July 12, 2012

Smartest guy in Worcester?

I pick City Auditor DelSignore...   This guy is basically on the Titanic right before it is hits an iceberg and is getting off into a life raft....  Imagine being the person replacing him??? 

Our unfunded liabilities are much more then anyone estimates and we will be lucky to merely balance the budgets, never mind putting any extra cash towards these outstanding debts.   After he retires I am going to go look for him and see if he will be willling to talk to me..


Jahn said...

Maybe he will move on to San Bernadino, CA. or Scranton, PA. for an easier challenge than trying to keep the Good Ship Worcester afloat


My concern or question is when will Mike O Brien either move on to a similar gig in a nice suburban, monied setting like Wellesley or Dover or Sherborne or Weston...........or.............get booted out Hoover Style b/c the elected idiots cannot face reality and blame all the city ills on the city manager.

I suggest Mike is smarter and more street wise than to hang around too long. Maybe a double exit of DPW chief and the CM at about the same time?

Jahn said...

BTW, maybe I am not reading the Irish Sports pages close enough, but is Senor Collyer still with us?