June 30, 2010


Got this e-mail today

What have we learned in 2,065 years?

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." - Cicero - 55 BC

Evidently nothing!

New Business

There is a new business on the corner of Pleasant and Bellevue.   The other night I was driving by around 10:30PM and there had to be 20 people inside and another 30 people on the sidewalks.  Anyone know anything about this place?   On the downtown side of Pleasant Street closer to Ed Hyder. 

June 29, 2010

Direct Air

Story from the Sun News

Falcon rejects airline claim

Direct Air says contract broken

By Jake Spring


A Miami airline denied accusations last week that it breached its contract with Myrtle Beach-based Direct Air in a response to a lawsuit brought by Direct.  Among the allegations are that Falcon Air Express Inc. failed to operate 62 flights between November and April in accordance with its contract, requiring Direct to find alternate service, and that Falcon misrepresented the amount of space on its aircraft, so that passenger luggage was left behind and had to be shipped at Direct's expense. Direct seeks more than $2 million in compensation.  

Falcon denied those and other claims in response to the lawsuit. Direct may have had other reasons to want to sever the contract, said Clay Custer, attorney for Falcon."We have reason to believe they did it because they found what they believe was a cheaper deal," Custer said.

Direct Air canceled the contract April 30, about 10 months before the agreement was set to expire.  Direct stands by its claims and has evidence to support its case, said Reese Boyd, Direct's lawyer. "The facts will bear out what Direct Air has alleged," Boyd said.

Both attorneys said they would not speculate on whether the lawsuit would be settled before going to trial, although Custer said the overwhelming number of cases are eventually settled.   The case now enters the discovery stage and will not go to trial until May 2.    Direct Air, headquartered at 1600 N. Oak St., flew more than 65,000 passengers on its charter flights last year.

Worcester Flights

They are coming.  MassPort is in a Catch 22.  If they bring in a whole bunch of flights right away, people will say why didn't they do this before?   They need to pace themselves.    

Hub service would be great but in the short-term it will be leisure destinations targeting the winter season.  Makes no sense to start advertising now.    I expect by Sept-Oct, that we will have a couple new airlines and additional destinations to Florida lined up for the winter season. 

June 28, 2010

Sutner Story

Could not help remember this line from Sutner story

As developer, the Main South CDC also made a profit of $370,500, which Mr. Teasdale said would normally be reinvested in the CDC and the community in the form of literacy, meals and other programs.

In the last several years, however, Mr. Teasdale said the CDC had to absorb the profit to pay carrying costs on mortgages of empty units that remained unsold because of weak demand caused by the real estate collapse.

In other words there was not money for "other neighborhood initiatives.

Germain's Review

First off thanks Nicole for pointing out that the Telegram had the hand-written reviews of the City Manager of each City Councilor on-line, click here.

Mike Germain wrote in his review.  "The effort of the CDC's, not only in housing, but also in all sorts of neighborhood initiatives should not be discounted."   Mike, no disrespect, but when you say "all sorts" what neighborhood initiatives are you exactly referring to?

June 27, 2010

Airport Announcement

Just getting no read as to when this announcement will be.  Here are my Direct Air predictions:

  1. Melbourne will be added (90% sure)
  2. West Palm will be added (60% sure)
  3. Sanford will be dropped (15% sure)

Logan Terminal C

Terminal C is having some building renovations done.  Now if you heard that, what amount would you think would the total dollars worth of the project?  Maybe 2, 3 or maybe at the most 5 or 6 million.  Not even close. 

Banker and Tradesman says cost will be 48 million dollars!!!   That is three times the cost of ORH.    The money that MassPort has to turn around ORH will become evident over the next couple of years. 

June 26, 2010

Common Ground Revenue Chart

This from their website .     Development fees account for 34% of their revenues.     There is a vested interest to continue these projects, whether they are good or not for the community, since the underlying organization relies in 34% of their revenue from these projects.

Also 16% of revenues from the City of Worcester CDBG funds, which stands for Community Development Block Grant.    

June 25, 2010

Common Ground Response

Last night a request was discussed by the Common Ground Board to place us, the Chandler Business Association, on their next meeting agenda to discuss some of our concerns.   Here is the response from Phil Stone, board member:

After discussion at the Board meeting last night it was decided that Steve Patton will be getting in touch with you to schedule a meeting with the four of us. We will then report to the WCG Board.

Who would have thought being asked to be place on the agenda to talk to the Board of Directors would not be this difficult?

South Worcester Industrial Park (SWIP)

Gary Rosen has a nice piece in WoMag this week, but I got to make one correction--SWIP!  Sorry Gary.

Nobody has a more vested interest in the success of this place. That said, this industrial park to date has been a complete failure. Not only has not one business/job beeen created.

Things like Pharmasphere, which I hope happens after all of this time, can not be allowed to happen anymore. If nothing else, lets hope we learn some valuable lessons letting 11 acres sit their while the winning bid is able to not pay real estate taxes but is allowed not to maintain the property.

June 24, 2010

Paulie's Blog

Great blogs by Paul today--link on right

Meeting with Common Ground board of directors

Phil Stone, board member, sent me an e-mail today to let me know the next board meeting is tonight, but their agenda is full. Our request to placed on the agenda of the next meeting ot express our concerns, however will be brought up tonight under "other business" tonight.

Chandler NRSA Videos

We have worked very hard on the NRSA program.  One of the things we have done is to install camera systems that record continuously up to two weeks.    Patti Clarkson from the City of Worcester was a huge help and Bill Thibault (Forsberg & Carlson), who has a business in the NRSA installed the cameras.   We practice what we preach--BUY LOCAL!!

The other night we were able to catch two people slashing tires.  Enjoy the video, one individual was caught fleeing the scene and this video will be used as evidence.

June 23, 2010

Wimbledon Tennis Match

Just watching a little.  Two guys in the 5th set tied at 40 games each!! 

South Worcester Industrial Park (SWIP)

Last night's evaluation I heard a couple councilors mention SWIP as an example of economic development??  Can you say Pharmasphere.  Not one job has ever been created here.   For the record, the Baltimore Orioles have a better chance of winning the ALCS then of Pharmasphere ever opening.  I hope that I am wrong on this once.  Since if I am right, we completely wasted over two years on this 11 acre parcel.

Updated airport rumor

looks like West Palm and Melbourne, but they may be dropping Sanford?   Not sure on this one.  Give a 6 out of 10 on the reliable meter. 

Worcester Common Ground Board

The Chandler Business Association has requested to be placed on the agenda of the next Board of Directors meeting to discuss the items listed below.  Stay tuned. 

June 22, 2010

Common Ground Board of Directors

Members of the Chandler Business Association have been trying to meet with the Board of Directors of Common Ground to express some of our concerns.   Versus meeting with the whole board, we have been trying to meet with a couple of them to discuss the following issues:

  1. 84 Piedmont Street.  Abandoned building behind Beacon Auto Body that has been vacant for at least two years, if not more.  When are they going to repair?
  2. Mason Street.   They are the owners of record.  Are they going to clean up the lot?  What is the status of the development.
  3. May &  Piedmont Street projects.  These high density 100% low income rental units with insufficient parking are not what the area needs.
  4. Piedmont Court.   Why would they try to take this road off the official map without checking with any of the abutters.
  5. New housing policy.  Has the Common Ground Board of Directors reviewed it and given their Executive Director direction?
When we meet I will post the results.

Prediction for next two destinations

  1. West Palm
  2. Melbourne

Zimage, how much you want to bet???  No, I did not attend this morning.   Actually would have liked to, but was busy.  Anyone else here attend--please comment.

Melbourne Announcement

Listened to Ed Warnick on Peter Blute this morning.   He can not make the Melbourne announcement today, but it will be announced soon.  Please note he did not say Melbourne, but I am 99.99% sure that is the new destination. 

Could West Palm also be in the cards?

June 21, 2010

Eric's update on open house

Hi Everyone,

We had about 25 people show up for the Junction Studios open house on Friday, about a dozen or so were actively looking for studio workspace in Worcester. I provided preliminary floorplans, a FAQ and a survey at the Open House and copies of the docs are attached FYI. Copies have also been posted to Google Docs at:


(This is my first try at posting docs publicly on Google Docs – let me know how it works). The drawings and FAQ answer a lot of the questions asked earlier.

If you are an artist looking for space, please fill out and return the survey to ARTS Worcester no later Friday, July 2, 2010. Besides providing me with valuable information on the proposed design and operation of Junction Studios, completion of the survey will ensure your entrance into the initial tenant lottery should the space be oversubscribed.


Eric K.

Worc., MA

June 20, 2010

Sacramento HUD Audit

FInds problems.

Cant wait to see the results of the Worcester HUD audit.  Working with Neighborhood Services (EONS) with the NRSA program, I can only imagine there will be recommendations regarding the sloppy accounting.  It has to be one of the worst accounting systems, or should I say lack thereof, that I have ever seen.

June 19, 2010

Roads around DCU

Has anyone been down there lately?  One lane??  If you ask me alot of cars are going to crash right into the curbs not realizing the road has shrank? 

Juntion Shop Open

Eric, sorry I missed it.  I wanted to go but I had some problems that I had to take care.   Can you update us in the comment section?

While I am hear let me tell you about the problem.  Tenant calls about a leak in the ceiling.  They are on third floor of a 3 decker.  I tell them to go to the closet in the closet and turn off the shut offs.  The pipes run through the ceiling to the bathroom and kitchen.  They do it and no water is running to the bathroom or kitchen, but it is still leaking.  Tell them to wait there must be water accumulated and it will stop. 

15 mintues later they call and he tells me it is still leaking bad and to please come over.  I go over and it makes no sense.  The shut offs are working, no water to the apartment but water is leaking like crazy.   I climb into the attic and this is  frigin sink in the middle of the attic.   Think I noticed it before but never knew there was plumbing to it. 

What happened was one of the wooden legs had broker and it was leaning over so water was steadily pouring out.  Water kept running into the sink because the float (like a toilet bowl), never rose high enough tt shut off the water.  Diosconnected it and the problem was solved. 

Here is my questions.... This sink has to be 50 years old.  Why would anyone have a piped sink with a float in an attic like this?? Jahn?? 

June 18, 2010

ORH Sale

Details in Telegram.  Just read this-- ARE YOU KIDDIN ME!!!!!

"The agreement requires the city to assume liability for unknown contamination at the airport for a period of 20 years"

I would not sign anything with a clause like this?? 


Telegram story from January or 2008.    According to the story, they were to break ground in March of 2008.  Two and half years later, they have not only not broken ground but have yet to pay $1 for this 11 acre parcel, not to mention maintaining the parcel and paying property taxes.

Did I say 11 acres!!!   Just sitting here now for nearly 2 1/2 years.   

June 17, 2010

Direct Air will be adding Melbourne

Everyone act surprised when Direct Air adds Melbourne.

Silly bloggers

June 16, 2010

Greendale Mall for Sale

Click here

Thanks Dave Z 

Salisbury Street, airport and Junction shops

Drove by the house featured on the front page of the Sunday newspaper.   True it does need paint but other then that??    Don't get me wrong, I can understand how the neighbors would be frustrated by this, but is this really an issue for the City?   Unless somthing structural is going on or there are other code violations, that I am unaware of , it hardly appears to be an issue.   There are many many other more pressing issues.

I did not read the story close enough and did even notice the part about the HUD guaranteed loan.   I agree with the commenters who said why I we doing this?  The airport is going to crank over the next couple of years, we can wait for businesses that do not need HUD guaranteed loans.

Also Eric answered some of the questions that have arisen regarding the Junction Shops.  Please read those comments.  

June 15, 2010

Congressman Etheridge

Can you say too many drinks ??

Pharmasphere HUD Loan

Think anyone will ask about the status of the Pharmasphere HUD Loan???
By the way the grass has not been cut there all year, turning into a jungle.

Airport wooing an airplane company


HUD Housing audit leaves Jacksonville on the hook for 2.7 million

Click here for the entire story.    Here is part:

Audit findings
Jacksonville's Housing and Neighborhood Department has to pay back the federal government $2.7 million because of mismanagement of a housing program. An audit conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of the City's Home Investment Partnership Program, among other things, found that:
- The city approved a $900,000 loan for a company to purchase an affordable housing complex, despite the fact that company already owned the complex for more than two years.
- Three loans given for the purpose of buying or renovating affordable housing complexes were used on properties that ended in foreclosure.
- Because of the foreclosures, the three properties did not meet key requirements of the program.
- A $500,000 loan was given for the purchase of an affordable housing complex, but documentation verifying that purchase was lacking.

The one that really  really jumps out at me is the one that says "three loans given for the purpose of buying or renovating affordable housing complexes were used on properties that ended in foreclosure."    Let me give you an example of this could work out in Worcester.

  1. A CDC, typically Main South, sells a property for say $250,000.
  2. The home-owner has a "hard" first mortgage that they have to pay back for $200,000
  3. There is, however, "soft" seconds and sometime third mortgages that they home-owner does not have to pay back because they are income eligible in the amount of $50,000.
  4. The catch is that this underlying property has to remain in this person's hands or another income eligible person during the affordability period (on average 15 years).
What happens, if this house were to go into foreclosure during the affordability period and ownership falls into the bank's hands?   The PJ (Presiding Jurisdiction), in this case the City of Worcester, needs to pay back the $50,000.   Although the underlying CDC received the $50,000, they do not have to pay back one penny?   This has to be happening around the City of Worcester right now.    

June 14, 2010

Junction Studios invite to bloggers

You are invited to attend an open house I am planning for this Friday, June 18, 2010, 5:30 - 7 pm at 47 Hermon St., Worc., MA.    Junction Studios is a planned 22 unit affordable artist workspace development located in a historic mill building and schedule to open in January 2011. If you, or someone you know, are an artist looking for affordable workspace, please make plans to join us this Friday to hear more about Junction Studios. Light refreshments will be provided.

Junction Studios is being developed by Eric Kuczarski, a Worcester, MA based real estate developer and consultant.

Eric K.
Worc., MA

June 13, 2010

Vinny T's

Just called them (508-755-0900), they were open but they are in fact closing next Sunday.  

Sutner Story today

Not on my street

Half-ruined mansion, other neglected houses
I personally know Mr Mullany on Grand Street.  He is a very nice old man, who is just completely in over his head.    It is also the perfect example of how the City does their job.     First and firemost, we need to repect a person's property rights.  At the same time, code violation need to be cited.  This has been the case with Mr Mullany for years, until finally it reaches the point where you need to petition the Housing Court to tear the house down.   Feel bad for Mr Mullany, but the city is doing the right thing..
The house on Salisbury Street???  A nuasance order to paint the house??   If that is all they got on this house then the City has better things to do.  Or are we going to start issuing nuasance orders to every house in the City of Worcester that needs to be painted??    Don't get me wrong I can understand how the neighbors feel, but this simply is not an issue this effective group (Amdanda and her team) of people should be wasting their time on.   Where does it stop.  What if they decide to paint the house a bright purple?  Rexhame road did not look real bad either?   
Lets compare Salisbury/Rexhame to the empty lot on Mason Street or the lot on Canterbury Street that still has not been taken over by Pharmasphere.   These lots are much more of a nuasance and create a financial hardship to the City of Worcester and their citizens.


The noise of the world cup, click here

June 12, 2010

Boston lay-offs Janitors

This story was forwarded by Harry

City of Boston to lay off 82 janitors

Janitors get broom   

New Housing Policy

Click here

Spirit Airlines on Strike

Click here.. 

If you had plans to fly Spirit, you need to make other plans. 

June 11, 2010

World Cup

Trying to watch it but getting a headache.  What the hell is that constant buzzing noise???

Housing Policy

Think this is day 3,  still have yet to get one comment about what is controversial about the new Housing Policy.  Could it be maybe it is not that controversial , but actually makes alot of sense? 

June 10, 2010

DeMoula's Market Basket rumors

Don't laugh but these guys are stronger then Wal-Mart.    Their Oxford location is out of control.  They may be looking at two more  locations:

  1. Duddie Diamond on Park Ave--- we have mentioned this many times on this blog but it is red hot right now.
  2. Here is the new one--- old Spags in Shrewsbury

They nail down these three locations, they own Worcester.  They could theoretically knock out Shaws, Stoppy, Price Chopper and Big Y.  Stay tuned, but what does this silly blogger know?

New Housing Policy

Every day I am going to post this until someone can tell me what is wrong with:
  1. mixed used development versus 100% affordable, when we are at 14% while the state requries 10%? 
  2. encouraging private developers getting involved in investing their monies in the urban core of Worcester
  3. establishment of an advisory committee
  4. new Housing Study
For the life of me who can object to this policy and why?

CSX Container fee

$1 fee per container for a twenty year period, beginning when approvals and permits are obtained from CSX.     Great idea.

Mark my words ORH is going to kick a---.  While there are no passengers, we shuld be negotiating for the $1 fee per passenger tothe City of Worcester.

Plymouth's Bus Tour

Harry T send me this link today--Thanks.

Here is a small portion:


Bus tour will help promote business

Town makes effort to market itself
Municipal and business leaders have planned an aggressive marketing drive on Monday aimed at drawing developers and realtors from across New England to Plymouth, where the visitors will be able to see via luxury coach tours all the business development opportunities America’s Hometown has to offer.

Denis Hanks, executive director of the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce and the Plymouth Regional Economic Development Foundation, said the tour will visit all five of the town’s village districts: the sprawling 55-acre Cordage Park, the large outdoor commercial developments of Colony Place and Shops at Five, the award

Vinny T's

Closing this Sunday

Housing Policy Again

Sorry, but I can't help but keep asking what is the problem with the new Housing Policy?

  1. Open the process up and encourage private developers to get involved
  2. Promote more mixed used housing that includes affordable housing, versus projects that are 100% affordable
  3. New Housing Study
  4. Advisory Committee
It seems pretty reasonable to me?

June 09, 2010

Mitt's boyhood house being torn down

click here

The Flip Side

Paul and myself just taped a show for Lynne Simmonds TV Show, the Flip Side, talking about the new Housinig policy.   Funny, although I have written about it here, when you talk about it, I just do not see how anyone can object to it?

Couple things of things on the new housing policy:
  1. It does not exclude afordable housing, although it does want more of a mix (balance).  Makes sense when we are already at 14% when the state only requires 10%.
  2. Opens up the process to everyone (private developers) and does not rely on the CDC as the preferred developer.  It does not close down any CDC, but merely wants to include more private developers.   Isn't that a good thing.
  3. Request a new Housing Study.
  4. Creates an adivisory Committee
Exactly what is controversial about any of this?

June 08, 2010

City Park Grille Final Thoughts

Couple weeks back, I put up a blog that I did not think City Park Grille would make it through the summer.  If anyone thought that I wished that they would fail, they were wrong.    Same with Best Buy at the Greendale Mall or Pharmasphere in the South Worcester Industrial Park.  All of these businesses thriving would benefit all of us.

Since I have, at times, posted a listing of businesses that have closed, I can understand why readers may think I enjoy a business closing.  Unless you own a business, however,  you will never understand how much you want these businesses to survive.   People that own businesses realize the blood, sweat, tears and the monies that  have invested and want fellow business-owners to survive..  

Sorry,  but City Park Grille never stood a chance.   Especially, if they did in fact pay $15,000 per month to lease the premises.  I only hope the owner, if this is true, did not sign a personally guarantee.   Downtown Worcester has breakfast/lunch market, there is no after-work market!  That is exactly the market City park Grille needed, but it does not exist downtown and they realized that after 3 months.

We need to start attracting people to Worcester that are not of low-mod income income who can support restaurants like the City Park Grille.  Maybe a housing policy that promotes market rate housing downtown would be beneficial for future City Park Grilles.

New Housing Policy

Why do I like it?

  1. It opens the process up?  What was the current process?  Who knows!!  Honestly I have no idea ow money was decided to be given up.  That is exactly why we need to open up the process.
  2. Opens monies to all developers not just CDC's  or those with "connections".
  3. An emphasis is placed on market rate or mised used development.  Projects, like May Street/City Builders/ Piedmont/Hadley, that are either 100% affordable hurt the City of Worcester.
  4. Advisory committee that represents diverse interests.
  5. New Hosuing market study
The real question is "what is their not to like?"

New Predictions

Best Buy will not make it throught the summer.

Pharmasphere will not close on South Worcester Industrial Park parcel.    I hope that I am wrong on both.

Two new commercial airlines by the end of the year. 

City Park Grille

Another story today in the Telegram--"City Park Grille Closing a Surprise"?  Not for followers of this blog who read about it here on May 28th.    

Forget wrong restaurant, wrong place or wrong time.    This could have been the right restaurant, the right place and the right time.  If the lease was in fact $15,000 per month, which I find hard to believe, this place had absolutely no chance.

Only only hope the owner did not sign a personal guarantee.

June 07, 2010

City Park Grille Closes

Click here

Feel bad.  Food was good and the restuarant was nice, but it simply had no chance of making down there right now.

June 05, 2010

Predatory Towing

Continues.  People I know got towed from Remax, they are not the owner of the lot (just a tenant) on Shrewsbury Street.   Conveniently they did not have far to walk to the towing facilities.   I drove by the lot afterwards, very small signs.  Bottom line add this lot to your list on places that you will be towed in 10 minutes if you park there.

Telegram Comments

Once again I know someone who has been hurt by the unmoderated comments on-line.  Rather not say who or what the story is about, since it may only draw more attention to the comments.    Let me ask this why would you even need comments regarding a story on an accident? 

Other newspapers around the country require a person to register his or her name, just like is done in the editorial section, but not the Telegram .   In fact I called Mike Elfland once and told him that even with my blog, I moderate comments before I post them. 

Telegram here are my suggestions:
  1. Consider forcing people to register utilizing their own name, not anonymously.
  2. If not that then, you need to moderate comments before they post
  3. Remove the ability to comment on all stories, where it makes no sense
Don't get  me wrong I think the comment section could be great part of the newspaper, but it needs to be moderated better.   Currently I refuse to read the comment section as it is currently being run. 

June 04, 2010


Where is the billboard below?

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  2. Domican Republic
  3. Harrington Corner Worcester, MA 

June 02, 2010

Governor Cristie

I like the guy.  Do I know everything that he is doing in New Jersey?  No, I do not.....  At the same time I love the guy's attitude.

If he was our Mayor he would say that instead of a $2,000,000 dollar tax increase , he was going to privatize custodial services.   Just like they did in Springfield and as the Worcester Municipal Research Bureau recommended we should do.

That is they type of thinking we need.

Square One

New bar at Block 5

Click here

June 01, 2010

Worcester Research Bureau

Two new reports--both excellent.  Will anyone listen?    One of the airport and the other on Worcester finances.   Even recommend privatization of janitorial services!!  That should make Jahn happy. 

Governor Cristie

Great story about how he is restoring fiscal sanity without raising taxes!!!

Boston Globe on ORH

Click here