June 24, 2012

Sutner on Worc State Signs

Good story today. The part I found most interesting was I was on task force about a Pilot Program about ten years which led to the creation of the UniverCity Partnership chaired by Armand Carriere. Great idea but a complete waste of time, for reasons that I would rather not get into. The driving point was to get the colleges to buy local. In this story please note Worcester State dropped their local ad firm for a Boston based firms and non of the signs were bought from a Worcester company.


Bill Randell said...

Maybe the city council should have a vote next week to encourage Worcester state to buy local?

Jahn said...

I agree with you Bill, but the problem is that the money paying for all of this is basically Beacon Hill based, although we all sent it there.

These name changes always crack me up. The substance of the matter is that it is still Worc State College, f.k.a. Worc State Teachers College, f.k.a. as Worcester Normal School. What is next, Burncoat University??Bottomline SSDD.

On another note, to steal a phrase, Lady Di NAILED it today. Hey Di here's an ATTA GIRL and how about more pieces on Worcesters economy, finances, and stinkin' rotten political posturinging. Layoff the cops and the catholics for awhile :)

And on another note, Mr Nemeth was throwing out more airport statitics today. E.g. last year ( or was it this year?)...800 commercial airline operations and 47,000 private airplane operations. As a reporter, Mr Nemeth should know that when using undefined terms such as airport or airline operations, that he should define these terms. Not defining these terms results in very misleading perceptions about aircraft comings and goings. Imagine 47,000 airplane landings and take offs in one year. The CC would spend every meeting listening to those who live in the flight path complaining.......which frankly may not be such a bad idea b/c then they wont have time to be able to screw municipal operations.

And on A final note, congratulations are in order for Pualie the irish setter and his 5th Annual NOLA fest. ATTA BOY !!!!! Did y'all see that NOLA Fest regalia on Tembenis...what the hell was that very colored get up??? .....LOL....... :) Great pickins at the local Morgan Goodwill Box there HARRY huh :) j/k