July 17, 2012

North Las Vegas declares state of emergency

What is the emergency?  They have no money!!

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Jahn said...

So Worc had big ole mobile food truck festival on Park Ave at Elm Park this past weekend? That musta been what Claude was referencing when talking about a meat up at Elm Park for German food?

Once again, I am confused. Local mobile food vendors are for all intents and purposes banned by the city of Worc, yet Worc invites mobile food vendors from as far away as the Boston area to come to Worc and celebrate a mobile eatery weekend? WHAT does this say to the rationality and logic of those who make laws in Worcester?

Why dont we pass a so called Responsible Employer Ordinance that effectively bans all but union shops from bidding on Worc public works projects and then why dont we invite all merit shop, non union contractors to an Elm Park Seminar regarding bidding on public works projects.

Claude, I trust you made it to Elm Park last weekend...... what do you think about this situation and how would you feel if you were an aggrieved Worc mobile food operator? I.e., former operator.

Anonymous said...

California municipal bankrupcies ...Pennsylvania municipal bankrupcies ...Nevada municipal bankrupcies... a dangerous trend is developing...

Harry T

Jahn said...


So while the city flounders in technical bankruptcy the CC is all hot under the collar b/c the Summer Nat'ls left behind some unwanted latex on Main St and there was some rowdy behavior and some vandalism which I will assume was minor.

I mean come on !!!!!!!! WTH !!!!!!! So CCs Eddy and Konnie seem to be in sync on this issue.

Hey, I aint exactly into grease under my fingernails, but WTH else is going to come to Worc. on 4th July weekend and at least bring some $$$$$ to the local economy? Hired hit men to take out a 4th of July reveler who is also an alleged gangbanger/dealer...all this in a crowd of other 4th July revelers???

Mr Eddy had best watch out what he wishes for b/c I will tell ya for years now a certain annuaL August festival in Worc HAS BROUGHT A hell of lot more general mayhem and ALSO VIOLENCE to Worc. than a bunch of motorheads who burn their rubber in testosterone fueled spin outs. He who blows the most tires wins??

All this yappin' over 1 or 2 nights of noise making, yet not one CC will look at the mayhem that has been brought to Worc that can be directly linked to Worc's infatuation with densely built no income housing that brings too much of the wrong demographic to the city.

And to you CCs (Konnie?) who claim the Summer Nat'ls promoter either doesnt pay some of his bills or pays them late......let me ask you how many low income housing developers never pay certain fees by virute of teh CC waiving teh fees, e.g. their sewer hook up fees($1,360 per bedroom), their water hook up fees ($1,000) or their building permit fees (.04%of the contract value) Any how many of these low income builders can get the city to foot the bill for a new larger sewer line in their street that will accomodate their over built no income housing project?

Jahn said...

Also, BTW Harry, did you go the Summer Nat'ls and take in the beauty contest?

I saw it once years ago and Miss Budweiser (I think it was?) almost tipped over a few times trying to make her way between from the roadway and concrete floor of the pavillion. Now Harry, why do you suppose it was it was such difficult walking for a 100 ft or so? :)

And Claude, I am just wondering if you made it to the Summer Nat'ls :)

Jahn said...

Dammit sorry folks but I am just not concentrating too well....but dare I ask what is more dangerous.......Hobos and kids wandering in & out of traffic at Worc's most dangerous intersections panhandling to support their good, not so good, and bad habits........or........the Summer Nat'ls?

Doesnt the CC know that burning rubber is now covered under freedom of expression/speech.

And what about those Yellow boxes all full of used doper needles........of course they are not dangerous........right???

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

I did not make it Senor Pedro Jahn. Not my cup of tea but I also do not see the big deal. I think the burnouts are silly and am always left wondering why they have just not found another location for them. It is clear that the administration supports the event for the same reasons many have noted - what else is there...perhaps they could rename the burnouts "faART on the street" and those who get a brown burnout on their undies will stop whining.....may have to also be free as it seems the only culture acceptable in the city is always free

Jahn said...

Claude they say imitation is the highest form of flattery

BTW I read the rest of teh T&G about mid afternoon...interestingly enough it seems a certain festival got their approval for adult beverages on the Common. Does the Summaaaah Nat'ls get to serve adult beverages? Seems ya have to be a non profit here in Worc to a temporary pouring license for outdoor events. Another clear cut case of different treatment for profit vs. non profit organizations in Worc. Small wonder more for profit businesses aint leaving town.

This Summer Nat'ls issue will probably just blow over like the stench of Lincoln Sq burned rubber eventually just blows over Claude's almost West Side manse :) .........esp given the CC will not meet again until Aug 14th? Kind alike how the unshoveled sidewalk issue seems to disappear after the daily temps begin rising above 32 degreees

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

I am not sure this is a non-profit versus profit issue Senor Pedro Jahn....the burnouts are a legit issue...I do not know of any other community that would allow them period let alone in a downtown.....I agree that this issue will probably die since this kind of publicity is the norm for this event pre & post event and has been for quite a few years now.

These car shows are very popular and are held all over the country and they seem to bring in a high end crowd to many communities...it would seem more beneficial to the city if it sat down with the event director and worked something out now and that they discussed some better promotions to the community....there is so much pre & post event negative publicity that it just never seems to be on my radar...

I like the Latino Festival...most if not all of the past issues seem to have been resolved..I have been to the fest the past three years and have seen none of the prior problems....I think going to one day has been a partial reason. Last year it was a very peaceful conclusion to the fest.