June 13, 2012


Lets set record straight.   The main focus of Pharmasphere was to grow alot of pot quickly and efficiently indoors.   That is who we got in bed with?
story this past march

Negotiations for the proposed buyout of PharmaSphere LLC of Worcester have been finalized, and positive results of the transaction will be announced next week, according to a shareholder update by purchaser Medical Marijuana Inc. of San Diego on March 22.

The purchase plan was first announced last November. Terms of the deal have not been revealed.


Anonymous said...

Why is it remarkable for the SWIP or whatever to get in bed with a company that wants to grow a lot of medical marijuana?

Compared to straight up legalization, MM is a crappy way to get pot to those who want it, but would it be that surprising to see legal MM in our great state?

Bill Randell said...

Actually nothing wrong with it but at least call it what is is.

it is no nano-technolgy or bio-tech. Never once was the business plan of Pharmasphere ever really explained.