June 08, 2012

Nelson Place School

$40 to $50 million for a school of 470 students.  Let's  just say 45 million divided by 470 students works out ot b $95,000 per student.    I know Nelson Place need updates but 40 to 50 million for an elementary school that handles 470 students?


Tracy Novick said...

Bill, have you been inside Nelson Place?

Sprout said...

470 students, every year, for the lifetime of the building.

Bill Randell said...

Nelson Place need a new building. Nor arguing that.

40 to 50 million for 470 students is insane.

Brendan Melican said...

Bill, two things.

1. The crux of the MSBA process is to keep districts from wasting money by building responsibly.

2. The data is out there, and you're correct 40-50m for an ES of that size would be high. Which is why you should be looking at data as opposed to listening to politicians.
Estimated Construction & Total Project Cost Data at Schematic Design

JaHN said...

To all four of you folks, for the 101st time if the city properly maintained the schools they would last forever.

Please check out the engraving on CLarks Jonas Clark Hall....I believe it is Circa 1863??.....and darn it is still housing classrooms and offices last time i was in it.

Problem is the school committee would rather give the employess raises vs. reserving money for building maintenance.

ONce again for 101st time, if my wealthy Uncle Deval paid 90% of the cost of a new car every 5 yrs, do you think I would really botehr to maintain the vehicle?

And in Toadys SUnday T&G, Nick K has a piece about these apparent add'l requests for $9M from the school committee so the poor littel kiddies wont have to housed 26 to a class. Jesus H. Christ ALmighty there were 30 to 35 kids in my elemantary school classes and I learned my 3R's with only one freaking teacher...never mind a teacher and a teachers Aide nowadays. Then the CC offers the schools $1/2 million and 2 weeks later decides to give schools $2M more and Nick K calls thsi a win win for everyone. How is that win-win for the DPW getting my carpet bombed streeet repaved?

And again for 101st time if a any private property owner had bricks falling off the facade of their building (for how long it is it now 6 years) and attempted to mitigate/eliminate the risk (to little kiddies nonetheless) by erecting scaffolding to act as a wide receiver for any falling bricks......well lemme tell ya Meade St woulda been all over em like $5 Salvation Army shiny suit.....and states public safety office woulda been in town, too.

Another classic example of the Bull++++ that passes as acceptable if you're the city or if you're a favored player in the city.

Wonder how the city or it's employees who make such dangerous decisions would feel if bricks and/or that scaffolding collapsed resulting in death or serious injury to the kiddies. School committe always says "it's for the chilren".

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, I can just see it now, all the state and city dignitaries over at Athy's and then in the front pews of Immaculate Conception Church the following morning.

Jahn said...


i WOULD BET THE AVERAGE TRADEsman on one of these jobs is costing $65 to $70 per hour............$50 in wages and $20 in bennies....laborers a little less.........heavy equipment operators a little more.