May 31, 2009


Great story from USA Today with comments from the Cranky Flier and story on JetAmerica chairman from

Bob Nemeth Column

Per usual, I walk to the end of my driveway pick up the Sunday paper, sit at the kitchen table, pull out the 4 sections that I will read and look for my favorite writers, including Mr Nemeth to see if he will ever write about the airport again. Still nothing.

Today he wrote about the WBDC, which I do not know much about other then there recent low income housing developnment at the former trade high school location by Winn Development. What concerns me, however, "downtown is the next frontier".

Considering their involvment with Winn, does this mean we can expect low income housing projects downtown? Just what we need another player in the Worcester's number 1 growth industry.

May 30, 2009

Direct Air News

This is what I a have been hearing alot of from. Check out this letter to the editor in Punta Gorda.

And then this newspaper article in the Toledo Blade that talks about both JetAmerica and Direct Air, who is now cancelling Myrtle Beach flights out of Toledo.

May 28, 2009

Planned Parenthood

Next time you are on Pleasant Street by Dewey, check out the new building. Is it low to mod income? No, it will be the new office of Planned Parenthood. Serious question....

Does anyone know if this a for profit or non profit. In other words will they be payiing property taxes. In case you have not seen it, amazing.

210 Chandler Street

Chandler NRSA invested $45,000 into this house that had a fire two years back:

  • 15,000 facade

  • 15,000 home improvements for the front house

  • 15,000 home improvements for the back house

May 27, 2009


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I read this in Nick K's story today:

While the city is not opening any of its nine municipal pools because of budget constraints, it will be opening its four beaches: Bell Pond, Shore Park, Indian Lake and Coes Pond. The state, meanwhile, will be opening and staffing its beaches at Quinsigamond State Park and at Regatta Point. It also will be opening its pools at Vernon Hill Park and Bennett Field.

Call me crazy, but maybe we should simply focusing transporting people to the pools and beaches that are open versus trying to open any of the municipal pools?

Telegram Letter to the Editor

Recently, my wife and I returned from Myrtle Beach on board Worcester Regional Airport’s newest airline, Direct Air. We found Direct Air’s service to be comfortable and friendly, and a convenient alternative to flying out of Boston or Providence.

I have always been a huge supporter of Worcester airport, and my most recent experience reinforced why I have remained supportive. If service continues to be implemented successfully in Worcester, it will allow the airport to increase its potential of returning as a preferred choice for people planning to travel in the region.

This may be the airport’s final chance at becoming a major player in New England. I believe that with careful selection of airlines and destinations, and with the support of the greater Worcester area, specifically those involved in making the long-term decisions for the airport, it can happen.

If Worcester is a city looking for a revival and distinction in the region, it must have a viable commercial airport.


Junior Achievement

Should I add them to my list?

May 25, 2009

May Street Sidewalks

We had mentioned this earlier about the sidewalks on May Street being paid for by the City of Worcester for the low income housing project on the corner of May and Silver Street.

This past week the sidewalks were repaired in front of this building. Trying to find out who paid for them?

May 24, 2009

Direct Air

File under, I hope that I am wrong. Anonymous posted two comments on my last blog. Yes, I did see the interview by the President of Direct Air in the Telegram, where he "rejected the recession" and I did know about the extension of the sale through Monday.

Based on the e-mails that I have been getting and what I see, I just don't see Direct Air flying in the dog days of summer to Florida and Myrtle Beach. I expect an announcement, like they did in Toledo, that they will discontinue flights, but lets hope they resume their flights in the fall.

In the end, if I am right some might say my "negative" post did not help sell tickets. Although there might be some validity to that comment, I can not help post what I think is to be the truth. Sorry.

May 22, 2009

May 21, 2009

Connector Authority

Check out this payroll, click here, from the Boston Herald

Midway Privatization

Not dead at all . Just delayed.

Click here.

May 20, 2009

NRSA Monies & Pools

The NRSA is a great program. Why don't we look toward the NRSA that have pools within their NRSA to open their own pool? For example, South Worcester NRSA could use their monies to open the pool on Camp Street?


March 19, 2009

Most Likely Next Low Income Housing Project
I am taking nominations. Here is my list:

  1. Worcester Court House
  2. Worcester Aud
  3. Lincoln Square Boys Club/Old Trade School
  4. The City Owned Building Across the street from Elm Park

May 19, 2009

Direct Air

My gut tells me that we may hear an annoucement on this by the end of the month?? Hope I am wrong.

Paulie's blog

Great picture

Buy Worcester--Buy Local?

From the Worcester Business Journal regarding the Hadley Building:

May 17, 2009

Springfield Forward

Remember these guys?? They are fighting a proposed low to mod income development by Winn Mgmt to take over an abandoned Longhill Garden Apartments. Instead the group wants the city to build the new Forest Park Middle School. Springfield Forward member George Pappas told 22 News that building a school would save the city money and would create much needed jobs.

Winn, why fight in Springfield, pictured above are the Springfield Forwward people stating their case at a Springfield Finance Control Meeting. Come to Worcester where we will roll out the red carpet!! We found a place in the Canal District, now Gateway Park---lets bring them into City Square?

New Garden Park

Thanks Sprout, story in the Telegram. Worcester's number 1 growth industry strikes again. Now, we are moving out of Main South and on to Gateway Park and the old Trade High School with Winn Management, who recently purchased Chevalier Furniture.

The most important buzz word here is "housing subsidies" which means low to mod income housing. The thing misssing, however, is what percentage of the apartments will need to be "low to mod" income housing?

Updated map.

Nemeth Column

Still nothing on the airport?

The more I look at the traffic and Direct Air, I am getting very concerned as to how flights will continut during the summer.

May 16, 2009

New Blog


Florida Flight

I dropped a friend off at the airport today... Flight maybe had, at best, 40 passengers. This is not good.

May 14, 2009

Allegiant Update

Despite offering some of the lowest airline fares, Allegiant is the nation's most profitable carrier and one of the very few that is growing amid a sharp downturn in travel. While the largest U.S. airlines reported losing billions of dollars, Allegiant profits soared nearly 200% in the first quarter to $28.2 million on revenues of $142.1 million.In April, Allegiant's passenger traffic surged 36% compared with a year earlier, and its planes were also more crowded, with nearly every flight flying with 90% of the seats occupied, up from about 87%. On many flights, the planes were completely full.

From the LA Times

38 Chandler Street

Another facade project through the Chandler NRSA.

May 13, 2009

Chandler NRSA

I am going to utilize this blog to get the word out more on what is transpiring with the Chandler Street NRSA. By that our latest projects, upcoming meetings, events and financials statements from the inception to the current day. Within the next week I hope to have the financials done.

Besides Paulie's Jazz Festival on July 11th, where all profits go to the National Autism Association, I have learned the African Festival has moved from Canterbury Street to Chandler and Park Ave on August 1st.

Picture of Chandler NRSA facade project at 216 Chandler Street, Suney's.

May 12, 2009

WPI Agrees to Pilot Payment Schedule

Thanks to Councilor Rosen for being at the Chandler NRSA press release this morning

Part time Job

Click here

May 11, 2009

Chandler Street NRSA

May 12, 2009 - TUESDAY
9:00 A.M.

Progress Continues in



Local Businesses, Area Community Groups and resident stakeholders are convening on Tuesday, May 12th at 9:00 A.M. in front of a recent residential renovation at 40 Mason Street to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the Chandler Street Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) program, funded through the City of Worcester’s annual Community Development Block Grant and sponsored by Worcester Common Ground in partnership with the Chandler Street Business Association. This successful partnership is a 5-year effort designed to identify redevelopment opportunities and implement long-term, sustainable improvements in the Chandler Street/Piedmont neighborhood. The neighborhood stakeholders will also be paying special tribute to Chandler Business Association President Laurel Ciprari, Park Avenue Manager at TD BankNorth, who is retiring after 15 years at BankNorth, and was instrumental in establishing the Chandler Business Association as an effective and active organization dedicated to the betterment of the Chandler Business Corridor.

In 2006, the City designated five (5) neighborhood areas for funding under the NRSA program, a HUD-designated area where housing, economic, and human service strategies are implemented to promote sustainable, long-term neighborhood improvements. The program has been fully underway over the last 2 years and has been very successful in meeting the identified needs of area residents. The various programs underway in each of the 5 areas are diverse, and include Economic Development, Housing, Beautification, and resident services including youth and other quality of Life programming. The Chandler Street program is one of the most productive to date in the implementation of the NRSA strategies, including organizational development, Storefront and associated Streetscape installations such as planters and trash receptacles, Housing rehabilitation, business promotion as well as small business development, workforce training and development, and vacant lot cleanups in the target area.

“The success and accomplishments of the Chandler NRSA to date is a direct result of the commitments and leadership of all stakeholders in the project area, including residents, businesses and community organizations”, said incoming President Bill Randall. “The Chandler Business Association and Worcester Common Ground have taken the lead in developing and implementing the area improvements, and the City through the leadership of City Manager O’Brien and our Worcester City Council has been instrumental in financing these activities. We look forward to building upon the positive momentum that has been established.” The City has authorized $326,000 for revitalization activities since the implementation of the Chandler nrsa program in 2007.

Accomplishments include the successful completion six (6) storefronts, the rehabilitation of six (6) residential properties, installation of planters, trash receptacles, and other beautification activities in the project area, vacant lot clean ups, “Around the Corner” youth employment in coordination with area businesses, and the creation of a business development program and employment skills training program which will be implemented in the coming year. There are a significant number of new projects which are currently under consideration, and the partners look forward to the continued revitalization of both the commercial and residential areas in the Chandler District.

With continued commitment and coordination among all the stakeholders, the Chandler Business Corridor will continue to grow and flourish by retaining existing partners and developing incentives to attract new private investment in the future.

May 09, 2009

Direct Air

Starting to get very concerned with the health of Direct Air right now. It could be a very long summer. My bet is that we will see more flights cut by Direct Air over the summer.. Lets just hope they make it through the summer.

May 08, 2009

Mothers Day Flowers

Sprout made two great arrangements for my wife and mother. Thanks.

South Worcester NRSA-rejected again

Five months ago I submitted an application fpor $4,500 to do a roof and side a property that I own on Southgate Street through the South Worcester NRSA. Since that time I was told;
  • my application was rejected since I did not live in the house and it was mailed backwith my check of $150
  • I contested this since I did not see how owner occupancy was a requirement and I knew other NRSA's accepted applications for non-owner occupants since they were more concerned with the income of the tenants.

  • After going back and forth, it was agreed that not being owner occupied did not disqualify me and I could resubmit my application.

  • I was then told the application was being revised and I would have to resubmit the application with the new paperwork and instead of $150 application fee, I would have to pay $450 ($150 per unit)

  • It was was then agreed that it only was $150

  • After questioning where the new application was , I was told that there was no new appplication but to resubmit my initial application with a check for $150

  • Last week I was told that I needed to submit my tax returns. After some discussion it was agreed that I did not have to submit my tax returns since I did not live in the property and the city only needed to track the income of whom the project actually actually lived there.

Finally after five months, I thought it was finally done.

Wednesday, I got an e-mail that the South Worcester NRSA would not accept applications from "absentee" home-owners and my application would be returned for a second time with my check.

May 07, 2009

Must Read

4-rilla post

Car Warranty

Maybe it is just me, but I get at least one automated phone call per week that mine vehicle warranty is expired, and that this is our second and final notice.

Does anyone else get these messages?

May 06, 2009

Chandler NRSA Update

Today we placed new benches within the NRSA at the following locations:

Chandler Street Elementary School (2) pictured at left

John and Sons Deli

Rob Roy Hair Salon

Living Earth

MLK Center (picture of Serrato Sign Employees enjoyed the bench after installing it)

By the way thanks to Serrato Signs for installing the bench. Local businesses understand the value on investing in the neighborhoods where they conduct their businesses.

May 05, 2009

Buy Local & Buy Worcester

Although I find the latest push to Buy Local or Buy Worcester to be a great idea, it is nothing new to me. As a local business-owner always try to buy from other local business owners. The other day, we had a broken water heater and my guy mentioned that he would run to Home Depot. Told him, no way go to Barrows and charge it on my account. He called me later and was impressed with the service and price.

Maybe the developers of our our number 1 growth business, low to mod income, should also buy local. Check out any of the contractors at any of these low to mod income projects--almost impossible to find. I have seen one local environmental company, one electrician and one fence guy. That's it!

I am on this rant today, because I have learned that the $6,000,000 Southgate Place was put out to bid by invitation only to three bidders:

  1. Quincy, MA
  2. Oxford, MA
  3. Harvard, MA

It appears to me that not one Worcester contractor was invited to bid? Considering that this is a project where one of the partners is the South Worcester Neighborhood Center, that receives support from the City of Worcester, one would think that Worcester General Contractors would have been given an opportunity to bid?

May 04, 2009

Great Video


Remember these guys? They won a bid for $1 last January. Check out story in the Telegram. It has been over a year now and as far as I can tell, they still have not take title. Anyone know anything about this?

May 03, 2009

Allegiant Starts in Myrtle Beach

I think this is a direct, excuse the pun, shot at Direct Air. Click here.

Direct Air and Toledo

Direct Air cancelling flights from June 11th through March 4th from Toledo. Click here. Combining the Sanford and Punta Gorda, although slightly inconvenient for the people flying to Punta Gorda is still acceptable. Lets hope we do not cancel these flights for a month like they did in Toledo. Would not at the same time seeing these three weeklly dropping to two.

Airport Sale

Front page story today in the Telegram. City Manager O'Brien asserts that we need to get fair market value--what else are we suppose to get? Although the sale of ORH to MassPort will be beneficial, we are not going to get fair market value. How can we when we have not established a fair market value.

First, we should have put out an RFP to long-term lease or outright sell ORH sometime during the past 5 years. Instead we put out two RFP's for parcels, which were a complete joke and nobody bought either one. Companies like AvPorts and National Express should have been invited to Worcester and stories placed in all the major newspapers. If we had sold ORH to one of these other entities, we would not have to worry about them taking deductions for monies that they had invested in ORH since 1999, which is now $9,000,000. Remember all the times Mr Nemeth, who still has not written about this, use to write about how much we should thank MassPort for helping us with our operating deficit since 1999? I never knew it was a loan.

Second, may we should get an actual appraisal from a company like Jack Randal Poteet and Associates? We have done none of these and will end up getting nothing for ORH other then the not having to pay anything towards the annual operating losses and debt service. Would you sell your house without putting it on the market and only talk to your next door neighbor, who wants credit for all the times he has mowed your lawn or shoveled you walk since 1999 off the purchase price?

Lastly instead of 6 flights per week to Florida (3 to Sanford and 3 to Punta Gorda), we are done to 3 flights per week whereby the flight goes from Worcester to Sanford then proceeds on to Punta Gorda. At40 to 50 percent full, according to the Direct Air President Ed Warneck, you can bet that these 3 flights will be cut back also. How is Myrtle Beach doing? Again according to their President, it has not been as strong as Florida when it was opened up.

Bottom line all bad news in the short term for ORH. The City of Worcester will get nothing from the sale of ORH and the one airline flying out of ORH is struggling and will most likely cut back on the 5 flights per week (3 to Florida and 2 to Myrtle Beach).