December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This past week has been quite interesting for the blog.  Either I have realized this is a great venue to make change in the City of Worcester or a complete waste of time.  Not sure of the answer just yet?

Many people have sent me e-mails and comments asking for links to the cached StuckInCow Blogs: Here they are:


Happy New Year and be safe out there, including all the Cyber Bullies.

December 30, 2011

Main South new construction

If you are driving around Main South, check out the new construction projects:
  1. Hammond Street--both sides on the hill intersection of Beacon Street
  2. Garnder Street--one block down from Main Street
All new construction projects.  In this real estate market,  a private developer can not make any money in this real estate market in this area building new.   The marketplace, however, has nothing to do with CDC developments funded by govt grants.

December 29, 2011

Gary Indiana lands Allegiant

An airport update.  

Gary is another one of those secondary airports outside a major city (Chicago) like Worcester, who current have no commercial service.  They get service with Allegiant starting in February.  We should reach out to them.   Press release.  

Allegiant Air is launching twice-weekly service between Gary, Indiana and Orlando Sanford International Airport on February 15, 2012.

Response to another StuckInCow blog

Click here  (blog has been taken down) bascially rips me for posting videos of some of Governor Christie's press conferences.   Truth be told I think the guys has some hilarious youtube videos, but as far as what his polices are, I don't know.    Here are the key lines from the post:

It's more he idol worships the man to the point where he'd probably get on his knees in the Governor's mansion and pull a Monica....But I digress.   This my friends is who Bill wants running our state, A buffoon with the IQ of a sea monkey.

Here is one of the videos I have posted

December 28, 2011

Logic Class

At Boston College there was a logic class I took.  Trying to imagine my professor coming up with the following:
  • Suppose Person A contacts Person B and tells him that he know that he is the owner of an anonymous Blog C, that attacks people. 
  • Blog C is listed on Person B's  Facebook as a site he owns.  
  • The on-line profile of Person B's Facebook is identical to the on-line profile of Blog C.  
  • Within 12 hours of Person A's initial contact with Person B, Blog C, which has been around for 2+ years, suddenly disappears.
Class what conclusions or assumptions can your draw?

Comments from the Count

The two comments from the Count, founder of the StuckinCow blog, posted on Wild Will 's blog Sunday were forwarded to me and I posted below in bold.      I am confused...
  1. The Count says that the person he is defending was only the administrator of his blog (StuckinCow) and that person did not actually write anything.
  2. Then the Count says he wants to come out of the closet, but the person he is defending (the administrator of the blog) will not let him.
Assume for a second you are only the administrator of a blog, aren't you just as responsible for the posts as the person who actually wrote them?    More importantly, why would you not let someone who wants to reveal themselves do it?

1)  The Count said...       As is typical is a typical slogan in Worcester close but no cigar. scooby doo and shaggy found a family friend of mine.  I would like to apologize to P---- for being dragged into this.  In truth P---- is a family friend of mine he helped me set my profile up and introduced me to the Worcester blogs.   I am deeply saddened by the fact some nut job was willing to post this with so little evidence.  I have spoken to P----- apparently Paulie threatened him on Facebook a few nights back. I asked him to close everything down for a while until we could straighten this out.      So Paulie to you I will quote Mr Welch at the McCarthy Hearings  "Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"  You want me not Peter. So come on big man have some class and check you facts              Monday, December 26, 2011

2)  The Count said...     I would also like to add that I was planning on coming out on your blog today. However P------ has asked I not.   He is great kid who didn't deserve this. I can't stress this enough.    Monday, December 26, 2011

December 27, 2011

South Worcester Industrial Park

Remember Pharmashpere.   Latest news, click here

We almost had Medical Marijuana !!   About Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA)   The world's first publically traded Medical Marijuana company. Our mission is to be the world's premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators,

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA) is proud to announce the execution of an option to acquire 100% of PharmaSphere, LLC. PharmaSphere, a cutting edge biotechnology company which has a solution for the production of high value bio-compounds sourced from plants that can be used as active pharmaceutical ingredients. The production of transgenic plants (genetically engineered plants) for the biotechnology revolution is the cornerstone of PharmaSphere's focus and overall development for the plant based medical industry. PharmaSphere holds the exclusive worldwide license for medical herbs from TerraSphere systems.


This use to be alot of fun.    Remember when a guy stopped by the store and introduced himself , Jeff Barnard (WormTown Taxi).  We talked for a while and he left saying we should meet for coffee.  After that we met either two or three times on Cambridge Street, not to mention several e-mails.  

It reached a high point when WoMag did a story and a bunch of us, with a wide range of perspectives, all met on Park Ave.   It really was a great time.  Through the blog I have also gotten to know alot of real good people like Dave Z, Sprout and Harry T that I never would have met

Flash forward to today.  .   A good thing where people could express their varying views  has been turned into a place where people attack other people anonymously.    Just like to take a second for a shout out to Jeff, you are missed. 

December 25, 2011

Direct Air

I swear every day or seriously 3 or 4 times per week I get an e-mail about some Family Ties discount or some buy 1 get 1 free ticket deal.    

Update on lawsuit

A group of seven former Pace Airlines Inc. officials and employees could be required to testify in the lawsuit involving the defunct Winston-Salem airline and a South Carolina tourism company.  A legal filing in the Florence division of the U.S. District Court requires Edwin Allman III, bankruptcy trustee for Pace, to offer by Jan. 30 a list of expert witnesses regarding Pace's $1.46 million breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by Pace shortly before its September 2009 collapse.   The lawsuit involves a contract dispute with Southern Sky Air & Tours LLC, doing business as Direct Air. It represents the largest potential settlement amount that could go to former Pace employees through the bankruptcy estate.

Former Pace officials mentioned in the filing are Charlie Creech, its president during the time of the contract dispute; Jim McPhail, a vice president; Phil Rolison, operations director; Catherine Roberts, finance director; and Bill Ivie, crew scheduler. Also mentioned are employees Christie Parker and Beth Collins. They were chosen because they may have had direct knowledge of the negotiation of the contract with Direct Air.  Two Direct Air employees and an attorney representing the company also are listed as potential witnesses. Direct Air has until March 15 to determine its witness list.

In August 2010, the N.C. Labor Department filed a claim for $1.5 million in back wages for 423 employees with the trustee. The department is requesting interest on the back wages.  Allman has collected about $435,000 for the Pace estate's account. On Nov. 22, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge approved a $400,000 settlement between Pace and the estate of former Pace owner Bob Brooks.

Response #2 to another Stuck in Cow blog

Click here.     Sorry , again the blog was taken but here is a section from the blog that I copied before it was taken down.

Reported to me today.    When Governor Patrick Came to visit, Bill Randell was yelling at him form his booze shop. Which I might ad gets caught all the time for peddling booze to kids.    "You're not doing your job" and "Get off my lawn you Crazy kids"  Bill Randell, I would equate him to an even more delusional Frank Burns.   Now he's got this out of date map he keeps bringing u p on his blog (like anyone give a shit)

I actually remember the day that Governor Patrick showed up for this, but I was not even around that day.   If I was, I would have most likely been on the porch across the street, where Governor Patrick actually stopped and had a picture take with Bill LeHane that appeared in the Telegram.
"The Count", I was not standing outside the liquor store, which has been cited once from 1976 for selling alcohol to minors, yelling at Governor Patrick??  If I did talk to him,  however, I would have asked him to stop sending any more grant to money to Worcester to build any more low income housing.

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

On a serious note.  

Merry Christmas   Hope everyone has a safe holiday season.


Even you too Wild Will and the Count

Response #1 to Stuck in the COW

For a link to the post, click here.     Sorry the blog was taken down on December 23rd , but I was able to copy all of it.   Here is  a section from the post in question:

Same thing with the Chandler Street NRSA. Bill Randall (another Worcester loud mouth) Takes a good thing and ruins it by sucking all the credit. It's a good thing they are doing, cleaning up the streets and getting local kids to work. However Bill doesn't deserve the pat on the back he gives himself. In fact he neglects and even looks down on the other NRSA's around the city for the work they do.

I have spent alot of time, with no pay, to make the Chandler NRSA the most successful NRSA out of the 5 programs in the City of Worcester.   this is not just our opinion but has in fact been has asserted many times by Dennis Hennessy , that we (Chandler Street) has been the most aggressive and successful NRSA. I am very proud of the work that we have done. Am I patting myself on the back?   Yes.   

I have, however, always maintained that it has been a group effort.   Andy Serrato,  Paul Collyer, Rich Kazarian, Arthur Mooradian, Al Maykiel and many others put much time and effort into this.  In fact the main reason that it was the most successful was that their was an actual collaboration of businesses, unlike any of the other 4 NRSA's.

Maybe we should look at the results of other NRSA's like South Worcester that had no businesses involved and even had an employee (paid), who was in charge of it.   .  It was the least successful of the 5 NRSA's.   In fact a majority of the monies were never even invested back into the neighborhood and most recently one of the employees (may have been a sub-contractor) co-ordinating the housing portion has had bribery charges filed by the FBI.

Any time anyone wants to sit down and compare the results of a bunch of guys volunteering their time to make the Chandler NRSA successful, versus the failed results from South Worcester, I am available.    I do not look down at the other NRSA's , but feel the success of the Chandler Street NRSA, run buy a bunch of loud mouthed businesses who were not paid one penny and volunteered their time, should be an example for the other NRSA's to emulate.

December 23, 2011

Adult Cyber Bullying

My daughter is in the 2nd grade now and I really can not believe all the emphasis on bullying.   Dawson School does a great job explaining to kids what bullying is, what they should etc.   Kudos to Dawson.

A friend of mine mentioned this to me, but referred to adult bullying when people run anonymous blogs or post anonymous comments ripping people apart personally.  No facts, no counter points but just an outright attack on someone.   I never thought of that, but how true!!  

Actually the technical term is Cyber-bullying.

Will from Wonderland, Stuck In Worcester and any of you other anonymous commenters/bloggers, who personally attack people are nothing but a bunch of weak bullies and I truly feel sorry for you.    You probably shake the hands and say "hi" to the same people you attack. 

To the rest of you may you all have a great holiday season.    

December 22, 2011

Cutler Files

Very interesting story

.At the heart of the case is the conflict between the right to anonymous political speech and the public's right to know who is putting out information during an election campaign.

The case concerns two 2010 gubernatorial candidates, independent Eliot Cutler and Democrat Rosa Scarcelli, and well-known political operative Dennis Bailey, who's being assisted by the ACLU of Maine Foundation.

MaineToday Media, which owns The Portland Press Herald, is seeking to make the documents public and has asked to be a party in the case.

The Cutler Files website was active last year from about Aug. 30 through the election on Nov. 2. After weeks of denying any connection, Bailey admitted in December 2010 to being a co-creator of the anonymous website targeting Cutler

December 21, 2011

E-mail I got today

My name is Sean De Simone and I am a Casting Director with Back Roads Entertainment in NY. We are in the process of developing a non-scripted docuseries TV concept based on airports.

We are in search of airports with a fun staff filled with interesting and colorful characters to be featured in a show following the day to day in’s and out’s of running an airport.

To learn more about the project please email Sean De Simone at with info about the boat and possible staff along with a link to the website or photos.

Sean De Simone

Casting Director

Back Roads Entertainment


242 Canterbury Street--Kesseli & Morse Building

This property is for sale and rumor has it a church has purchased the building.  Last year the taxes was 28,000 per year.  

If this is true, the City of Worcester can say good bye to $28,000 per year. 

Airport story in Telegram

Click here for Telegram link.

I am a huge believer that this airport can be huge to the ecnomy of Worcester, but some of the numbers in this study are incredibly hard to believe.   Matter of fact they are impossible.

 The study released by the Department of Transportation said the airport supports 418 jobs and has an annual economic benefit to the tune of $51.4 million.  

December 15, 2011

Interesting Link

click here

Telegram headline

Housing rehab official charged with taking bribes

Allegedly rigged bids for pay

December 09, 2011

May & Woodland Street

New streetlights?

December 07, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day

SMOC relocation final thoughts

How can people tell other people that the PIP is no longer the PIP but a safe well run triage center and is o'kay for another neighborhood, but when the center is moved back to their neighborhood complain that it is not fair to their neighborhood? 

In the end it only made sense for SMOC to move back to a buidling that they already own until the new center is built.  Looking back I think this process is a perfect example of how things actually work well in the Democratic process.    Meetings were held, the concerns of the constitutents were heard and the right thing was done.