June 20, 2012

City Clerk Office

I have you heard the saying "the lights are on but nobody is home".    City Clerk Rushford's office would be "the lights are off but they are home."

In his continuing effort to save the City money he has turned the lights off.   Next we heard he has set up a tread mill in his office to power his AC.


Jahn said...

Why bother when at the other end of City Hall our irresponsible CC's continue to waste taxpayers money on unreasonably high wage constr projects?

Dittos for 10's of thousands it will cost the city in legal feees when the courts have to step in.

Once again I ask, is the city subject to the REO law? Nooooo. Is the local (Hopkinton)Caterpillar dealer sunject to REO if the city buys a new front end loader from them? Nope. Ever wonder why? Here's to Hoping Mr. R at least buys all his groceries fron Unionized Stop & Shop

Also, Here's to hoping Mr R's E&O ins. is all paid up b/c he says it all legal. J/k. Too bad these CC's cant be held liable for intentional disregard of court rulings and disregard of the advice of their own city law dept.

Siobhan said...


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