June 07, 2012


Based on completely nothing but I am confident that we will have some type of service from JetBlue at ORH this winter.    Jet Blue expanding into Sarasota-Brandenton only shows JetBlue's commitment to Florida and bodes well for ORH.



Nick said...

Exactly! ORH to JFK, Orlando, Sarasota, and maybe Ft Lauderdale. I've been saying SRQ for awhile...

MSWOMer said...

Hello. Worcester Airport has been a topic on my head in the past, and has really come to the forefront recently. I don't claim to know much, but I have tried to research all that I can (all of which I'm sure you've already seen).

The articles about JetBlue and Worcester that I have read seemed to indicate that JetBlue is interested in Worcester purely because MassPort has put it on their plate. Since JetBlue plans to take over all of Terminal C, my theory is that MassPort may have leveraged this plan of theirs to stimulate growth in Worcester. IE, MassPort may help them with Terminal C if they also move some specific aspect of their operation into Worcester. On top of that, it seems that while Manchester really wants JetBlue, the airline may be a bit intimidated to move there due to the very strong presence of Southwest.

In all these articles, JetBlue seemed to say that while Worcester seemed prospective, there were a few things holding the airport back. These issues we know; the lack of weather assistance systems on all runways and the lack of direct traffic access into the airport. The articles all seemed to hint that JetBlue was holding off for a few years because of that. Their main plan is to aquire all of Terminal C, they also plan to move into Providence, and eventually move into Worcester in some aspect. To me, it sounded like a few years, but that is my humble take on it based on limited information.

That aside, it brings me to my main thought. How to increase access to Worcester Airport (one of it's major, if not biggest, drawback). This issue is especially bothersome, given the vast amount of highways and rails that lead into the city, but not the airport. Some people have mentioned a direct access highway, much like what Manchester Airport did. Given the location of airport versus the locations of the highways and rail lines, I wonder how expensive this would be, not just in construction, but in acquiring all the land from highway to the airport.

My question is how feasible would a subway or light rail system be for the second largest city in New England? I understand the seemingly insurmountable costs associated with a subway system, but I'm still curious what others think. My initial thought on this was to connect the airport to the highways/Union Station with minimal impact on the existing dense infrastructure of the city, however it quickly dawned upon me that there are a lot of places in Worcester that could benefit from a high speed transit system. Union Station, the airport, 3 hospitals, 6+ colleges, goodness knows how many commercial and industrial businesses, the Greendale Mall, DCU Center, etc. On top of this, if there was a way to connect the freight running through the CSX and Worcester-Providence railways, that may be benefitial to the freight aspect of the airport as well. Connecting to Union Station would better connect the airport and the city to Boston and around.

It appears that I'm not the only person to think of this.

I don't claim to know much on the finer aspects of this, but it was a thought. It seems like there could be a lot to benefit from a subway/light rail network, however the cost would be huge. What are your takes on this? Thank you very much.