June 06, 2012

Indian Meadows

Story in newspaper today how a company wants to buy the course and turn into baseball fields and charge a tuition for baseball camps.  Pretty interesting stuff.

How good would that look at the former Wyman Gordon site?

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Jahn said...

Bill, you are smarter than to believe that Injun Meadows story.

A real estate operator is going to pony up $2M for prime Rte 9 Commercial and residential property and operate baseball camps and leagues on it? Pleae remember this aint AZ of FL. :http://www.pof.com/viewmatches.aspx
This isnt the highest & best use of that land. Maybe a small baseball semi pro staduim which when not in use the other 320 days of the year will also double as a parking lot for some kinda commercial venture.

These dev'ers will be looking for a 320 yard drive and a pin high chip by the time they are done.