June 14, 2012

Gateway Park versus SWIP

Drive by each and compare them.    Keep in mind SWIP has been around longer then Gateway....  Maybe the City of Worcester should consider someone else other then the South Worcester Neighborhood Center leading the way on this? 

Gateway park



Jahn said...

Y'all s'pose those old silos pictured at the SWIP got same obsolesence treatment from the assessors ofiice that the brand spankin' new building (Owned by WPI?) got at the North Worc Office park.

Inquiring minds need to know if the huge hay storing capacity of those silos had any thing to do with Phara wanting to come to Worcester.

Why cant the Worcester Business Dev'ment Consortium handle the SWIP, afterall isnt that what they are all about?

Hiring SWNC to oversee the dev'ment of the SWIP makes as much sense as hiring a community organizer to be the most powerful CEO in the world.

AND BTW, I was on Canterbury St the other day. It appears we have some significant new or add'l private comm. dev'ment at Cantb. & Hammond.......and for Gods sake I dont think it is a church either. What do we have, 3 churches on Cantb. St now? God Bless Cantb. St

Query, given the plans for the old T&G Franklin St site ($500K in McGovern clean up bucks), how many more theaters can Worc reasonably expect to locate in the city? Seems to me right now we have the AUD, the old Plymouth Theatre, The old Paris (of the 90's?) Theatre, and The old Fine Arts Theatre, all laying fallow? The Old Foothills Theatre and the old Lincoln Plaza Theatre sites both have reduced to 3/4" aggregate. The only other operating theatre venue downtown is the bi- weekly city hall theatres....Tuesday night Theatre of The Absurd..........and Thursday night Theatre For The Children

Dare I ask how much of market there is in Worc now for new theatres and then further ask how much of a market is there in Worc for new theaters that DO NOT require all kinds of gov't subsidies just to rise from the ashes and then require tax exempt status (more subsidies) to be viable day to day operations.

Time for the city to stop this theatre masquarade and lose the mask. It aint happening.

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

new drink at local eatery named in my honor.....

Anonymous said...


Harry T

tim macdonald said...

An article just showed up on the T&G's website about Massport pumping money into Direct Air. Lets put that type od $$ into a real airline.