November 30, 2008

Jahn Comment

Gabe the dirty little secret is that Main South re development is more to benefit Clark than anyone else...and Clark even has a so called "government relations" person who I believe even serves on the school committee. One of his persons jobs is to make sure that main South is re-built to Clarks liking. Main Souths make over is primarily all about Clark and secondarily about the neighborhood & the city. Clark is supposed to "share" their new Main South facilities with the city at large, but I'll believe that when I see it.

Clark is supposedly a "partner " of sorts in re-making Main South....the only problem is the remake of Main South has been done for the most part with our tax dollars from Washington and to a lesser extent dollars from Beacon Hill and city hall.The problem now is that this remake of Main South has spawned all these non profit CDC builders whose only objective is the continued building their own fiefdoms of low income housing. We have:

  • Main South CDC
  • Matthew 25
  • Worc Common Ground
  • Worc Community Housing
  • S Worc Neighborhood Center
  • Others?

We have even had outside consultants tell us that we need to curtail/reduce the production of low income housing by non profit builders.....again another recommendation to the council that falls on deaf ears.All these non profits are raising funding from our tax dollars to inundate the MS area with densely built, intensive land use low income housing. This is not a sustainable business model as the city grows and moves forward.

We have 35% more low income housing now than is mandated by state law, meanwhile our suburban neighbors are raking in the businesses & middle class people who are fleeing the city b/c of the negative effects of too much low income housing. FWIW, low income people have little or no discretionary, disposable income. For the millionth time, all this low income housing all pours students into the school system at $11,900 per head.I could go on & on...........

people are probably getting sick & tired of my redundancy & repetitiveness.......the bailouts of the future are going to be urban municipalities who have been overly burdened with low income people.......which burden the municipalities have brought on themselves. Main South is going to be nothing more than an accumulation of small Great Brook Valleys in future years and the titans of the CDC's will have long since left the area.

November 29, 2008

Virgin America

Harry was right!!! Upon the annoucement of Direct Air to ORH, Harry was excited about the fact that Direct Air leased planes from Virgin America. His theory was that this would be a great way to show Virgin America our airport. By the way Harry has maintained for two years that a European based airline may be interested in an airport like ORH.

Today I was checking on the status of a flight today and typed in Direct Air as the airline, it did not work. You actually have to type Virgin America and it dawned on me --Harry was right!! For all practical purposes it is Virgin American servicing ORH in a Direct Air wrapper.

Now lets for a second assume that Virgin America likes ORH. We need to get Sir Richard Branson on the phone and discuss with him the possibilities of leasing ORH long term to Virgin America and making this a base of operations.

November 28, 2008

Southgate Place

Not only is this project getting funds from the City of Worcester (believe they are HOME funds), but we are getting grants from the Commonwealth and Federal tax credits. Although the project is costing $7 million, in the end the loan that has to be paid back will be in the $600,000 to $1,000,000 range. The rest of the monies do not have to be paid back as long as the 25 units are rented to low to mod income residents for the affordability period (believe it is twenty years). In other words, if a professor from Holy Cross wants to live there, he (or she) would not qualify.

This project will not be mothballed. If it was a conventional private project, it would but this is not a conventionally financed project. In today's market, the only ones who can build in Main South are highly subsidized builders of affordable housing. The numbers simply do not work for a private investor in this area.

Paulie, as far as what the actually people who live here or own property next to this project, you are so naive. Their opionion means nothing. This is big money (7,000,000 million dollars)!!! Since you are only paying back a note on $1,000,000 (at the most) and 25 units are rented then their are residual income to the developers (South Worcester is 50% owner in the end). In other words the South Worcester Neighborhood Center has a vested interest in this project since we all know that state funds are getting cut. Talk about conflict of interest.

Bottom line if Donald Trump ever came down here and wanted to build luxury condos, he would be turned away with people yelling "gentrification". On the other hand, you come to town with millions of tax-payer monies planning to build housing for low to mod income people, the red carpet is rolled out, variances are granted, water/sewer hook-ups are waived and sidewalks repaired at no cost.

Did I mention the ribbon cutting ceremonies? Twenty percent low to mod-income housing here we come. Right now the commercial-industrial tax base is at 18% in the City of Worcester while low to mod income is at 13.60%. I predict that by the year 2010, the percentage of low to mod income housing will exceed the commercial-industrial tax base.

The number 1 growth industry in the City of Worcester is low to mod income housing development!

November 27, 2008

Worcester Home Funds

City of Worcester had pledged 750,000 to Southgate Place despite the fact:
  • none of abutters support the project, not to be confused with community support. Developers will say there is community support, which means people that do not live or own property in the neighborhood.
  • we are already way beyond the 10% low affordable housing requirement
  • the South Worcester Master Plan calls for development of owner oocupied units not 25 unit apartment buildings
  • when the developer could not get the support of the abutter for various variances, they simply changed the plan to avoid any variances
  • my favorite, the plans include a bocci court. Handball or volleyball court maybe, but a frigin bocci court!!
  • one other thing. The developer flips the property into the hands of South Worcester so they can get EPA grants since South Worcester is a non--profit. Once the work is completed then they will flip the property back .
  • imagine they wil ask for a waiver of all water and sewer connections
  • imagine they will also ask the city to pay for sidewalk repairs

Why is the City of Worcester giving this project 750,000??? How is that for staying neutral. The thing that really bothers me about this whole project is that it is the South Worcester Neighborhood's job to protect the neighborhood from developments like this. Not only are they not protesting against this, but they are a 50% partner in the project.

Resign From South Worcester Board

Been busy the past couple of days. Closed on a house we built over on Tiverton Parkway and started in a new split off Olean Street. I will put occasional updates on the web, but if you know anyone interested in a brand new split level ranch, three bedrooms, two full baths with hardwoods and granite priced at 259K. Let me know, finders fee of course.

No more building in Main South. Not only is the market no there to make any kind of profit, but even if I did get someone to pay the number I would need would they get a mortgage? In other words the only new construction you will see in Main South will be full of huge subsidies aka low income housing.

Speaking of low income housing, I resigned from the South Worcester Neighborhood Center Board. At a development committee, I was approached by the developers of Southgate Place (Old City Builders), if I was talking bad about the project? Evidently stating facts about a parcel of land that was suppose to be 25 owners occupied townhouses that has morphed into a single building of 25 unit of low income apartments, which none of the abutters want is considered talking "bad". I was then told if I can not support the project then I should stay "neutral", in other words shut up.

I have been on this board too long and it was time for a change so I resigned. As an abutter to this parcel, I will continue to express my opinion about any development near me and I will never be "neutral." Bottom line is that the South Worcester Neighborhood Center is proceeding with a 25 low income apartment building that does not fit into the character of the neighborhood and that none of the abutters support.

Happy T-Day

November 26, 2008

Comments from a Direct Air Passenger

Hi Bill. Despite their call center in West Virginia being nothing but a background music phone number (never did get any person), Direct Air desk in Worcester was well staffed and efficient. The flight was delayed by 45 min due to delays out of Sanford, FL. The flight itself was smooth and comfortable in a brand new jet, leased from Jet Blue (think he meant to say Virgin America).

There were a few empty seats, but probably was at 90% capacity. The flight crew informed and the cabin attendants were attentive. The soft drink offerings were free with munchies having a price attached. Upon landing at Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, FL (about 10 miles from my home in North Port), I quickly discovered there was no jetway. Because the terminal is so small @ CCA, a stairway was used, but who cares when the weather is so nice! Parking is close and free @ CCA. I'm looking forward to my return flight on Sunday morning into Worcester.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

November 25, 2008

Fox News Undercover Tonight

Spotlight on ORH at 10PM. Not on the website yet but I imagine that it will be after 10PM Click here.

Dual Tax Rate

Two stories in the Telegram today. One from blog favorite, Roberta Schaefer of the Worcester Municipal Research Bureau, click here. More or less she talks about how the dual tax rate is really hurting the growth of our city and that the commercial-industrial tax base has dropped from 35% to 18% since the inception of the dual rates in 1974 (guess can not get article on-line).

Makes you wonder what this percentage will be ten years from now? At the same time, you got to wonder what the commercial-industrial base has been in the surrounding towns with flat rates during the same time period. I would guess that it has either remained the same or increased? Why don't we ever take her reports seriously....

The other story was the annual letter from the Chamber of Commerce. It is a good letter and makes alot of sense, but isn't the fact the commercial-industrial tax base has dropped from 35% to 18% a direct reflection on the performance of the Chamber of Commerce. This flat tax rate should not be a once per year issue, but a issue the Chamber needs to talk about 365 days per year.


Fox News

I missed it?? Can anyone find the report on Worcester Airport?

November 24, 2008

Today's e-mail


I have tried several times to use your direct air website and every time i plug in the info needed and try to search for flights. it keeps telling me to put in a departure date which i already have listed.

is there something wrong with the site or am i doing something wrong??. i am a frequent flyer and i am very familiar with booking flights on line.

I would like to get into the site and see what you have to offer for flights to Sanford and Fort Myers.

I was excited to learn that you were offering service from Worc but I am a bit hesitant about this as I know Worc well and feel weather ( fog ) is an issue and delays flights. What if a flight is cancelled.??. do you transfer to RI or Boston for a flight out that day or just reschedule on the next flight out ??? which could be a major issue if attending a meeting etc.

Also i called the reservation number for info as i could not use the site. however, it took a very long wait time about 7- 8 minutes. i think this would discourage most business clients and think a local number would be much faster service.

With all respect, I have a few suggestions if you really want this to work in worc:

get the website working properly and easily for clients to use- offer a flexible with date option .... i see your flexible flyer option but that did nothing when i hit it, keeps saying to plug in a departure date .. which i did, still nothing.

speed up customer service with a local number to call , staff it in the worc. airport. with a personal contact. not computer .... if there is no local contact i doubt i would even attempt this .

flight cost needs to be lower than what i could get out of green, manchester or boston.
due to the risk factor of delays, cancellations and less airlines to be put onto.. the 99 deal when adding taxes etc. is not cheaper than what i can get out of the larger airlines.. its not that much of an inconvience to drive to the others ... the lower rate would be the issue i would use the worc airport.

offer better specials through email notice ( maybe you do already i just signed up )

i wish you luck and hopefully i will be able to find a cheap fare so i can fly from worc to fla.

November 23, 2008

Chamber of Commerce

Just read Sutner's story again. Q put a comment that the City of Worcester gives the Chamber of Commerce $500,000 per year. Someone please tell me Q is wrong. All of these groups and what do they do?
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Choose Worcester
  • Destination Worcester
  • Central Mass Convetion and Visitors Bureau


Two great stories from Diane, Sutner and Nick, must reads both of them, and my buddy Robert Z Nemeth has been pretty good read too. This actually must be one of the better Sunday TelegramsI have read in a long time.

Especially think Nick K has been on a roll, with Sutner a close second (he is getting much better with his investigations). Really you need to read this by Nick and the other by Sutner. What particularly bothers me is this line from Councilor Clancy, "I’ve listened to the Chamber of Commerce’s Chicken Little stories for 21 years and it’s been nothing but the same old, same old.”

Councilor Clancy, the commercial - industrial tax base is now at 18%. I can only guess where it was 21 years ago? I would bet you that it was more in the 30 to 40% range. In this case, the chicken is right and the sky is falling on our commercial - industrial tax base, which will ultimately drive the residential taxes through the proverbial roof.

Ironically, these are the same city councilors who will start their campaigns soon and talk about how we need to be "business friendly." In Shrewsbury, for instance, the tax rate for commercial properties was $9.14; in Grafton, $10.05; in Holden, $12.62; and in Northboro, $13.28; while Worcester will be at $28.72. If you were to start a business, where would you build?

Kudos to Councilor Rushton. Although he will get attacked by the other councilors pandering for votes, he is 100% right and is showing true leadership on this issue.

Direct Air--55% load first flight

Telegram story, click here. Looks like everthing went well.
Little, or should I say alot concerned, that only 82 of 149 seats (55% load) were sold. Direct Air made no money on this flight and will need to see higher loads to continue service out of ORH.

November 22, 2008

Direct Air First Flight

Can not make it. Anyone take pictures, e-mail them to me.

November 21, 2008

HELP! Just got this e-mail

Is Direct Air in operation out of Worcester now? Have any flights actually arrived or departed? I can't get a hold of anyone from Direct Air and I have a scheduled flight tomorrow from Worcester @ 5:15 pm which I'm trying to confirm.

Kudos To Rushton

It takes alot of guts to talk about one tax rate for commercial and residential, but it needs to be done. The question is will the other city councilors work with him or attack him for not being for the "lowest residential tax rate". Although I hope the former, I predict it will be the later.

Better yet where is:
  1. Destination Worcester
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Choose Worcester
  4. Prominent Commercial Property owners

November 18, 2008

Pilot Program

I have been reading and listening to many people talk about the PILOT idea the past month, especially since the real estate market (city tax revenue collections) have slowed. Some ideas have been pretty good, while some have been somewhat bizarre.

Let me go on record, the City of Worcester, unlike many other urban cities in the NorthEast, has been lucky to have a college base to keep it from being the next Springfield. That said, I still feel the colleges could play a more active role in the "success" of Worcester.

For the 102nd time, I was on a task force some five years ago to look into this exact subject, commissioned by Mayor Murray run by former State Rep Leary. We did an incredible job. It resulted in the formation of the Univercity Partnership, which was suppose to turn the inherent untapped potential of these colleges into dollars that that the host city could not only see, but measure. This was not a unique concept, but that had been repeated by numerous other cities with a high proliferation of colleges.

In Worcester, this was an utter failure, although some councilors (specifically Councilor Toomey) actually praised the Univercity Partnership for all of its great work, when it was shut done some two years after it started. This never made sense, since the recommendation of the task force was that we needed this "partnership" to be an ongoing concern to turn the economic power of the colleges into "concrete" dollars and cents that the tax payers could realize and measure. The mere fact it was being shut down, if you read the task force report, meant that the Univercity Partnership was a failure.

The most ironic thing of the task force was that we read about a prior task force in the mid to late 90's. Upon completion of our task force recommendations, I (as others) was struck by the similarities in the recommendations from these two task forces some ten years apart. In fact our task force suggested and strongly recommended that we meet again (I think a year later), to review and grade our recommendations to ensure that another task force was not convened five years laters to do again for the third time, what had been done then two times already.

We never met again. As I sit here I can almost guarantee you a third task force will be convened and wil recommend what has already been done the other two times.

HELP... E-Mail I received

I live in Worcester and I am in the process of buying one of these prop powered hang gliders. I was wondering if I could launch and land this craft at the Worcester Airport, I only need 50 yards to take off and about 100 yards to land. I am trying to find a contact for the sterling airport to see if I could use their property but have no contact info for them. Is there a fee that I would need to pay to use the airport facility for this hobby?


Kevin Taylor

Cape Air to Erie?

Why can't we get Cape Air to provide shuttle service from ORH to Boston with their code sharing arrangement with JetBlue like the do in P-town, Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket?

Looks like Erie may be next (to Pittsburgh), click here.

November 16, 2008

Direct Air

Direct Air has 8 cities they are servicing with three destinations:

  1. Punta Gorda
  2. Sanford
  3. Myrtle Beach

This alot of flights for this airline I am really starting to get concerned that this may be a little too much too fast for Direct Air.

November 15, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages about the new service to Myrtle Beach starting in March or April. Little busy lately selling insurance. This is great news, although not surprising. Myrtle Beach is the corporate headquarters for Direct Air.

Myrtle Beach should be a popular location and loads should be great. I am just concerned that Direct Air has success in November/December/January and February with Punta Gorda/Sanford and are able to make till March/April.

Click here for story in the Telegram. Check out this from their own website:

Direct Air now offers nonstop flights to Myrtle Beach from Niagara Falls, New York City (Newark), Pittsburgh, Montreal (Plattsburgh), Allentown, Kalamazoo, Worcester , Toledo, Chicago (Rockford), and Punta Gorda (Ft. Myers)! Fly direct to Punta Gorda (Ft. Myers area) from Worcester, Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Toledo, Plattsburgh and Niagara Falls, or to Orlando-Sanford from Kalamazoo and Worcester... with fares starting at only $99.00!

This is extremely aggressive and there is no way they will be able to do all of these routes to all of these destinations from all of these cities. Watch for quick cuts in the Direct Air route map, where load factors are not at least 85%.

November 12, 2008

13.60% Affordable Housing

Thanks Dave "Dewey" Zimage for sending me a link from the Worcester Business Journal showing the percent of affordable housing in each city and town in Central Massachusetts. Congrats Worcester, we exceed the state mandate to have 10% and are ranked number 3 in Worcester County.

Click here for the link.

Maybe after:
  1. May Street
  2. Burwick
  3. Piedmont Street
  4. Mason/Winfield
  5. City Builders
  6. Grand Street

We will be able to claim the number 1 ranking.

November 10, 2008

Mahoney Results in Paxton

As I have mentioned here earlier I helped a friend of mine, John Mahoney, with his sticker campaign. Saturday I pick up the paper and see a headline "Mahoney Loses Votes to Other Write-ins in Paxton." Click here for the whole story.

The paper lists the following results:

Spellane 1157
Mahoney 744
Blanks 43

Total 1,944

Now look at the vote for President in Paxton

Obama 1256
Mccain 1194
Nader 34
Barr 10
Mckinney 4
Baldwin 3

Total Votes 2550

Different totals?
Maybe I can e-mail the person who wrote the article? No, there is no author, so am I to assume the Town of Paxton issued this press release? If they did then what town official has the right to make an editorial comment like "Mr Spellane ... received an overwhelming majority of the votes in the Worcester part of the district". Again this is factually incorrect Isn't a majority 51% and since this was not achieved how can anyone consider it an overwhelming majority?

Worcester Boards

I have told that in order for non-residents to serve on Worcester boards that there would need to be a charter change. Let me remind you that I did say that preference should be given to Worcester residents, but not being a Worcester resident should not disqualify you. Qualifying should be expanded to include people, who pay property taxes in the City of Worcester even if they are not residents.

So lets change the charter? I have been told that is not going to happen.

Here is what I plan on doing. From this point forward I will not, and I think other non-Worcester residents, should not any donate monies to local campaigns. Lets make that part of the city charter.

November 09, 2008

Linear Press Release - Linear Air Emily Sanchez, 978-451-0589 Linear Air, the leading personal jet air taxi service provider in the Northeast, announced the close of $1.3 million in financing which includes new capital and debt. "This new financing was pivotal for us to maintain market leadership during the current economic environment," says President and
CEO, William Herp. "While conditions for fundraising at this time are not ideal, we have a group of investors whose commitment to our success hasn't waivered and remains strong." With the new financing, Linear Air is poised perfectly to launch its aircraft management program designed to assist those who have very light jet aircraft in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, with future potential for national service.

The company's new VLJ Aircraft Management Program will assist those with VLJ aircraft who desire access to aircraft maintenance, pilot training and the potential for higher charter revenues. While the program is most beneficial for Eclipse 500 VLJ aircraft owners, the program applies to a broad base of VLJ owners and aircraft types. "Linear Air is ideally positioned for an Aircraft Management Program within the VLJ space due to our relationships with aircraft manufacturers and our in-house training program," says Herp. "Our ability to ease the pain for others who operate similar aircraft is increasing, especially as uncertainty continues to surround the Eclipse 500 manufacturer, Eclipse Aviation Corporation."

The VLJ Aircraft Management Program is classic in structure. Owners receive 85% of charter revenue, cover all related costs and pay a $2,500 monthly management fee to cover overhead. Linear Air offers owners higher aircraft utilization and higher cost offset through the company's large database of customers without the hassle of handling the transactions.

About Linear Air Linear Air provides point-to-point air taxi service with unprecedented access and affordability. Based in Concord, Mass., the Linear Air fleet includes Eclipse E500 business jets and Cessna Grand Caravan turboprops. Linear Air offers business and leisure travelers access to more than 500 cities in the Northeast and eastern Canada. Linear Air is a FAA-certified part 135 charter operator that maintains a Gold safety rating from ARG/US, the leading independent safety auditor in the aviation industry. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-2-LINEAR. Despite current economy, Linear Air secures $1.3 million infinancing and gains momentum for a Very Light Jet (VLJ) AircraftManagement Program.

November 07, 2008

Telegram Comments

Two months ago, I started to get some comments on this blog that were quite offensive. As a result I set up comment moderation, which requires me to read every comment before it is posted. After a couple of days, the distasteful comments stopped and I removed comment moderation, but I will do it again if I have to.

Today I was reading comments on the Telegram on-line version, that were horrible. Why does Harry Tembenis need to personally sign off for his letter to the Editor, but the same Telegram allows people to post viscous comments about people on their on-line version anonymously?
The Telegram should 1) install "comment moderation" versus "report abuse" and 2) require people that post comments ,verify who they are and attach their actual name and address.

Why am I surprised? This is the same newspaper, who allows a sitting airport commissioner/chairman write stories about the airport while not acknowledging a potential conflict. If I can stop stupid comments on my blog, you would think the Telegram could do the same?

Boston Globe Story on Direct Air

click here

November 06, 2008

City Has Its Limits Solution

Couple clarifications.

It is not a homeless problem downtown and the police do a great job downtown. It is more a gathering of Paulie's Pajama people that does not attract people, who want to spend money. Instead you turn elsewhere.

Do you think Buddy Cianci would allow this to happen in front of Providence City Hall when he was Mayor? No way!! For that matter neither would Mayor Giuliani, when he was Mayor of New York. Paulie, stop worrying about Jordan Levy and lets focus on the true " Mayor" of our City, our City Manager.

We should have the WRTA buses move to the intermodal transportaion hub and move the downtown police station there. We all know that there is space there, so why pay rent to Berkeley for that substation when we could pay rent to ourselves at Union Station? Don't think the commuters using Union Station or parking in the garage would mind the police presence either....

City Has Its Limits

Been busy helping my friend, John Mahoney, run a last second sticker campaign. He did a great job, better then you think. There were almost 4,000 ballots that were blank. Many of which I am sure were truly blank, but I guarantee you that many of them had Mahoney stickers but people either placed it in the wrong spot or did not mark the oval. Actually we have talked to alot of people who after applying the sticker forgot to mark the oval!!!

That said great story in the paper today entitled City Limits. I walked downtown to a local subshop owner by Steve called the Subway right on Front Street aroun 3PM. Good sandwich, nice guy but the people walking around not a professional crowd. I do not know how else to put it.

I can understand why the person in the article mentioned how they feel safe in the atrium of the hospital but not downtown. Here is the biggest problem downtown. Simply put we need to get all of the bus stops away from downtown!!

November 02, 2008

Final Chapter Part 1: Low to Mod Income Housing

Forget how many years ago, was it 8 years ago???? I gladly accepted when I was asked to be on the South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corp (SWNIC) board of directors. There was no heavy lifting and it was fun at first, when we focused on our core mission, human services.

About four years ago,it all changed for me when we started getting into the low to mod income property development game. To date we have focused on two properties:

  1. $2,050,000 project on Cambridge/Hacker Street for 12 owner occupied units, 9 of which (I may be one off) had to be low to mod income
  2. $650,000 of grant monies on Cambridge/Hacker that do not have to be paid back as long as the "affordabilty period is not violated.
  3. $1,060,000 loan to BankNorth is still outstanding but Holy Cross is paying the interest.

City Builders Parcel

  1. $7,000,000 dollar project on the old City Builders parcek for 25 rental units for low to mod income.
  2. $515,000 loan from CEDAC to help buy the parcel
  3. $1,900,000 grant
  4. $3,300,000 in Federal Tax Credits

In total these two projects represent $9,050,000, which has generated 3 owner occupied units. That thing that really kills me is that anytime we talk about cuts, it is mentioned we will need to cut firemen, cops and teachers. Why not cut projects like these?

November 01, 2008

Barney Frank

Ironically, in light of my blogs of my low to mod housing blogs, Barney Frank was at Holy Cross talking about affordable housing. Click here for the Telegram Story. What a joke this guy is...

  • "America has not done enought to help the homeless"
  • "Collapse of the housing market, was a lack or regulations" Whose fault was that? He was on the House Financial Services Committee,which he now chairs, that passess these regulations
  • "there is not enough appropriate housing to meet the demand and not enough housing under construction". Evidently he did not drive around Worcester. Burwick, May Street, Mason-Winfield, Cambridge-Hacker, May Street, Piedmonth St, City Builders to name a few.
  • “There is a shortage of affordable housing in the United States,”
  • “One problem in building affordable housing is neighbors saying they don’t want poor people living near them,” he said.
  • “The policy we have followed has so starved affordable housing and so diminished the resources available for the homeless that we’ve ended up in a situation where we’re pitting the homeless against each other. Shame on a society as rich as ours that allows that to happen. And I guarantee you that if we get the right administration, we will put an end to that.

Bottom line is Rep Frank does not think we have done enough regarding low to mod income housing and need to do even more...