June 22, 2012

Airport announcement Monday

Three people have now asked. I got nothing. That said an announcement for direct service to a Florida destinations does make a lot of sense timing wise. Don't want to get my hopes up, but I like the chances. If I get more will post.


Nick said...

Wait, is there an airport announcement Monday?

jose said...

just read a story about how jetblue would like to bring low-fare flights to naples municiple airport from new york. they havent had commercial flights since 2008. guess the airport director said no.

Bill Randell said...

Secretary of transportation and our congressman will be there. Seems to be the perfect time to make the announcement?

As bad as Direct Air was they proved there was a market, although anyone can make it look there is a marke if you undercharge and don't pay your bills.

JetBlue is in expansion mode and is making a huge commitment to Boston. I truly believe direct service to Florida is coming.

Saying that they needed to announce soon June or July to be ready for their peak falll winter service to Florida.?.

Bottom line is that an announcement Monday may actually be a possibility?

jose said...

im sure jetblue has money to pay for advertisements, tv, radio ads, newspapers and bilboards off i-290. atleast that would be a smart move on jetblues part.