February 28, 2012

Dale Dorman

When I went to Boston College, when of my favorite DJ's was Dale Dorman, I use to go see him whenever he had a live radio broadcast down around BU. Remember once he had a great promotion for a group called Rubber Rodeo.

Actually think I read somewhere that he passed away a couple years ago.   Second was Sunny Joe White, who made an appearance in a movie, but forgot the name in the 80's .  Dale would always start his Saturday show with a song "Wish Upon a Star?".     

New York Pensions

I heard this on TV today and foudn the story on-line.  This one confuses and amazes me.  Jahn, look forward to your comments.

Story here

February 26, 2012

Kesseli & Morse

Noticed closing in real estate section today.   A church did in fact buy it..   Another property that will pay no real estate taxes...  

February 25, 2012

Direct Air update-expanding


Been wanting to travel to Pittsburgh?

Got two hours?    Come May, Direct Air is adding flights from Lakeland to Pittsburgh.   And by June, Direct Air passengers can fly in two hours to Columbus, Ohio, and in just about an hour to Gulfport, Miss.   Direct Air officials announced the new destinations Wednesday at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.

full story

February 24, 2012

People Express

May be making a comeback--ORH should be on their map

February 23, 2012

GoLocal Comments!!

Here is the best part of GoLocalWorcester--the comments!!    First off you do not see many, but when you do you actually see a name .  Read Clayton Williamson story about why photo id's to vote is a good idea then you see real live names on the bottom.

You see GoLocalWorcester requires you to log in to make comments!!!  This in completely unlike the Telegram.   This will discourage cyber bullies like the Count from posting comments anonymously then running and hiding..    Cyber bullies must be p---------. 

I was thinking about the Count the other day, wonder if he will ever let the world know who his "friend" was that actually writing the blog (StuckInCow) that he was merely administrating.  


In case you have not been folowing it.  The story on casinos in Massachusetts has been excellent also another good read today., check this one out

Bull Mansion

Old news, but this was in newspaper the other day.   Sold to new England Dream Center the other day.    Good for NE Dream Ctr , but another loss for the city of Worcester.    Taxes were 25,000 per year

February 21, 2012

February 19, 2012

Telegram story on Memorial

My god where do you start???  Telegram story:

  •  a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees?  
  • group's treasurer put said contributions were at $850,000 but upon further review said they were actually $1,700,000.    Gee I was only off by $850,000!!!
  • Mr Moschos is comfortable with the spending?  He may be the only one in Worcester.
  • a Boston designer...  We could not find anyone local...  
  • All Pro Productions--isn't that owned by Fred Smerlas?
  • construction could begin in 2014.  Emphasis on could.
We all know this is never going to get built.    Even this one amazes me.   What a shame!!    

February 18, 2012

60 Providence Street

Telegram Link    Here is a small part --THANKS JAHN

The goal: Gangs have no place in our city.
The reality: They’ve got 60 Providence St., for one.
That three-story building has six apartments, and over the last two years has had 97 visits by police.

Common Ground Link

60 Providence Street - This 6 unit limited equity co-op was developed in collaboration with Oak Hill Community Development Corporation, St. Vincent's Hospital, and Preservation Worcester. Rehab and historic preservation work on the three and four bedroom apartments were completed at the end of 1992. In 2007 WCG-CDC sold this property with affordability covenants.

Let me get this right
  • In the early 90's you get all sorts of grant monies to fix a building
  • As soon as they can, bet you 15 years, in 2007 they sell the building for 400K most likely all a gain since the grants do not have to be paid back
  • Let me ask you do you think the neighborhood got a return on this investment?
  • Better yet lets give them another 1,000,000 in grants to buy the property back, fix it and then sell it again in 15 years for a profit

February 17, 2012

Route 20 sewers

If we really want to make sure we get sewer lines run in this area, I have an idea.   Lets have Common Ground build a project and millions will be found to run sewer lines. 

Market Basket

Just drove by Duddie Diamond--hardly any cars???

Market Basket rumor may finally be true!!  If this happens, three grovcery stores go out of business within 6 months:
  1. Big Y May
  2. Price Chopper Cambridge
  3. Shaws Webster Square

February 15, 2012

Judy Tull no longer works for Direct Air

Just called company, CEO Judy Tull no longer works for Direct Air

Myrtle Beach Direct Air & Tour Own This Business?

1600 N Oak Street # B

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3525 map

Website:   Mbdirectair.com
Phone:(843) 916-9700
Company Contacts

Is this your company? Claim This Profile

Judy Tull

Chief Executive Officer Search for more contacts


Story in Boston Herald today

GoLocalWorcester website--


February 14, 2012

Another rumor--Judy Tull has left Direct Air

Evidently the end of the Family Ties Prorgam aka "one last grab for cash" also may mean the end of Judy Tull.   Rumor has it Judy Tull, CEO of Direct Air, has left the company.   

Family Ties definately the last day?

Just got another e-mail that today is definately the last day? 

Market Basket to Diamond Chevrolet

Rumor is heating up again?

February 13, 2012

Direct Air Family Ties

Last week I got an e-mail that Direct Air was offering Family Ties for the last time.   Made me wonder why they would stop offering a program that they have always said has been a huge success.  Last week I got another e-mail that the program would be extended 48 hours.  Now today I get another e-mail it is being extended 48 more hours, note picture below. 

Keep in mind that none of these monies going towards the Family Ties program is put into esgrow like the actual purchase of tickets.    None of this makes sense? 

February 09, 2012

Go Local Worcester

There is already a GoLocalProvidence and it looks pretty good.    They are starting a GoLocalWorcester version soon.  Check out and sign up for updates

Here is a story about it from NECN and how Natalie Jacobson is helping them out

February 08, 2012

Fitch review of Worcester

Found this today

here is part

Overall debt ratios, excluding self-supporting debt, are moderate with debt per capita at $3,106 or 4.7% of market value. The debt amortization rate is rapid with 70% paid off in 10 years. Worcester's combined long-term liabilities related to retiree benefits are large. The city's pension funded ratio was 71% as of Jan. 1, 2011; however, using Fitch's more conservative 7% discount rate assumption, the pension plan would be 62% funded. The city's stated unfunded pension liability at Jan. 1, 2011 totaled $300 million or a moderate 2.5% of market value. The city contributed 100% of its annual required contribution (ARC) of $29.8 million towards its pensions in fiscal 2011, equal to 5.3% of general fund spending. The city budgeted $32.7 million in fiscal 2012 (up 9.9%) and estimates a $35.3 million ARC in fiscal 2013. The city has always made 100% of its required contribution.

The city's unfunded other post employment benefits (OPEB) liability totaled $765 million as of June 30, 2010 or 6.4% of market value (MV), but due to the recent healthcare reforms the city's actuary has estimated that its OPEB liability will be 13% less at approximately $665 million (5.5% of MV). The city funds annual OPEB costs on a pay-go basis.

February 06, 2012

Comment I got today

Why is Unum leaving its current site? Our existing offices in Worcester date back nearly 90 years. Although they have been expanded and updated several times to accommodate growth, the inflexible layouts and high operating costs led us to the conclusion that we needed to consider alternative long-term alternatives. The new location will provide more efficient, consolidated space and lower operational costs. The new Unum building will be LEED certifiable. Why was the CitySquare location chosen? Our first goal was to bring our work environment in line with the first-class facilities enjoyed at our home offices in Chattanooga and Portland. We also took into consideration employees’ commuting time, access to public transportation, attractive and educate workforce and our long-standing commitment to the city. We believe that with City Square we have accomplished those goals. At the same time we recognize the impact to downtown Worcester of a development like this, and are proud to play a key role in the transformation of downtown.

By Anonymous on Tale of two companies at 1:17 PM

Family Ties e-mail

I received this today

Originally created to benefit the Myrtle Beach community, our popular "Family Ties" program has grown to bring family and friends together in all Direct Air destinations.

They say, " all good things must come to an end" and after five years, this will be our last "Family Ties" Sale. Thank you for your participation and support.

February 05, 2012

Pats lose

Got to say this loss does not hurt as much as the other loss to the Giants.  The Pats had a great season getting to the Super Bowl and as fans we should enjoy every season we have with Tom/Bill.    That said, I have one rules question.

When the Giants were called with 12 men on the field at the end of the game, the Pats gained five yards but no time was added to the clock?      Why then wouldn't a team ahead at the end of a game put 30, 40 or 50  people on the field, get a 5 yard penalty and allow the clock run down??  Am I missing something....

Seriously I thought the pats would gain the 5 yards and have the time put back on the clock!

Nick K!!

I hate to say it but the Telegram on Sunday has become a "not" must read.  It was until I read Jahn's comments about Nick K and Nemeth (I will read next) that they "nailed" it so I decided to read it. 

Back to Nick....  Personally I was never all that excited about the CSX freight yards.   They will be construction to the City and some jobs, but at the same time they are ugly and actually drive down the values of surrounding properties. Why do you think they want them out of Allston/Brighton?   The real estate there is much more valuable utilized otherwise.   

The key has been, is and always will be better commuter lines to Boston.  We have a train station and a parking garage, but not train service.    If we had to turn this area into a freight yard, I was fine with this as long as we got the commuter lines. Worceser could then actually become a "bedroom" community for Boston, which is not a bad thing.  

Without the trains, more so then a rebuilt bridge, we should not have ever turned this area in a train freight yard.   

February 04, 2012

Phil Mickelson lawsuit

from Vancouver Sun

Golfer Phil Mickelson has won a lawsuit against a Canadian Internet provider to obtain the identity of a person who posted online comments that he calls "highly defamatory."

A Montreal lawyer for the American athlete said Thursday a Quebec Superior Court judge granted a court order Monday to force Quebec-based provider Videotron to release the identity and co-ordinates of the author of several "vexatious statements" posted on a Yahoo! website.

The "vicious" comments, according to Mickelson's motion, suggested he has an illegitimate child and that his wife has affairs. "The statements have profoundly shocked the plaintiff and constitute deliberate and persistent attacks on his impeccable reputation," the golfer's court documents show.  The individual used the pseudonyms "fogroller" and "longitude" to post comments.
Investigation established the person is a subscriber of Videotron Internet service. Lawyer MarcAndre Coulombe said Videotron has 10 days to provide the full identity of the individual

February 03, 2012

Direct Air Family Ties comment

It is a huge scam. They oversell and so very very few can actually use their vouchers. It is very clever of them. They are impossible to get through to talk to. Their phone lines are always tied up, so you can't ask questions. Probably another part of their plan that is working. I am just mad at myself for not researching and finding this out before investing over $600 in these vouchers - which by the time they tag on the taxes and baggage fees etc.. they really weren't even that great of a price!! How do they keep getting away with this?

February 02, 2012

Harrry T

Did you read story in Telegram .  Sheriff is expanding the use of SafetyNet from LoJack to find the missing.  How did this all start??   Answer-Nolafest!!!  The monies from NolaFest were used to purchase this and to show the benefits of this tool.  Great job Harry T!

February 01, 2012

Don Cornelius

This news just out now: Don Cornelius is dead; apparent suicide, TMZ is reporting.



I believe UNUM will always have a presence in Worcester, but over the next 15 years:

  1. the office space they rent downtown will get smaller every year
  2. they will sell all their real estate
They will be no different then say Harleysville to downtown Worcester.   Far cry from the days of Paul Revere Insurance.