July 20, 2012

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Is it just me or does this remind anyone of Will from Wonderland reincarnated?


Jahn said...

There was recently a 1/3 of page opinion piece in the T&G dealing with the Responsible Employer Ordinance (REO). REO effectively limits any gov't funded building contracts to union only labor. It was written by the the leader of a local faith based collaborative espousing all the usual illogical reasons Worc needs an REO.

Sorry, but this really frosts me when i see a NON PROFIT collaborative that consists of 26 NON PROFIT organizations, 22 of which are Worc area churches, telling me my taxes s/b used for union only gov't funded construction projects.

This collabarative and its 26 member organizations pay no federal income tax, no state in- come taxes, no real estate taxes, no personal property taxes, and no sales taxes.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen work being done on property owned by many the 26 member organizations of this faith based collaborative and the work is being done by non union companies and this includes not just construction work, but routine maintenance and upkeep.

Whats in God's name is the writer of this T&G piece thinking?? Sorry, but IMO this is utter hypocrisy and more of the do as I say, not as I do mentality.

Anonymous said...

Rumor mill claims there's a Federal investigation of 5 May Street.

Jahn said...

Anonymous, I still want to know what ever happened with the CC investigation of the Hadley Bldg re-hab at Main & Madison Sts.

There was concern about how it cost $513,000 per apt to constr units that are about on average, 1,100 sq ft. and meanwhile over in Westwood Hills, beautiful 40 ft, 2-1/2 story brick colonials on 20,000sq ft lots are only fetching in the 400,000's

Ya see in Worc it costs 20% more to acquire a low income dwelling unit than it does to move into Worc's most exclusive enclave/address. Talk about real estate being upside down. Then the the $513,000 units at The Hadley are asssessed for what....$80,000 each?