June 11, 2012

Nick k

Maybe its me but has Nick K been calling it like he says it moe then ever as of late??   Good story yesterday.  

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Jahn said...

The story may be well written, but it surely is not a win - win for the taxpayers, as Nick seems to think it is.

School dept comes in at the 11th hour and asks for $9M more in funding and the CC then folds to the pressure of school kids' parents and gives the schools $2M.

Speaks volumes to the school depts ability to project their financial needs in a timely fashion.......they're so bad in fact that the taxpayers now have to pony up for school dept outside financial consulants to provide a 5 year financial plan.....which of course teh school dept will never follow. Try being a chief financial officer in the private sector and telling your bosses this!

Sorry....bad mood lately. I been outta town for few days at time these last few weeks and the first thing I see when get back in the city is a guitar playing beggar, a T&G article about more taxes for city property owners, and a city council that cant run away fast enough on summer vacation schedule to get away from the re-valuation fiasco.