July 12, 2012

Residential Tax Base

We always talk about the shrinking commercial tax base, maybe we better start worrying about the residential base.  You cross the line into any town and single family houses are being built.  In Worcester, I can not think of one new residential construction project.  Looking at my mother's neighborhood (Tatnuck), I am seeing some smaller single family houses selling under 100K??

This is a direct result of our mismanaged housing policy the past ten + years.     The over reliance on CDC's to build "affordable" housing when we are 50% that which is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massashusetts has lead to this.  

I can not emphasize enough how important the new Housing Plan is that is going to be released and hopefuly we can save our residential tax base?

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Anonymous said...

Why buy in Tatnuck Square when Sever Street is so much closer to all of the city's amenities?!?!?!


Harry T