September 30, 2011

Sleeping chamber

We are due for their annual letter looking for the Council not to vote lowest residential.  What really amazes me is the lack of response from the Chamber, or any of our marketing arms, to run with the news that JetBlue is looking at ORH? 

Cadillac Lounge

This place, which I thought was merely internet gambling and banned in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has opened on Main Street next to Moynihan's.     Anyone know what goes on in these places?

September 29, 2011

Private Charter

Direct Air is not an actual airline but a private charter.   This requries them to put monies from ticket sales into an esgrow account which is bonded.  Check out the legalese on-line here.

On the other hand Family Ties are not tickets and not put into esgrow.   Between the fact these monies are not guaranteed and people have a hard time booking flights?  Got to not recommend the purchase of these anymore. 

September 28, 2011

Direct Air Family Ties

I can not tell you how many people have complained about this program to me.   The other day I was at my mother's and my next door neighbor came up to me and told me how his kids had bought him tickets through the Family Ties program for the past month he has tried to buy tickets, which expire in two months, but there are no flights ...

On that I get e-mails now maybe twice per week telling how bad this is.....   Anyone out there have Family Tie Vouchers and how did it work for you?

September 27, 2011

Tembenis family

Please watch

Click here

“For anyone in Massachusetts and Rhode Island who has, or knows of someone with an Autism / Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Brain injury diagnosis who is interested, the 6 months free LoJack Safety net service has been extended to October 15th. Just go to the following website and input your information to see if LSN is available in your local area:  or call 1-877-434-6384”

Harry & Gina T

September 25, 2011

Travel bank

These are used often by communities, link  link,   typically the Chamber of Commerce, who then literally open a bank account and then accept deposits to be used for future flights.

I was thinking we really do not have to do that.  We merely pick a day, again say October 22nd.  Then we work with JetBlue to add a field to their True Blue page whereby people are able to pledge monies to be used at ORH.  If ORH does not get service you could still use the monies but merely fly out of Boston or Manchester.

We dont  have to set up anything with a local bank but merely work with JetBlue to set it up?   Then we market the hell out of it over the next month and see how much money we can have pledged.  Again personally I would put in $2,000..  

Imagine if we were to get alot of money pledged that day, throw in naming rights and waive landing fees??? 

JetBlue Airport

Why not file a petition to change the airport name to JetBlue Airport, assuming of course JetBlue starts service here? 

Really what is the name of ORH is it now technically Worcester/MetroWest Boston Regional Airport?  Technically I think it is up to the Airport Commission to make name changes but maybe the City Council could suggest this?

September 24, 2011

True Blue Travel Bank

  1. If you are a True blue member, JetBlue frequent flyer, go to their website and sign in.     
  2. You will see in th emdidle of the screen a box that says "view credits" , click on that
  3. You need to log on again
  4. You can then check your account statement, which most likely will say 0

There must be a way we can work with jetBlue to set up the ability for people in Central Massachusetts to pledge cash to their account?     Imagine if we could raise $1,000,000 bucks by people depositing cash in to their True Blue Account, it would help entice JetBlue to come to ORH.  

September 22, 2011


To bad we didn't have a casino at the airport huh?   Instead we will have it in Palmer???? 

Naming Rights

Whatever happened to Metro-West Boston whatever airport??   Tell JetBlue they come to ORH and we will call it JetBlue airport guaranteed for the next 5 years!!!

This is what we had hoped would happen when MassPort took over last July 1st.  Let's do everything possible to make sure it does become a reality.

Travel Bank

Now is the time to make this a friggin reality!!!     I have a TrueBlue Account with jetBlue and each TrueBlue account has a Travel bank.

There has to be some way JetBlue can set it up to allow people in Worceser to deposit cash in to their Travel Bank to show them how badly we want service at ORH.   If you have not signed up for TrueBlue then sign up....

Here is my big announcement JetBlue!

JetBlue eyes 150 daily flights at Logan, expansion to Worcester, Providence

Boston Business Journal by Eric Convey

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 2:28pm EDT - Last Modified: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 3:01pm EDT

JetBlue Airways Corp. (Nasdaq: JBLU) executives would like to increase flights to or from Logan International Airport to 150 per day from the current 100 and are "really optimistic" the airline will be given all of Terminal C to accommodate expansion, CEO David Barger said Thursday.

The decision rests with Massport, the agency that runs Logan.

"What's really important is the ability to have continuous gates," Barger said. Declining to give a specific timeline, he said the airline would like a decision "sooner rather than later." Changes could be made after the busy holiday travel season, he said.

Barger also suggested JetBlue is eager to add service to T.F. Green airport outside Providence, R.I. "We're really impressed with what we see with the infrastructure with Providence," he said.

And JetBlue will consider adding service to Worcester following a request from Massport officials, he said.

"Massport has put Worcester on our radar screens," he said, adding: "It's something that we certainly would entertain."

Barger made his remarks to the Boston College Chief Executives Club of Boston.

Asked after his address whether the Obama administration's focus on high-speed rail would hurt JetBlue, Barger said better rail service between cities like Boston and New York, both of which are important to the airline, actually would be beneficial.

The airspace around New York is full, Barger said, with too much of it "wasted" on planes carrying only a few dozen passengers. "I think high-speed rail would be very, very helpful."

Barger also repeated a call he has made before for modernization of the nation's air traffic control system.

September 18, 2011


Just posted a comment from Jahn.  Got to agree with here.  If there are going to be casinos in Massachusetts, how can we not be positioning one for Central Massachusetts even at the airport??   All the more reason to have a MassPike exit in Auburn on to 56 for both the airport/casino.