July 15, 2012


I just posted a comment on my last post.    Could not agree more with the anonymous post.    JetBlue considering us and putting flight per week at ORH is huge news?!!

In and of itself is one flight much?  No, but if we support this flight and JetBlue realizes people can find ORH and they make money, what do you think they will do next??

Don't underestimate the fight JetBlue just picked with SouthWest in Providence.  A whole lot of people dont fly JetBlue out of Boston , but SouthWest out of Providence.       JetBlue flying out of Providence and ORH is going to hurt SouthWest big..

Guys, and girls, one leisure flight per week is going to cost JetBlue some money, do you have any idea how much multiple weekly flights to a major hub would cost.   It ain't going to happen in the short term.

ORH's main goal is to establish itself as a place people will to leisure destinations:

  1. Florida
  2. San Juan
  3. Myrtle Beach
Once we do that then, and only then, can we start talking about multiple weekly flights to a hub.  


Daughter of Kunigunde said...

Again I ask......if Allegient bagged for reasons still not disclosed what benefit is it for JetBlue to follow the same model and not to create an argument only discussion.....what makes Myrtle Beach,Florida and San Juan the destinations that seal the deal or make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Where did we suddenly get this 1 flight a week stuff? Did Dave Barger tweet this or something? I don't remember seeing an article that says "JetBlue will try out 1 flight per week out of ORH"

The Dog said...

You have stated we have already done the last sentence with Allegient and DirectAir......why do we have to prove to JetBlue again that the city and area can almost fill two planes a week......

Anonymous said...

Bill, love the enthusiasm keep it coming...any ideas how we could tap into Dir Air customer base to get a big response for JB @ ORH? -Ed@OrhThrifty

Bill Randell said...

The DOg

You are kiddin me right?? Just because you fill planes does not mean the route is profitable.

The Allegiant guys are smart and they left because they were not making money. I heard it was because they had not control of their fuel costs.

Direct Air didn't pay any bills.. We have proven to anyone with Direct Air and Allegiat Air that you can make money.


jose said...

if anything i think allegiant and direct air proved there is a market to serve, maybe a small market. if the marketing was better i think the plane load could remain or even exceed 80-85%. how many bilboards along 290? fullpage ads with the t&g and charter tv? as for allegiant, havent they pulled the plug on other routes and airports cause they were profitable soon after opening them?

Bill Randell said...


One correction we have NOT proven to any that you can make money in Worcester.

I was told Allegiant could not make money because of their fuel costs at ORH. On the other hand JetBlue can avoid that--again I was told that. Not sure how..

Direct Air did not worry about fuel costs since they did not pay their bills.

Jose is completely right these airlines only proved that there is a market. I believe JetBlue can get to 100% full planes and make money then add more flights.


PS Great comments JOSE