June 06, 2012

Housing Study

When are we going to see it..  My bet is it will say there is an over reliance on low income housing.  The question is will we do anything?


Big Daddy said...

depressing to hear Councilor Joe O'Brien still banging away for CDC housing in the city-Main South is drowning in it...he dared to call it private development at last weeks city council evaluation of Mick O'Brien.....

Jahn said...

Todays T&G now says the city/ school dept will hire outside consultants to come up with a 5 yr budget plan for the schools.

How if Gods name does that solve the real problem which is an alleged shortage of funding b/c we're compensating custodians and cafeteria workers to the tune of $25 to $35 per hour once all the bennies are figured in and max'ed out teachers in Worc are compensated over $100,000 per year for 185 days of work which work days are less than even 8 hrs.

Why bother paying for a financial chiefs w/in the school dept if they cant come up with a 5 yr plan in house. Of course the reality will be when it comes to cutting costs the School Dept and school commiittee will point to what the so called Blue Ribbon budget plan consultants recommend has to be done.

Bottonline EZ way to off load the painful decisions to thsoe outside teh school dept cabal.