April 30, 2006

Blog Visitors

We have alot of activity on the blog. Average about 80 unique visitors per day. Kind of neat to see where people are coming from who enter out blog. I saw one today that I had to share with everyone.. Someone from Truth or COnsequences, New Mexico was checking out the blog.

I had to look it up... It truly does exist.


Blogs Welcome From Others

Tom Moore left me a message about an interesting story yesterday. Then this week alone Harry and Tim McDonald send me a comment about other stories.

If anyone ever wants to write up a blog, I will be more then happy to post noting whoever as the author. That goes to anyone including Aiport Director, Airport Liaison, City Councilor, etc.

Airport Websites

Fitchburg Airport website. Not bad--considering it is a general aviation airport in Massachusetts.

Other Allegiant Destinations

Duluth Airport
Billings, Montana
Killeen, Texas
Santa Maria, Ca
Abilene, Texas
Laredo, Texas
Worcester, Ma

Rhode Island Airport Corporation

I say it again sell ORH to MassPort or maybe we should approach the Rhode Island Airport Corportation and we can ORH Providence-Worcester??? Half kiddin but why not? Providence is approximately the same distance as Boston and the drive is easier.

Who is the Rhode Island Airport Corporation? The Rhode Island Airport Corporation was formed on December 9, 1992 as a semiautonomous subsidiary of the then Rhode Island Port Authority, now the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation to operate and maintain the state's airport system. The powers of the corporation are vested in its seven-member board of directors, six of whom are appointed by the governor, and one member appointed by the mayor of the City of Warwick.

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the six state-owned airports; and the supervision of all civil airports, landing areas, navigation facilities, air schools and flying clubs. In addition to T. F. Green Airport, the Rhode Island Airport Corporation is responsible for five general aviation airports throughout the state: Block Island, Newport, North Central, Quonset and Westerly.

Their mission statement is as follows:

"To provide safe, efficient and convenient air transportation for our region, while providing economic opportunity balanced with environmental stewardship nsensitive to the community."

Why couldn't their region include the addition of ORH??

April 29, 2006

Logan Lands Spirit

First new airline in two years comes to Logan --Spirit Airlines:

The airline that wants to be known as the full-frills, low-cost carrier is setting up a beachhead in Boston. Spirit Airlines, a discount airline with business class seats, is launching service from Logan to Detroit and to Myrtle Beach, N.C., starting Aug. 15. “We believe the time is right,” said Spirit spokesman Barry Biffle.

The Miramar, Fla.-based carrier left Logan 10 years ago, but much has changed since then, especially in the last few years. Spirit is trading in its old airplanes for two new fuel-efficient models. The new Airbus jets consume up to 30 percent less fuel, which could help the airline move back into the black. It has been losing money in part because of high fuel costs.

At Logan, the airline is likely to move into Terminal B or C. The exact location is still under discussion. “Spirit has a reputation as a high-value low-cost carrier,” said Thomas J. Kinton, Massport’s aviation director. “Its presence at Logan will result in more choices and competitive fares for our customers.”

Spirit, much smaller than JetBlue Airways or Southwest Airlines, is trying to appeal to the traveler who wants low prices but doesn’t want to give up the old-line carrier benefits, Biffle said. It offers a rich frequent-flier package along with its all-leather seats. Spirit will fly one trip daily to Myrtle Beach that leaves and returns early enough to get in a round of golf, both when going and coming back, Biffle said. It will fly two trips to Detroit.

From Detroit, passengers can catch flights to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

April 28, 2006

Directory of Airport Websites

I found a directory of airport websites:


Check out all the various websites for airports in the United States. You be the judge, check out Worcester, MA pretty much on par with Snohomish, WA.

Website Challenge

YNG left the following comment in regards to the WoMag story on the ORH website:

"I thought YNG'S was bad, your's is even worse, maybe 5 pages total on the airport"

Here is my challenge--- can anyone find a website for a commercial airport that is worse then http://www.flyworcester.com. E-mail me or add your candidate to the comments to this blog and I will assemble them. Check out Barnes Airport in Westfield, MA, wow.

I never even heard of it but the "FAA and Mass Aeornautics Commission plan to invest 30 million over the next few years" !!



Linear Air

Thanks Harry for the link:


Great story on air taxis. Guess where one of the companies is based--Hanscom.. Linear is also one of the few airlines we, on this blog, have targeted. Keep in mind Linear not only is entering the air taxi business with the Eclipse, but they have scheduled service to the Islands and Teterboro.

We should definately invite Bill Herp, the President of Linear to ORH, especially when he is so close and works out of another MassPort airport.

April 27, 2006

Sell ORH

ORH can be an asset but it will be one under the current management structure. As I have been saying of late, sell ORH to MassPort (or anyone else). Just read this story about how activity keeps increasing at Hanscom Field. Eventually MassPort will need ORH as a third airport to alleviate the pressure on MassPort and Hanscom. It truly makes sense for MassPort to own and run all three commercial airport in Mass. I remember the term "Economies of Scale" from college and I think it would apply here.

Here is a part of the story (I had no idea Hanscom was this busy):

March roared out of Hanscom Field like a lion with a double digit increase in operations.
On April 18, the Hanscom Field Advisory Commission learned the total number of operations between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. increased 13.7 percent last month, jumping from 13,073 in March 2005 to 14,869. Last year, June was the busiest month at Hanscom with 17,751 operations.
Sara Arnold of Massport reported that every category of aircraft, including single engine and twin piston planes, was in the air more this year than the previous March.

Full link:


WoMAg Story

Good story on WoMag with a very fair assessment as to the quality of the airport website:



First Six Months Fiscal 2006 Financials

I have obtained the numbers for the airport between July 1, 2005 and December 31, 2005:

Airfield 54,225
Airfield Support 118,710
Terminal Building 113,382
Misc 72,494
Total 358,811

Salaries 382,510
Ordinary Maintenance 319,260
Fringe 181,974
Total 883,744

Operating Loss
Not Counting Debt Service 524,933

Since we are in year 2 of the 3 year operating agreement, MassPort will pay 85% or $446,193 leaving the City of Worcester a balance of 78,740. Keep in mind, however, that the debt service is entirely ours and it was 324,517:

15% of operating deficit for 6 months w/o debt service 78,740
100% of debt service for 6 months 324,517

Total Cost of ORH for 6 months 403,257
To the City of Worcester

During these 6 months Allegiant only starting operating at the very end on December 22nd, lets hope the numbers look better the last 6 months of fiscal 2006.

April 26, 2006

Rockford Airport DIrector

Bob O'Brien, the Rockford Airport Director, is the one being quoted below. He is constantly in their local paper touting the benefits of a succssful airport in the newspaper to the local economy.

Rockford Airport

The Rockford airport, now Chicago/Rockford International Airport, that we should follow as an example continues to do very well. Located outside of Chicago, offering free parking by the way, they were able to attract leisure passsengers first through airlines like TransMeridian/Hooters, replaced now by Allegiant, a charter airlines (Apple Vacations) and the soon to start http://www.rrstar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060423/OPINION05/104230010/1139

Here is a small part:

Additional daily flights are possible, but not immediately, as United doesn’t have any regional jets parked in the desert. For the moment, demand is outrunning supply, unless you book further out into the future, which many are doing. Some flights in December are already 50 percent sold!

Our success has been in securing service from those airlines that are willing to provide destinations and pricing on par with Chicago O’Hare. That coupled with free airport parking and increasing regional awareness is pulling people into Chicago/Rockford International Airport from the Chicago suburbs, southern Wisconsin and even eastern Iowa.

Allegiant Air is flying 85 percent full to Orlando and Las Vegas. When Allegiant started in November, it was flying four times weekly to Las Vegas. Because of strong sales, Allegiant increased the weekly schedule to six flights. Orlando service will increase in June to six weekly flights. Again, wow!

April 25, 2006

McAllen Airport

I sent an e-mail to McAllen Airport asking them the key to their success. I got an answer back today. Here it is:


Thank you for the kind words. Your brother-in -law would be surprised to know that our terminal building is now over 14 years old. If I had any advice it would be to keep doing what you are doing, get people involved in the airport. Support from local/state/federal elected officials, citizens, and board members is critical to airport development. We have just completed our Master Plan Update (you’ll find it under Airport Information on our website) and we have had tremendous support for what needs to be done to get us to the next level. It was not easy but we had a series of public meetings and a great consultant that articulated the need for growth to the public and elected officials.

This brings up the topic of “change”. As with any good thing, change is inevitable and we are no different. We are looking at doing a terminal capacity study, a paid parking implementation study, and cost benefit analysis for runway extension. In short, I do not feel that the free amenities we offer to the public is the key to attracting passengers, we look at it as just good customer service. A good selection of airlines, plenty of seat capacity, destination people want to go to, and community support is the true and tested way to attract customers. I could go on about our airport all day, please feel free to give me a call if you need more information.

Fred Segundo
Assistant Director of Aviation McAllen Miller International Airport
Phone: (956) 682-9101
FAX: (956) 687-9826

Initial Recommendations

Thought this was a good time to remember what our initial recommendations, that our on the web page, were almost two years ago:


  1. Rename the airport to Boston-Worcester to approve its appeal as alternative to Boston. This has worked very well for Baltimore Washington and Orlando Sanford International Airport.
  2. Improve access to and from Route 290 including reverse signage. We need to pick one route as the preffered route versus attempting to direct prospective passengers from every single exit off Route 290.
  3. Contact, pursue and invite leisure airline who target secondary cities and provide discount prices to popular leisure destinations (note targeted airlines below).
  4. Replace studies with action. Prospective airlines do their own research before entering a market so why waste monies on consultants when we could utilize these same dollars to help advertise airlines who enter this market?
  5. Open lines of communication among involved parties with monthly reports from the Airport Director to the City Council pertaining to the budget and prospective airlines.
  6. Explore possibility if naming rights for the terminal or airport itself.
  7. Generate positive press for the airport. Correct misconceptions about not being able to landing in bad weather and highlight the high level of general aviation activity.
  8. Explore new revenue sources including but not limited to the available restaurant slot and lands remaining idle in the Airport Industrial Park.
  9. Revise and update the official web page.
  10. Start a bumper sticker campaign to generate civic pride and support of the airport. A small oval with the letters ORH?
  11. Improve business traveler services specifically FREE WIFI and FREE PARKING!!
  12. Recruited airlines need to offered a package that waives fixed overhead expenses and allocated a portion of the $455,000 Small Community Air Service Development Grant from the FAA to their advertising needs.
  13. Invite airport management companies to Worcester and review the possibility of putting together an RFP whereby we lease the entire airport to a private management company.
  14. The PILOT program for non-profits is extremely controversial. We may look into the possibility of asking local non-profits to contribute to a fund that would help attract a daily business flight which would benefit the entire community.
  15. Seek help from the State and Federal Government to upgrade landing system from Category 1 to Category 3 which would enable airplanes to land in heavy fog.

Allegiant Air--Good Businessmen

Allegiant know how to run a business and realize the importance of getting revenues by any means possible. Makes you wonder what is the status of the RFP for the restaurant slot?

Wraps Ads Around Planes

Given that US airlines are currently seeking additional revenue from nearly any source imaginable, perhaps it was inevitable that soon six commercial airliners operated by Allegiant Air will be wrapped in advertising messages. InterAir Media, the company that came up with the (Innovative? Outrageous?) program, unveiled the first such aircraft at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Monday.

"Advertisers are looking high and low for new media to extend the reach of their messages," said InterAir Media CEO Drew Stoddard from his Miami Beach office. "By wrapping planes with logos or messages, we can help them reach to the sky to communicate with customers, literally."
After several years of working in the traditional advertising industry, Stoddard launched InterAir Media to serve clients demanding out-of-the-box communication approaches. He first approached Allegiant Air with the idea in the summer of 2005 -- and it didn't take long for the airline to recognize an easy source of revenue.

Artists are putting final touches on the materials necessary for the initial ad wrap featuring BoDog.com. The branded aircrafts will fly between Las Vegas and 32 other US destinations.
"In today's media environment, consumers are gaining considerable control over their media and are opting out of receiving ad messages," said Billy Stubbs, creative director for Foote, Cone and Belding in New York. "InterAir Media is providing a new medium where advertisers are guaranteed a connection with consumers.

"It's going to be hard to miss such a large message brandished on the side of an airplane," Stoddard said.

April 23, 2006

McAllen-Miller Airport

Have you ever heard of McAllen-Miller Airport? Other then remembering it being on Allegiant's flight map, I had never heard of it before. The other day my brother-in-law, who flies alot on business, flew through this airport and was very impressed by the amenities and flight options.

Notice on the front page of their website free parking (up to 14 days), free wireless and the overall information available on their website. This seems to be a common thread for any successful secondary airport:

Now take a look at Worcester Regional Airport website. Although I believe a name change makes alot of sense in the long term, a name change typically signifies "new and improved". Lets focus on more flights, free parking, free wireless, a better website, finish the work on Airport Drive and then talk about a name change.

April 22, 2006

Common Cause Open Government

Common Cause has launched a campaign for open government in Massachusetts, check out the website and the blog.

Here is a section from their home page:

FACT: Strong democracy requires a transparent government and an informed, engaged citizenry.

PROBLEM: In Massachusetts, all citizens do not have easy online access to the information they need to engage in important public debate. Only about 6.8 % of municipalities post six essential public records on the Web.

SOLUTION: Insist that local governments post public records online. Most towns already maintain websites, so this simple and inexpensive act would greatly improve everyone’s ability to be responsible, informed citizens.

April 21, 2006

Board Minutes

March Board Minutes (below copied from the minutes)

A great deal of discussion occurred regarding the potential name change and the strategy to bring the issue forward. It was decided that Chairman Delehaunty will request a meeting with the City Manager to discuss the Commission's thoughts and to develop a strategy to make a potential recommendation to the public.

What was discussed????

Mass Open Meetings Law (http://www.cbsys.ago.state.ma.us/pubs/oml.htm)

2. Minutes of Meetings

Content: The Open Meeting Law (as well as the Public Records Law, G.L. c. 66, '5A) requires every governmental body to maintain accurate minutes of all its meetings. At a minimum, minutes must set forth the date, time, and place of the meeting, the identity of the members present or absent, and all "action taken."

The District Attorney has interpreted the term "action taken" to include not only votes and other formal decisions made at a meeting, but also discussion or consideration of issues for which no vote is taken or final determination is made. See New England Box Co. v. C & R Construction Co., 313 Mass. 696, 713 (1943). It would be sound practice to also include in the minutes a summary of each discussion held at the meeting.

It does not appear to me that " a great deal of discussion" in the minutes can exactly be considered a summary of the discussion. The minutes of the meeting are suppose to let the public know what the "thoughts" are of the commission???

April 20, 2006

Airtran Ad

I picked up the Boston Globe today and found a large Airtran ad that reminded me of the JetBlue ad, but there was no identical Airtran ad in the Worcester Telegram. In other words, it is not an automatic that if an airline advertises in the Boston Globe that they take out the same ad in the Worcester Telegram, which is owned by the same company as the Boston Globe. Evidently the underlying airline will determine whether or not the benefits justify the costs.

JetBlue, on the other hand, spends the additional monies to advertise in the Worcester Telegram. What does that tells us?

Worcester Name Change

Manchester Airport had 4.5 million passengers last year, with their number 1 airline, SouthWest, having almost 2 million alone. Bottom line Manchester has the flights and the ability to pull from the Boston catchment market. The addition of Boston to their name can only help their business.

If we add Boston to our name and people look into ORH, they will find we have one airline 4 times per week to Sanford-Orlando. The emphasis, our number 1 priority, should be on additional airlines. The addition of Boston or changing our name to Logan West can not hurt, but it will not help to the degree it may help Manchester who have the underlying flights people are looking for.

The number one priority for ORH is more airlines.

April 19, 2006

Manchester Votes to Change Name

Boston Globe Story today:

MANCHESTER, N.H. --In a world where airlines are struggling to attract passengers, the Manchester City Council voted Tuesday to rename the local airport Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Never mind that Boston is about 50 miles away.

The airport has billed itself as a no-hassle alternative to Boston's Logan International Airport. Kevin Dillon, director of Manchester Airport, said he wants to make sure distant travelers who might not know New England's geography understand the airport is close to Boston.

JetBlue Ad

There was a huge ad in today's, as well as yesterday's paper. I even picked up the Boston Globe yesterday and they had the same exact ad. Whoever left a comment saying that JetBlue probably advertises in both papers, since they have the same owenrship and bought a package deal, was absolutely correct.

At the same time, I do not think JetBlue would be making an investment of this size in the Telegram unless they were drawing big numbers to Boston from our catchment area.

April 18, 2006

Boston City Council Fined

Story in Boston Globe on March 28th details how a superior court judge ruled that the Boston City Council violated the state Open Meeting Law 11 times over a period of almost two years imposing a$11,000 in fines and ordering the body to obey the law or face further action by the district attorney

Here is a small part:

In addition, the judge found, the council set up a shuttle system so that members could deliberate in secret about the proposed urban renewal plans. A BRA staff member counted the number of councilors in the room at any one time so there were never more than six present. Without a quorum, they reasoned, the open meeting law did not apply.

The judge dismissed that argument, as well. ''A governmental body cannot evade the requirements of the Open Meeting Law simply by meeting in smaller groups," she wrote. ''The council's attempt to head count its way around the Open Meeting Law is without merit."

April 16, 2006

Mass Open Meeting Law

"The purpose of the Open Meeting Law is to eliminate much of the secrecy surrounding the deliberations and decisions on which public policy is based. It accomplishes this purpose by requiring open discussion of governmental action at public meetings. The requirements of the Open Meeting Law grow out of the idea that the democratic process depends on the public having knowledge about the considerations underlying governmental action, for without that knowledge people are not able to judge the merits of action taken by their representatives. The overriding intent of the Open Meeting Law is therefore to foster and indeed require open discussion of governmental action at public meetings. Yet the Law does recognize that public officials might be "unduly hampered" if all discussions by public officials were required to be open. As a result, it specifies certain types of issues that may be discussed and decided in a closed session. These exceptions, however, are limited in number and narrow in scope."

Above Quote from site below..


April 15, 2006

March Minutes

I just posted the March minutes on http://www.flyorh.com, in a word (.doc) not .pdf format. Nothing startling, except maybe the fact:

  • NO questions/updates/comments as to the status of negotiations with any potential airlines
  • NO questions/updates/comments as to how the $40,000, that has been spent from the DOT grant to a consultant (believe IMG) to recruit an airline, is going

If you review the board meeting minutes the last 9 months, potential airlines, negotiations to attract airlines, etc never seem come up at the board meetings? Although if one reads the Telegram or WoMag , there are on-going negotiations mentioned, including Hooters Air not more then two months ago. On the other hand, mundane items like whether or not a local photographer can use the terminal for a photo shoot does.

How can the status of the recruitment of potential airlines not be discussed at these airport board meetings?

April 14, 2006

Meigs Airport

Maybe we can learn from Meigs??? This was the airport that was actually closed three years ago.. To be honest, I do not know how much about their history but I will look into it.. I did, however, find a great website (Friends of Meigs Feild) that has a detail of the airport.

CHECK IT OUT!! We do not want to be here 10 years from now tryining to re-open ORH. Sell it now or give long-term lease (99 years) to MassPort ( or another entity).

April 13, 2006

Open Meetings???

My whole point of doing all of this was to make ORH a successful airport, not to make anyone look bad . Bring people together, who believe in the airport, to help the airport become the asset that I know that it can be. To that end, I wanted to find out all there is to know about the airport and run it like a business.

Before anyone reads any more of this blog, go to http://www.flyorh.com and go to the tab for "Board Minutes". Look at the January minutes from 2005 and the January minutes of 2006, do you notice a difference?? Last year, when the minutes were not on the this web page or on the City web site, the minutes were 9 pages long full of information. Now this year the minutes are two pages long full of non-information. Obviously, nothing is being discussed at board meetings any more for fear that it will be read????? . This is pretty sad, the actual opposite of what I had hoped.

Let me ask this next question... Many people read this blog and make comments, why can't anyone from the airport administration or the airport board add comments?? Believe me if I was working at the airport or on the airport commission, I would read this blog or anything on the airport and made my opinions known. My fear is that my efforts, in the end, to make more information known and make ORH an asset has done just the opposite, less is being known and ORH will continue to be a drain on our fiscal health.

April 12, 2006

Cost of ORH Fiscal Year 2005

I looked up on the City Web on page 101 of the Annual Financial Report to see how much the ORH cost the City of Worcester. Although the current operating agreement had MassPort paying 100% of the operating deficit, it excluded debt service (note blog below).

The cost last year to Worcester (imagine it came from the General Fund) was $679,555. Debt service, which again it 100% ours, was $630,850. Maybe everyone else knew this already, but I was under the impression that it cost us nothing last year, while MassPort was covering 100% of the operating deficit, surely not $679,555.


638,978 fees
1,241,001 intergovernmental (Massport??)
249,648 misc
2,129,627 total revenues

1,054,629 salaries
1,123,703 maintenance
630,850 debt service
2,809,182 total expenses

679,555 loss ( I believe this number represents the amount the City of Worcester owed)

ORH Debt Service 100% City of Worcester

I found something out today that is very interesting... In calculating the percentage MassPort pays of the operating deficit, it does not include debt service. Let me give you an example, if the aiport was losing $2,000,000 per year, I would have thought MassPort would have calculated their percentage under the current agreement based on the $2,000,000 figure.... This is wrong.

You need to back debt service out of the operating deficit, which is approximately $500,000, then MassPort would have pay their percentage on that amount $1,500,000... Bottom line is that debt service belongs 100% to the City of Worcester, while the balance of the deficit is covered via an operating agreeement..

This is a huge difference, when the debt service is $500,000 per year. Even in Year 1 of the current agreement with MassPort (last fiscal year), whereby they were paying 100% of the operating deficit, it still cost the City of Worcester approximately $500,000 (debt service).

Maybe everyone already knew this, but I did not know this to be the case.

JetBlue Ad

Again today... It was about 7/8ths of the page in Section A. Seriously, you do not see SouthWest putting ad this size in the Worcester Paper and they advertise in the Boston Markets..

JetBlue could bring two of ten JFK shuttles from Boston to ORH and incur no added expenses... In fact they probably save monies, when we waive landing fees, rents, etc. The kicker is they do not have to spend any additional monies to advertise, they already do.

April 11, 2006

JetBlue Ad

I know everyone must be sick of hearing it, but page 3 of today's sports section had a JetBlue ad that had to cover 7/8ths of the page... Someone made a very good point that when JetBlue advertises in the Boston market with the Boston Globe, they most likely put together a package with the Worcester Telegram (both have the same owners).

At the same time, JetBlue does not waste monies. If they did not feel it was worthwhile to advertise in the Worcester market, I truly believe they would opt out of the Worcester Telegram. JetBlue knows the market is here, we need to entice them to with things like the Small Community Service Grant to ORH.

5385 Passengers!!

Aiport Liaison Niddrie just e-mailed me the following numbers:

  • Since inception (Dec 22 thru March 31)
  • 49 outbound flights
  • 5385 passengers

That is great news. We are half way to 10,000, which will result in the Airport regaining primary airport status and entitling it to approximately $1,000,000 in federal Airport Improvement Progrom funds. The past couple of years, we were still getting these funds, although we had dropped below 10,000 passengers.

We are averaging approximately 108 passengers per flight on a plane that seats 130 people. In other words our load looks to be 83%, which looks pretty good to me??

1st Qtr Passenger Count

The 1st qtr has ended and we should know what the passenger count was from Jan 1st thru March 31st. First, it is simply good to know how we are doing with Allegiant. Second, we need to get 10,000 passengers this year to keep getting $1,000,000 from the FAA.

I will e-mail, and mail letters to our airport liaison asking for this information.

April 10, 2006

Allegiant Jet

Today I was driving down Park Ave at 10:00AM and saw the Allegiant jet driving over. If you have never seen the Jet coming in, it is pretty impressive.


April 09, 2006

Small Community Air Service Grant

I believe that the deadline for this year's grant (potentially the last year it may be around).. Although I have asked numerous times, if we would be applying, I am guessing that we are not. Two years back we were successful and received a grant fro $455,000 but have only submitted expenses of $40,000 to be reimbursed.

Maybe it would be tough to get another grant application approved when we have been slow in utilizing the $455,000 grant that we already have.???

PanAm Expands at Hanscom

BEDFORD -- For some time, commercial aviation at Hanscom Field has taken a back seat to corporate jet activity. But big changes are afoot as Boston-Maine Airways prepares to launch service to the Washington, D.C., area in mid-May and to Pittsburgh by the end of June.
Portsmouth, N.H.-based Boston-Maine has been serving Trenton, N.J., from the Bedford airport since March 2004. It offers five round trips a day, five days a week.


The airline has not yet firmed up specific flight plans for Pittsburgh, but it will offer service to that city's airport from Hanscom as well as from Portsmouth and Trenton, Fink said.
With FAA approval, he said, Boston-Maine will have three round trips a day, Monday through Friday, between Bedford and Dulles. One-way fares likely will range from $90 to $135, depending on the time of departure, he said

Manchester Name Change

part of a story:

Craig P. Coy, chief executive of the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, has asked authority lawyers to see whether Massport would have any legal standing to oppose Manchester adding Boston to its name.

Notably, however, Massport has over the years seriously considered renaming the Worcester Regional Airport, which it runs under contract with that city, Worcester-Boston Regional to help promote service there. The last major airline offering regular service at Worcester, US Airways Express, left Worcester in February 2003, and currently Worcester has just flights to Orlando on Allegiant Air.

Allegiant Increases Stewart Flight

Eight flights per week!!!

From June 25 through September 2, Allegiant Air is going to double its flights from Stewart Airport at Newburgh to Orlando. The airline announced Friday that it will operate two flights daily Sundays through Thursday.

“Since they started their serve in October 2005, Allegiant Air’s flights have consistently been on time and service has been great,” said airport Marketing Manager Tanya Vanasse.
Allegiant Air flies to Orland Sanford International Airport and will offer one-way fare of $79.
Last week, airline spokeswoman Tyri Squyres said they are exploring other cities to serve from Stewart in the future.

April 07, 2006

Allegiant's 2nd Florida Destination

There was mention of it in WoMag's Worcesteria this week and I saw the article below today.. I will tell you right now, Allegiant's 2nd Florida destination will be St Pete's!!! Who wants to bet me ???

Allegiant Air doubles Florida flights from Stewart

From June 25 through September 2, Allegiant Air is going to double its flights from Stewart Airport at Newburgh to Orlando. The airline announced Friday that it will operate two flights daily Sundays through Thursday.

“Since they started their serve in October 2005, Allegiant Air’s flights have consistently been on time and service has been great,” said airport Marketing Manager Tanya Vanasse.
Allegiant Air flies to Orland Sanford International Airport and will offer one-way fare of $79.

Last week, airline spokeswoman Tyri Squyres said they are exploring other cities to serve from Stewart in the future.

Local Airport Sold

See it is not so far-fetched when I say sell ORH!!

Eagle Leasing buys Oxford AirportOXFORD -- The Eagle Leasing Co. (www.eagleleasing.com) of Massachusetts and Connecticut has purchased approximately 24 acres of land known as the Oxford Airport for $750,000 from Astro Wings Inc. and Oxford Airport Inc. Eagle Leasing, which specializes in leasing storage, road and office trailers as well as ground level storage containers throughout the Northeast, plans to use the site for storage and distribution purposes. The property was most recently used for non-commercial flights and the airport was decommissioned in October of 2005. William Kelleher, vice president, and Matthew Mayrand, associate broker, of Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates Inc. of Worcester, brokered the sale.

JetBlue Ad

There were at least two large ads on the back front of the front section of the Telegram today. I know that this may be part of a package deal with the Boston Globe, who owns the T & G, but anyway you look at it JetBlue is spending alot of monies advertising in the Worcester catchment area. Still believe diverting two JFK shuttles to ORH of the ten from out of Boston makes sense for all parties.

Putting that arguement aside, I wish someone would at least customize the ad for Worcester. The ad shows a Riverside MBTA subway. Maybe a train leaving Union Station would be more appropriate for the Worcester Telegram.

April 06, 2006

Allegiant Air Drops Oklahoma City

If the numbers are not there, Allegiant will drop you:

Discount Airline Makes Final Flight From Oklahoma CityApr 04, 2006

A discount airline is pulling out of the Oklahoma City market. Allegiant Air made its last flight out of Will Rogers World Airport today. It's citing rising fuel prices and lack of passengers for its decision.

The Las Vegas-based carrier first flew out of Oklahoma City in October 2004 and at its peak had 2,570 passengers a month on its one-way flights to Las Vegas. But a spokeswoman for the airline says its passenger numbers in Oklahoma City were consistently at the bottom of its system.

April 05, 2006

DOT Monies

Small Community Air Service Grant was awarded in the amount of 442,615 to help ORH attract air service. Although there is a lag time between what has been spent and what has been reported to the DOT for reimbursement, I am a little disappointed to see that 39,375.51 of the 43,449.26 submitted for reimbursement were monies spent on a consultant.

Between the New England Regional Air Study Plan, the $100,000 IMG Study and the 20 Year Master Plan, not to mention our partner MassPort and the management in place at ORH, one would not think that we would need to spend another 39,375 on a consultant to help us attract service. These monies would be better spent on an actual carrier to attract them to ORH.

It was mentioned before that we had to spend the monies, since it was in the original application, but free parking was also in the original application and we did not do that. Lets just hope the remaining DOT grant monies actually go to airlines to attract air service versus consultant services.

April 04, 2006

Manchester to Add Boston to Name?

That's right Manchester is thinking of adding Boston to its name..

MANCHESTER, N.H. --The director of Manchester Airport says he's considering recommending the airport's name be changed to make sure distant travelers know it's close to Boston.

Kevin Dillon said Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is one possibility.
The airport bills itself as a no-hassle alternative to Boston's Logan International Airport, and Dillon said he wants to make sure distant travelers who might not know New England's geography understand the airport is close to Boston.

Information from Airport Liaison

Today I received information in regards to my requests. Here is a summary. If anyone wants to see any of the actual information, let me know and I will fax it to you.

1) Income Statement for Six Months of this Fiscal Year

I was told to ask City Auditor DelSignore. I will do that.

2) Monthly Parking Reports From LAZ Parking

I only received the revenues received, not the monthly reports from LAZ. I will request the actual reports, to see the actual net income that the City of Worcester is deriving from the parking lots. In the meantime here are the revenues

Dec-5 $2,350 (5 flights)
Jan-6 $3,770 (10 flights)
Feb-6 $7,715 (15 flights)
March-6 $3,311 (5 flights)

$17,146 Total Revenues Collected

3) DOT monies

Reimbursement requests from the DOT can only be submitted after the City of Worcester has received a bill from the underlying vendor, processed them, sent the check and received the cancelled check back. In other words there is a lag thus the report below does not include the $50,000 inaugural campaign for Allegiant. Keeping that in mind, here is how the DOT grant monies have been spent to date:

consultant (recruiting airlines) $39,375.51
marketing (poster) $740.00
marketing (fliers) $920.00
marketing (radio ad) $1,500.00
marketing (event) $726.75
marketing (event) $75.00
marketing (event) $112.00

Total $43,449.26
We get reimbursed at a level of 72.73%
Estimated Reimbursement $31,600.65

Since the total grant was $442,615 less the $31,600.65, it looks like we have $411,014 remaining (not counting the Allegiant campaign). Lastly I have e-mailed this blog to our airport liaison to make sure that all the information above is correct.

April 03, 2006

20 Year Master Plan

One of the reasons cited for a delay in progress on the Master Plan was the need for information from the New England Regional Air Study Plan. Marc Champigny of Louis Berger, company doing the study, sent me the following e-mail... Looks like we are ready to proceed.

Mr. Randell, The NERASP project has delivered the base forecasts and detailed descriptions of passenger demand to all of the study airports, including Worcester. This was the essential data that the Worcester Master Plan wanted to include in its analysis of its future needs. There are additional analysis being performed to test the effect of changes in access or airline behavior on the ultmate size of Worcester's market in a long term time fame. While this information will not be available for another four to six weeks, it is not an impediment to continuing progress on Worcester's master plan. This was the concensus of the recent Technical Advisory Committee on March 30, 2006. Thank you for your inquiry.

MassPort Top 3 Destinations

Page 91 of below referenced MassPort financials fiscal year ending 6/30/4. Top 3 destinations:
  1. New York/Newark 10.40%
  2. Florida South 5.60%
  3. DC 5.30%

Again, very interesting report. The size of MassPort amazes me. Fiscal year operting income for fiscal 2004 was $415,000,000.

April 02, 2006

MassPort Financials

I just went on-line and found their financials for fiscal year ending 6/30/4:


The size of the agency is incredible. Two notes on ORH in there:

Page 5: "Legislation action would be required for the Authority to take title." I say lets get it started.

Page 106: "All payments made under the Worcester Operating Agreement have been made from cash from the Improvement and Extension fund." Improvement and extension sounds like the eventual extention for MassPort to take over ORH.

The more and more I think of it, we need to sell ORH to MassPort...

Naming Rights

One of our original ideas was to sell naming rights to the airport or, in the very least the terminal. Imagine selling the ability to rename the airport to whoever buys it? Sound far-fetched, check out: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05319/606553.stm

Here is a portion:

Ladiese and gentlemen, welcome to Pittsburgh-Heinz International Airport.
Sound strange? It is. No international airport in the country has adopted a corporate name.
Allegheny County Councilman Ed Kress wants Pittsburgh to be the first. He's introducing a bill at tonight's council meeting that calls on the county to sell the airport's name to the highest bidder, starting at no less than $5 million annually over a 10-year period.

"It's a great advertising location," said Mr. Kress, R-Shaler. He may be right. About 14 million people use the airport year, according to JoAnn Jenny, a spokeswoman for the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

JetBlue Airport has a nice ring, doesn't it??

Sell ORH

That's right sell ORH... As one of the biggest fans of ORH, I have always seen and still see the untapped potential in ORH. Over the past two years trying to deal with the current management structure, I have come to realize the City of Worcester has no business being in the airport management business. This is pretty common practice in the City of Worcester, as exemplified by DCU Center or Convention Center, where professional management companies run the day to day operations.. Same goes for Union Station now.

It would be very difficult to get a management company, however, to take over ORH, unless we offered a long-term deal (99 years) like they did at Stewart Airport in upstate New York. Although I still believe that an RFP should have been put out 21 months ago, we are running out of time; for example, we can not put out an RFP for a restaurant slot, imagine how long an RFP to run the airport would take?

What options are left?? There are two-CLOSE ORH or SELL ORH. Sorry Charley Farely, first we are not sure hot the FAA will treat past grants, to determine how much that we would owe if we closed, and and secondly I still believe in the potential of a successful ORH. All of this has lead me to believe, we need to SELL ORH.

Whats the point of getting MassPort to extend the contract another three years?? They are not committed to the success of ORH and we will just flounder for another three years. At the same time can you really blame MassPort for not being committed? I don't. What benefit do they derive from spending time and effort turning ORH around? Answer-none.

On the other hand, what if MassPort actually owned ORH? Now, they would have a vested interest to make ORH successful, as the owners not just a temporary custodian. At the same time, we should not just limit ourselves to MassPort as the only potential buyer... We have 15 months until a $2,000,000 bill is on our desk, SELL ORH now!!!

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Take a look a at how the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority markets Buffalo and Niagara airports. The similarities between Boston and Worcester are striking. Now read about their plans to pump $23 million into Niagara Airport. This is a great story and way too long to print here.

Check out this link:


The line that jumped out to me was "Since it was opened in 1928, and later purchased by the NFTA from the City of Niagara Falls for $2 million in 1970" Maybe the only way to get MassPort truly committed to ORH is to actually sell the airport to me.

Unlike Charley Farley, who said "CloseORH", I say "SellORH" to MassPort..

April 01, 2006


The past two weeks, I have been putting up blogs that we need to get two of the Embraer shuttles from Boston - JFK diverted to ORH. Trying to back that up with things like the advertisements in the Telegram, no overhead that we could offer, grant monies and the fact many people could be won over from SouthWest..

For the most part, the comments have been that there is no way this will happen. Obviously, everyone has the right to disagree, but let me ask you this. If we do not think that we can get two shuttles from an airport that is managed by the same company (MassPort) as us, exactly what flights or airlines do you think we can get??

The political reality is that based on a $2,000,ooo operating deficit and the current contract with our management company (MassPort):

  • July 1st, 2006, the City of Worcester will have to pay $640,000 per year (32%)
  • July 1st, 2007, the City of Worcester will have to cover the entire deficit ($2,000,000)

In 15 months, we (the tax-payers of Worcester) are looking at a $2,000,000 bill. My point is that if you think JetBlue does not make sense then tell me what does. If you can not come up with anything then it looks like Charley Farley make in fact be right--CLOSEORH.