June 13, 2012

South Worcester Industrial Park

Nice job by GoLocalWorcester

My favorite line

According to Charette at the South Worcester Neighborhood Center, the initial interest with Pharma-Sphere was distracting. Future successes, he says, will be in smaller, better planned steps.

“We have to be realistic. In the past, we thought that if you throw up a net and say, ‘We’re making an industrial park,’ they’ll come,” he said. “Most of us were really excited when we had PharmaSphere coming. We were giddy. No body stopped to check. When that folded, everyone got disheartened.”

Nobody stopped to check???  I said from Day 1 sell the lot to the company across the street that bid $50,000 as opposed to the dream, that never materialized, that bid $1.  When they could not get their funding and close over the first 6 months, I said award the property to the second bidder or rebid it.  Instead Pharmasphere was given a two year extension only having to meet a "diligently working " standard.  

What are we going to do next?  

The South Worcester Neighborhood Center will now be taking these past lessons in mind, reworking the site’s future, and developing a marketing plan.

18 years later we are starting a marketing plan??           Very simple marketing plan:

  1. Take the parcels and put out an RFP where the highest bidder get the property plain and simple
  2. Waive property taxes for ten years and waive any water-sewerage hook up fees


Jahn said...

Dare I ask why a social service agency is involved with any facets of an industrial park?

SWNC which is a charitable organization that has no/little experience in dev'ing industrial parks, sales, marketing, etc.....frankly probably zero business experience. Their mission is basically begging, not unlike what goes at Kelley Sq daily.

Maybe Mr Bloody Sock is looking re-locate the remains of his 38 Rhode Island venture.

And speaking of water & sewer fees and issues, I am getting tired of hearing the city complain about EPA unfunded mandates costing Worc zillions to comply with, yet no one has called Jim Mc Govern on the carpet for this. Why dont we take money that would otherwise be used to fund more low income housing and instead use it to mitigate Worcs exponentially increasing water & sewerage rates.

Jahn said...

Wht do I even subscibe to the T&G. All too often it just gets my day off to a bad start.

So todays T&G reports the CC wants to re-institure a new so called REO...Responsible Emplolyer Ordinance. These REO's in Mass. were declared illegal about a year ago and now the city wants to dip their toes in the tainted water again? Responsible is evidently defined as an employer that has an apprentice program?? So does the city which last i knew is an employer have an apprentice program?

Then we have that massive and devastating fire on Merrick St. The city's building and health depts have acted very quickly to mitigate any public safety issues that result from this fire. The major issue being structures that are unsafe. Wowee what a quick response time. 1 DAY! Then there is Nelson Place school.....what's it been the better part of decade that bricks are falling off the structure This is all caused caused by the citys inattention and negligence to proper maintenace.

Do as the city says, not as the city does (or does not do).

And now the state is going to tap the Motor Vehicle Inspection Trust Fund to the tune of $49M to fund the MBTAs operating deficit. Evidently this is allowed b/c these funds can be used for environmentally friendly projects and the MBTA is an environmentally friendly project. HUH??? Hey. How about this. Why do we even need such a trust fund? Just reduce the current inspection fee and forget about the trust fund.