June 01, 2012

Bath Salts

Just when I thought I have heard everything.

Getting high by shooting up bath salts?



Brendan Melican said...


Steve Foley, JD said...

Expect the City Council to ban Bath Salts any day now.

Jahn said...

Bath salts.....surely you jest. Maybe you need some smelling salts to awaken and realize we have other more imp. topics here in Worc :)

E.g., no one has any issues with WPI getting a huge obsolesence tax break on their brand spankin' new office/bio tech building in this so called North Worc Industrial Park? I'll tell what is gettin' old here in Worc and that is horse++++ that passes for proper governance. This so called obsolesence "factor" is 110%insider dealing/trading and my instincts tell me that prior city employee(s) may very well have been forced/coerced into certain untenable situations/positions.

All these huge non profit colleges continue to get giveaways from the city.....be it

a. entire streets (Downing, West, or soon to be Caro, [CLark WPI, & HC],

b. defacto speacial tax rates on their comm property (WPI),

c. blanket tax exemptions on non college property that they own(Clark),

d. and "Reverse" Pilot Payment deals in which the city ends up giving money that colleges directly benefit from....for example improvements to Univ Park & Institute Park (CLARK & WPI).

Bill Randell said...


There was a time when I agreed that the colleges need to pay more. As I watch what has happened to our housing stock the last 20 years, I am thankful we have the colleges around to create some stability in this City.

It is all about the Housing policy that has set our city back. the over reliance on low income housing has caused the purchasers of middle to upper class housing to leave the city.

Now we are starting to see the results of this low income housing policy inour schools. More then anything else I am anxious to see what our new Housing policy will advise us to do.


Jahn said...

ANd bill the funny thing is that Clark Univ takes credit for re-juvenating Main South with new housing, yet the taxpayers paid for it all and they have the absolute cahonnes with their so called Pilot Payment deal to remove $160,000 of tax revenue from the city tax rolls when the city as part of a PP deal allowed Clark to exempt previously taxed real estate

Nice Univ Partnership Program (UPP) when the tax payer ends UPP taking it in the wallet

You seen Downing St lately? You try as private contractor or private indivual to break the rules they are breaking on Downing St and at least 3 diff govt agencies would be all over you like a cheap suit.

Then drive up Woodland St and take a look behind one of the houses that Clark Owns. I have seen previous building inpsectors arrive with the cops and Babsie Haller in tow when other did similarly. Lets just call it very Mason-esque.

I am going to tell ya somehting else, too. Yes, the colleges are big business in Worc, no doubt about it. But when the federal largess for colleges runs out, we could end up looking like the Automoblie industry and the city of Detroit. Dittos for gobmint money for for hospitals, too. Worc is very, very, very heavily concentrated and reliant on "businesses' that are the recipients of huge amts gubmint $$$$$$$ and its going to end and/or change substantially in the future .