July 12, 2012

Chamber of Commerce Finances


I have a question for you.  The Chamber has not released their finances still for last year does that mean:

a) they had a great year last year and are flush with cash
b) their accountant is just real slow
c) their numbers are horrible and they are afraid to release them

Here is my next Ground Hog's Day Prediction.... Last year I said Direct Air would be out of business by Ground Hog's Day of 2012, but I missed it by one month.    By Ground Hog's Day of 2013, the gravity of the financial condition of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce will be public information and there will be a new Executive Director. 

1 comment:

Jahn said...

I think it means they are taking a page from Obama's playbook. Witness Obama hasnt done mandated annual budgets in 4 years.

Now of course budgets and finacial statement although similar in nature are different. Budgets of course being projections of estimated annual outlays and finacial statements being actual historical annual outlays. One is prospective and the other retrospective.

The Worc. Chamber of Commerce not getting their financial statements out is kinda like the fire station that burns down b/c of disregard of fire safety rules and a fire dept that cant get to fire in a timely fashion.

I wonder if the C of C is broke and aint paying their beancounters and other vendors? Like all vendors ya gotta pay your accountants, Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe or you dont get your paperwork from them.