January 30, 2012

Tale of two companies

One company, let's call it the Telegram owned by a company outside of Worcester, owned in an older building downtown that they owe absolutley nothing on since there was alot of empty space.   They sell the building to the WBDC, but rent some space  downtown to keep the newspaper going.  Prinitng operation also have moved out of Millbury.  We all agree that the future of the Telegram does not look good in Worcester.

Another company, let's call it UNUM, also has an older building that they owe absolutely nothing and I don't believe they either use their space to the optimum. They also are moving to some office space downtown,  have moved some operations to other places , but have not sold their building yet...  

Can someone, (Dave Z) explain the difference between UNUM and the Telegram other then one has sold their buiding and the other has not.

January 29, 2012


Is it just me or does anyone else understand  today's front page "1st Impressions"?   A friggin front page story and pie chart based on the results of 111 people's responses to a Telegram survey asking its readers what major routes provide the the best impressions of the city. 

You got to be kiddin me right?   Front page of the Sunday Telegram....     Maybe the story should be how the Telegram can run a survey and a only get 111 responses?   Makes you want to buy an on-line ad huh?     

January 28, 2012

Latest tax increase

Gov. Deval Patrick will propose hiking the Massachusetts cigarette tax by 50 cents per pack as part of a plan to raise $260 million in new revenues for the state budget, the administration said Friday.

The governor’s plan also seeks to impose the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax on candy and soda — both items are currently exempt from the tax — and expand the state’s bottle deposit law to include bottled water, sports drinks and other beverages.

In addition to increasing the cigarette tax from $2.51 per pack to $3.01 per pack, a 20 percent increase, the plan would double the taxes paid on other tobacco products such as cigars and smokeless tobacco. The tobacco tax hike was expected to raise $73 million, officials said, with the money earmarked to help offset the cost of a recent decision by the state’s highest court that cleared the way for thousands of legal immigrants to join Commonwealth Care, the state’s subsidized health insurance program.

January 27, 2012

Welcome back Kotter

January 26, 2012

Epstein passes away

We are the 53%

Interesting story

In response to Occupy Wall Street's protest slogan of "We are the 99 percent," conservatives have started an online counterprotest called "We are the 53 percent" -- a reference to the 53 percent of Americans who pay federal income tax, on top of the payroll, local, sales and other taxes that other Americans pay.

January 25, 2012

Streamline Airlines

We need tokeep an eye on these guys

Ray Lewis after loss

January 23, 2012

Lancaster Town Manager

January 20, 2012

Voter fraud- Normal Political Tactic

Read this and you have a better understanding of why some people are vehemently against a photo id to vote

Click here

January 19, 2012

Airpport expansion plans

In telegram today, click here

January 15, 2012

DIF Financing

We have talked about this many times here.  The concept of a DIF is this:

  1. The City borrows a ton of money into an area
  2. Any excess tax revenues generated from this area stay with the City to  help pay the loan
  3. The theory being that there will be so much extra revenue that all the money that was borrowed will end up costing the tax-payers nothing
This, of course, begs the question what if there are no enough revenues?  Answer-the tax-payers end up footing the bill .   I noticed this one line in today's editorial.   "O'Brien submits to the City Council an amendment to the DIF that would allow the city to financially support the public portions of the work needed to extend Front Street to Washington Square."

That sounds to me that now these improvements are being taken out of the DIF Bond and will simply be paid by the tax-payers.  Jahn, I am confused?  

Mill Building on Beacon Street

Forgot what they call it but the owners were trying to demo it.  Looks like they sold it to Brady & Sullivan out of New Hampshire. 

CVS Park and May

Drove by the message board last night and read Express Scripts customers accepted here, which has been up for days.   Now they have a new second message    EBT Accepted here

January 13, 2012

Tatnuck Square Gas Station

Driving past a gas station at the corner of Chandler and Pleasant Street.  Two big signs "EBT Accepted here".      Times have changed....

The low income-ification of Worcester is spreading.  

Direct Air Prediction

Just a reminder I did say they would be out of business by February 1st

Worried about Jahn

Please please be sititng when you read this article in the Telegram

Solyndra Bonuses

Solyndra failed spectacularly last year — after having been lavished with $535 million in federal loan guarantees, as well as a $25-million tax break from the state of California.  Here is an update

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A California solar panel manufacturer that received a half-billion dollar loan from the federal government before declaring bankruptcy is asking a Delaware judge to approve up to $500,000 inemployee bonuses.
A hearing on the request by Solyndra LLC of Fremont, Calif., is set later this month. Solyndra says the performance-based incentives will help it retain key employees whose work is critical to a successful reorganization and sale of the company's assets.  The bonuses would be for up to nine equipment engineers, up to six general business and finance employees, up to four facilities workers and up to two information technology workers. The bonuses would range from 8 percent to 38 percent of a worker's base pay. The employees in question make between $72,000 and $206,000 a year.

Telegram moving most printing to Boston

Sorry cannot find the link.   Bottom line it looks like they will only be printing the Saturday newspaper in Millbury which will result in 64 layoffs.

I am stealing this line from Jim Polito.  When Bain company lays off people,it is vulture capitalism so when the New York Times is it also vulture capitalism?

January 12, 2012

Castle Island

Great walk

Really enjoyed Fort Independence

January 11, 2012

WB Journal story on ORH

click here

Pittsburgh Mayor

A bet between city mayors over their sports teams is not new, but after the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl from Pittsburgh had to pay up his bet in an unconventional manner. Instead of sending signature foods to Denver, Ravenstahl paid off his bet with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock by donning a Broncos jersey and Tebowing.

Worcester's Bryan Lahair

Bryan LaHair: Epstein believes in LaHair as first baseman

During an appearance Wednesday on WGN radio in Chicago, Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said that he expects Bryan LaHair to be the club's starting first baseman this season.

"Bryan LaHair is our first baseman," said Epstein. "I don't believe in the concept of 4A players. The guy can hit." After winning the Pacific Coast League MVP last season by hitting .331/.405/.664 with 38 home runs, the 29-year-old batted .288/.377/.508 with two homers, six RBI and an .885 OPS over 69 plate appearances as a September call-up. He still has an awful lot to prove, but could be a decent sleeper in NL-only leagues if he gets a fair shake at first base. Jan. 5 - 8:41 am et

January 10, 2012

City Hall Ice Skating Rink

On a serious not (I saw this in a post), what is the status on this?  Has ice ever been put down on this surface?

January 09, 2012

Friendly's & Munchies Tatnuck Square

Rumor has it both have closed

Can anyone confirm??

John 3:16

John 3:16
New International Version (NIV)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Governor Cristie

I dedicate this to the Count

Tom's team

Click for link

Can fundraiser for Tom L'Ecuyer yesterday

Chicago CDC

Interesting read

January 08, 2012

Gabriel Cortes

When I offered to help with my daughter's soccer team or help out at school, I have to fill out paperwork and have background checks done.   Very part time volunteer work.      How did Gabriel Cortes (read below from Worcesteria), who is a registered sex offender hired for jobs like this? 

I have very simple question for the Executive Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center "Did you do any background checks on this job applicant before you hired him?"     The answer is obvious.  Seriously imagine hiring a registered sex offender to work in a neighborhood center?

from Worcesteria

KNOW THY CO-WORKER: As if an FBI investigation leading to federal bribery charges against former Oak Hill CDC and South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Center employee Gabriel Cortes hadn’t already shaken up the local housing players, it turns out Cortes’ former employers were kept in the dark about some unsavory aspects about his past. According to the conditions of his bond release, Cortes must “remain current with the sex offender registry” and can’t have “unsupervised conduct with minor children” (with the exception of his daughter). A spokeswoman from the Middlesex District Attorney’s offi ce confirmed that Cortes has a closed court case from 2010 but said any additional information would have to come from the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board – information that Worcester Mag has not yet been able to obtain. Cortes’ lawyer nor has the Oak Hill CDC have not returned phone calls. Ron Charette, Neighborhood Improvement Center’s executive director, said because of the pending trial he couldn’t say much about Cortes or the claims laid out in the FBI’s affidavit, and hadn’t heard about Cortes’ past. Charette added that all employees are screened, but Cortes arrived the same day his time at Oak Hill ended, so it was assumed his background checked out. Cortes’ job at the CDCs was funded by U.S. Housing and Urban Development grants secured by the city, hence the federal charges.

January 05, 2012

Cross Walk Sting

Just got a text about a cross walk sting on Park Ave near Naitonal Glass.  Can anyone give updates or know anyone

UMass Psych Unit

There is a public announcement in this morning's T&G about the relocation of the in-patient psychiatric treatment center by UMass. They are proposing moving it from the campus of Worcester State Hospital to 26 Queen Street.

It must be governed by State law but there will be no public hearing unless 10 taxpayers of Massachusetts register in connection of the application and make a formal request for a hearing in writing no later than January 25th.

The Public Announcement can be found on page C9 in the legal notices.

January 03, 2012

Cold War on Ice--Summit Series 1972

Great show!!   If you have a chance watch it NBC 's new sports network, use to be versus on Charter (Channel 40).  Excellent!!