July 07, 2012

Mammoth Lakes, California

Cominig soon to Worcester, click here.   Votes like our City Council passed two weeks ago only confirms this will happen...  There is no doubt in my mind we are destined for bankruptcy the pension and medical unfunded liability will only grow and I think is underestiamted when we are basing our projections on an 8% return???

Worry after this last vote that our City Manager may decide to move on..   Camrbridge job would look dam good to me if I was him....    Where is our new Housing Policy anyhow??    


Steve Foley said...

New housing policy? Come on Bill, you know they can't do that without a multi-year study. And what with the city recently firing the Chief of Staff for Economic Development, they really can't even begin to look for overpaid consultants to perform the study.

Actually, based on recent events in the City Council, I wouldn't be surprised of the City Council passed an ordinance banning whites from all publicly funded low income housing.

Jahn said...

Isnt there a housing study being conducted right now?

We had a transition in the Econ Dev office?

Are we now a magnet for out of town panhandlers? Do we need to ban out of town suburban Soccer Mom commuters who are regular donors to these traffic island freeloaders?

Yet it is fine and dandy that young kids can run in and out of traffic begging for money to support their sporting causes. Here's a little life lesson for kids and your parents.....you have to pay to play. Please get off your collective asses and start caddying, mowing lawns, raking leaves, and shoveling driveways.

<<<<<<<< Not Scrooge but what better life experience than kids doing some work, esp. in the summer?