July 10, 2012

Scranton PA

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what their no/lo income housing percentage is?

Harry T

Jahn said...

T&G reports the Palladuim Theater owners are considering razing the structure b/c their real estate taxes have trippled and the business i sno longer viable. The proverbial 3 bagger.

So maybe the Palladium can take a page from The Hand It Over Theatre playbook and file for non -profit (tax exempt) status?????....but first ask for and receive $10M in gubmint subsidies before you file for tax exempt, non profit status :)

Is Mechanics Hall also tax exempt?

Jahn said...

Wonder if PA has any low income housing rules similar to Massachusetts 40b laws?

Maybe not given how many poor folks live in the Applachians and survive on their own with their guns, tarpaper shacks, moonshine stills, and coal mines. 40b to them probably refers to the caliber of their rifles.