January 31, 2013

Vive Bene is OPEN!!!!

Please make a point to support Vive Bene this week-end

He has resolved issues with DOR!!!

He is OPEN!!!

Vive Bene

Just heard some bad news.  My thoughts are with Kevin and I hope you figure this out...   You have been one of the stalwarts downtown...

Good luck Kevin and staff!!!  

January 28, 2013


The hope is that we support the Florida leisure flights so much that JetBlue decides to run a couple daily shuttles to NYC where you then connect to anywhere JetBlue flies.  Boston has ten of these per day.

As far as the Blue Line goes, Tim DeSantis and a group of us put together a video about 5 years ago filming the ride from Route 290 to ORH with a Blue Line in the road.  

January 25, 2013

FlyORH January 2013

JetBlue made their third trip to Worcester (ORH) over the past 12 months this week.    There are three possible scenarios moving forward:
  1.   April/May announcement:  There will be daily flights starting in November, 2013, to two Florida destinations (most likely Fort Lauderdale and Orlando). 
  2.   July/August announcement: There will be daily flight to these two Florida destinations starting in February, 2014. 
  3.  No announcement:  JetBlue decides not to fly out of ORH
I hope for the first, will take the second and highly doubt the third will happen.  

Some people have asserted that JetBlue will not commit to ORH until the Category III Landing system has been installed.    Although JetBlue, and any other carrier, would like to have Category III Landing systems at all the airports that they service, this is not the reality. JetBlue’s eventual decision to fly here, however, will be greatly influenced by the fact MassPort has committed to the installation of the Category III landing system.  Something the City of Worcester could never have contemplated, when the cost will be in excess of $25 million dollars.    This major improvement on the horizon will help convince JetBlue to fly out ORH in November, 2013 or February, 2014. 

Until Category III is installed, ORH will have some flights cancelled due to fog, similar to the situation JetBlue has with their White Plains operations, where planes are diverted to JFK.    Although I do not see this as a major problem, it will happen and concerns JetBlue.   As long as JetBlue has a smooth procedure to get passengers to Boston, in the event a plane can not land at ORH, but can in Boston, what difference does it make to us?   We already have to drive to Boston-Providence-Manchester or Hartford every single time we fly to Florida.

Based on the track history with Allegiant and Direct Air, I do not see fog being a major problem,  but it will happen more then we want until the Category III is installed.   Call it growing pains, but we need to be prepared and accept it when it happens, knowing that we are truly finally on the right path.

Some people have also asserted that we need an access road.   Although JetBlue, and any other carrier, would like a direct access road, there are many airports that have commercial service and are not easy to access.   Drive to Boston lately, sorry MassPort?  JetBlue’s eventual decision to fly here, however, will be greatly influenced by the improvements to the roads that lead to the airport that have been done and that are planned, as well as improved signage. This commitment also will help convince JetBlue to fly out of ORH in November, 2013 or February, 2014. 

We all need to face the reality, if MassPort was not the owner of ORH, we would not be having any of these discussions.    MassPort’s commitment to upgrade to Category III and JetBlue being their largest carrier are the main reasons  JetBlue may actually fly out of ORH.

JetBlue, however,  will not stay here unless ORH is a success no matter what their relationship is with MassPort.   Once we get JetBlue, it is up to us to fill their planes .   Bottom line sign up for True Blue on the JetBlue website,  get your JetBlue credit card and  buy tickets when the announcement is made.   No more excuses.  

Lastly everyone has their own story or misconception about ORH, especially with Direct Air in the not so distant past.   We finally have the right owner (MassPort) ,  the right airline (JetBlue) and the right destination (Florida).   To put the past completely behind us, MassPort  how about FREE PARKING the first six months JetBlue flies out of ORH to ensure the success of both JetBlue and ORH?

January 24, 2013


Sorry been a little lax with the blog.  Been spending more time on Twitter especially on the airport .  Find me at @flyorh.

Also try to listen in to WTAG Monday morning will be on 7:35AM talking JetBlue. 

January 21, 2013

January 20, 2013

Worcester loves JetBlue

In light of JetBlue's return to ORH

World Premiere of "Worcester Loves JetBlue" tomorrow at noon. 

Girl Scout Cookies & Panhandling

I was at the Webster Square Plaza yesterday buying a couple of things at Shaws.  Saw some girls over by the Radio Shack with a table of Girl Scout Cookies. 

Note not in the street, but on private property.  Went over and bought a couple boxes of Thin Mints.  

January 15, 2013

Panhandlers Ordinance

Watching City Council .  Great job by Councilors Eddy and Lukes, that is all that I have seen so far.

January 13, 2013

HUD Report

Can someone from City Council ask:

  1. what is the status
  2. when will we see the report from HUD? 

Every time, I mention anything about Housing I need to say this.   There is nothing anyone can do to stop anyone from developing more "affordable" housing..  All the City of Worcester can do is not subsidize these developments with their HOME funds.   This should in fact be done, recommended by RKG and makes alot of sense since we have already exceeded what is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   We can use these HOME funds elsewhere.   

Maybe I should say one more time, there is nothing in the RKG report or anything anyone can do to stop the development of more "affordable" housing..  

BTW, that is why HUD is here.  They are investigating how we spent the HOME funds that we doled out and that it was spent correctly.        

Free Parking

Assuming we close the JetBlue deal to come to ORH with two flights per day to Florida, we need to do two things:

  1. Buy Tickets!!!
  2. Get MassPort to offer FREE PARKING for 90 days.  Alot of people got burned by Direct Air, this would be a great good will gesture and help JetBlue get off to a great start at ORH. 

January 11, 2013

Beth Proko

Had fun at the MassPort meeting.  Alot of pols and business people, including my friend Beth Proko.   Many may know her as the person behind Citizens for Business.   A group, which I think really got residents to understand, more then anyone else, how important our commercial tax base is.  

There are alot of good people in the City of Worcester, like Beth, who are not afraid to put their names and faces out there and state their opinion.  You are all an inspiration.    Especially difficult to do when you know there will be people hiding in their houses, sending out anonymous e-mails making fun of you ...  

That's o'kay.     I actually feel bad for people, who don't have the confidence and courage to stand on their own two feet, putting their name and face behind what they think.    Imagine being a grown man hiding in your house all day and sending out anonymous e-mails to derive some sense of self-worth?

Let me take a minute, however, and tell you about Mill Street Motors.  Two years ago my truck died and I went to her and told Ed and Beth that I need a truck:

  1. that had a back seat to throw golf clubs in
  2. a plow 
  3. a lift on the back for snow blower and appliances
  4. used-no way brand new

A week later I bought this for, I think, $10,000 financed through a local Credit Union.    Two years later, I could not happier.  Thanks Ed and Beth!!!    Keep being the contributors that you are to the City of Worcester!   

MassPort CEO Glynn at DCU

Long and the short.  Everyone talked about how good it has been for Worcester, Central Mass and the Commonwealth of MA that MassPort has taken over complete ownership of ORH.  Here are the other highlights:

  • in 1975 ORH had 375,000
  • no reason we can get back to that level short term without any talks of access road
  • cargo not planned in immediate future
  • CAT III in the works, consultants hired, 30 million will take a couple years
  • jetBlue 2014 hopefuly
  • announcement 2013 90 days prior to start
  • 2 flights per day to Florida on their smaller jet

All good news.    I asked one question.   Think it would be great if MassPort would offere free parking first 90 days commercial service returned to ORH? 

January 07, 2013

Boston Herald

Boston Herald

Coverage of the Panhandling ordinance

January 04, 2013

Panhandling Sub-Committee Hearing

Last night I spoke in support of the proposed ordinance because:

  1. It does not prevent anyone from holding a sign on a public sidewalk.  It only targets people who act aggressively.    
  2. Does not allow people to be in the streets.    I look at this merely  as public safety issue.    

There has been alot of discussion that Little League teams. the WFD and other worthy causes will fall under this ordinance.  Althought this was an unintended consequence, we can find alternatives for these groups.   These groups may have to go to local businesses and ask permission to ask for money no different then what Salvation Army does.

January 02, 2013

Palladium Theatre


Any idea if this new entity is a non-profit???