July 26, 2012

Dave Barger--CEO of JetBlue

On Twitter yesterday, Tim (Worc Fitness) offered free work-outs at his club for JetBlue crew at his gym.  Barger retweeted it.

I offered him 9 holes at Tatnuck CC, he responded. Will we play--I will let you know....    Maybe we are on to something?
Lets send him some more deals for his crew while at ORH?


Caddy Shack said...

Great I will take him out for the remaining back 9.

May I caddy for you folks. When I caddy, Mr Jet Blue will always have a great lie, even in the rough. Just ask Arnold how that worked out for him at PV years ago.

Invite the CM but no politicians


Steve Foley said...

Did you play? Did you let him win?