rhode Island. The old Wheat chocolate factory that operated along the Blackstone River is pictured on the chocolate bar’s label........

      “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Central Falls is in trouble,” said Shotts. “To try to help the city, get it back to where it was, is a good thing. That’s why I’m doing it.”

      The 3.5-ounce bars, which went on sale this month at a Whole Foods in Providence, cost $5, a portion of which goes to cover Shotts’ costs. More than 700 have been sold.Said Shotts: “We’re going to just keep making them and selling them

      March 11, 2012

      Unfunded pension liabilities

      Great story.   Here is a small part:

      The near-failure by U.S. states to fund rising retiree health-care costs for millions of government workers threatens to produce budget crises similar to the one that pushed Stockton, California, to take a step toward bankruptcy last week.

      States haven’t financed almost 96 percent of the $627.4 billion they were projected to owe for future retiree benefits in 2010, according to Bloomberg Rankings data. The estimated deficit grew from about 95 percent in 2009 as governors coped with lower general-fund revenue and rising demand for services following the longest recession since the Great Depression.

      “The whole country is dealing with” finding a way to finance the projected costs of retiree health care, said Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Republican governor. His state owed almost $7,600 per resident for public workers’ post-employment benefits other than pension payments. Alaska, Connecticut and New Jersey had the largest unfunded liabilities, ranked in proportion to population, among the 47 states examined.

      “How do we deal with the cost of health care, especially the cost of health care as we get older?” Christie, 49, told reporters March 1. The first-term governor pushed for measures enacted last year that increased pension and health-care contribution rates for government workers and raised the age for retirement with full benefits to 65 from 62. The changes are forecast to cut costs by at least $10 billion over 30 years


      Old news clip

      March 10, 2012


      I posted this  before X-mas, but I thought it was worth a reprint for you... 

      My daughter is in the 2nd grade now and I really can not believe all the emphasis on bullying. Dawson School does a great job explaining to kids what bullying is, what they should etc. Kudos to Dawson.

      A friend of mine mentioned this to me, but referred to adult bullying when people run anonymous blogs or post anonymous comments ripping people apart personally. No facts, no counter points but just an outright attack on someone. I never thought of that, but how true!!    Actually the technical term is Cyber-bullying.

      Will from Wonderland, Stuck In Worcester and any of you other anonymous commenters/bloggers, who personally attack people are nothing but a bunch of weak bullies and I truly feel sorry for you. You probably shake the hands and say "hi" to the same people you attack.

      Worcester budget

      I read this the other day in the newspaper:

      "The city has funded $725 million of its pension obligations, which exceed 1 billion.  Mr O'Brien said Worcester currently has no trust fund for the $765 million in other benefits it owes retirees, such as health coverage"

      In other words we are short $275 million toward the pension and the whole $765 million for other benefits for a grand total of $1,030,000 shortage.  That is wrong the number is


      March 09, 2012

      Mason & Winfield

       I actually attended this kick-off and everyone celebrated the renovations of this house.   Remember it clearly because I almost fell over when I was told that they invested close to 500,000!!!

      It was then I realized how out of control the monies were in these projects.   Remember the person next to me commenting on the woodwork and how they painted it versus doing vinyl siding...

      Drive by and take a look at this house getting vinyl sided today.
      Posted by Picasa

      March 08, 2012

      March 07, 2012

      30 for 30 great series

      Catch in on 309 some night another great one the Two Escobars

      Judy Tull

      Rumor has it Judy Tull is back at Direct Air? 

      30 for 30 Vlade Divac

      Another great one

      Amanda Clayton


      'It's okay because I'm not working: Woman, 24, who just won $1MILLION lottery and bought a new home all cash is STILL collecting welfare

      March 06, 2012

      Birmingham bankruptcy

      click here

      We are going to see more and more stories like this every day

      March 05, 2012

      March 04, 2012

      Way 2 Go

      For the past month, I have been getting e-mails non-stop from them.    First it started with their Family Ties Program ending and this would be your last opportunity to buy vouchers.    This seemed to go on for a couple weeks.

      Then there was advertised specials of, I believe $79, that also lasted for weeks.  Now yesterday I go an e-mail about a new program "Way 2 Go".  The long and the short of it is members in "Way 2 Go" can book any available ticket for $179 round trip.      The only thing is you need to be a member, which costs $49.95 annually.

      Based on all the problems I heard about the Family Ties program, I just can't recommend this.  Not to mention there is no guarantee they will be in business in 12 months?

      March 03, 2012

      New Council doing things!

      The other night the parking committee increased the number of spots before you need planning board approval from 9 to 15 !!!!  Now I read this below!!!!!!!   My god is someone finally asking whether the benefits or rehabbing apartments at a cost of $300,000 per unit makes sense???? 
      I got another  for this City Council.. Why not make the CDC's using a the purchasing offices of one John Orrell to give everyone a chance any maybe lower the cost??   You ever notice that the same contractors are always hired??   Ironcially the same people who complain about City Square not hiring local contractors say nothing when multi-million dollar low income housing do not hire one local contractor?

      20j. Motion Lukes @ #8.4C CM - Request City Manager obtain the average per square foot cost in a private housing development versus a publicly funded housing development of a similar size.


      Order adopted

      New Blog

      Interesting reading 

      Also here is a post from InCity