July 15, 2012

Is one flight from JetBlue a handout?

Or token flight?  Absolutely!!

That is why we wanted MassPort as our owner to help us get opportunities like this.  The question is what we do with these handouts?   Do we support JetBlue like we did Direct Air, an awful airline.  Actually they were not even an airline.  

I think we will and the one flight will be a huge success, whereby JetBlue can charge more then they can out of either PRO or BOS and these flights will be profitable and will lead to more flights.   As far as a business plan for ORH, our business plan needs to be leisure flights to places like Florida, San Juan, and Myrtle Beach.

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Anonymous said...

So if ORH gets one JetBlue flight a week, you know something? That's one more JetBlue flight per week than:

Kansas City
St Louis
Oklahoma City
Little Rock
and Cleveland ...just to name a few. Don't believe me? Check it out yourselves...


Harry T