July 26, 2012


Tweet with the above hashtag why you want JetBlue at ORH and how you would support them or if you are a business that has an offer.  


Anonymous said...

Bill: Put me in as covering the tickets for the pilot and crew of any JetBlue flight that will be based in Worcester to the 2013 Paulie's NOLAfest ...and yes, JetBlue does fly to New Orleans...


Harry T

Nick said...

Robert Cortelyou (Delta Senior VP of Network Planning) on ORH:
"While Worcester undoubtedly has some growth potential, it remains a small market with a very close proximity to Boston. Investing in new nonstop service to this market would be financially challenging given the pressure from heavy competition in Boston." (via email to myself)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...Delta, eh? Here's an oldie, but a goodie, from March 2000...


Harry T

Nick said...

Yea, the good 'ol days where Massport didn't just care about Logan. Now they aren't trying very hard to "woo" airlines like Delta and United.

Jahn said...

Forget Delta, what about Eastern Airlines at Worcester Airport and if my memory is correct they advertised on TV w/a song about flying the Eastern Yellow Bird to FL. Was that Eastern or another airline w/ the Yellow Bird Theme. I think the planes had Yellow Paint on them or maybe it was just the FL bound part of fleet?

How about a Blue Bird Theme song for flying to FL from Worc that follows the Yellow Bird tunes and lyrics?

30 peoulaer said...

Well I was curious so I goggled around. It was Northeast airlines that had the Yellow Birds. Here's brief on NE airlines taken from a website listing now defunct airlines. My god the list is huge. The Pic of the Yellow Bird but I cant cpoy and paste it

"Operated: 1931 - 1972
Cause and result of demise: Merged with Delta on August 1, 1972.
Interesting fact: Northeast was perhaps most famous for its dramatic "Yellowbird" campaign where its new delivery of Boeing 727-200 in 1967 were painted white and yellow. Its humble beginnings were as Boston-Maine Airways, which operated out of Boston, and was a joint venture between Boston and Maine Railroad and Maine Central Railroad.
Photo by Bruce Drum."

Gud weakend two awl.

Nick said...

Email from Massport regarding upgrading to CATIII ILS:

"Seeking to upgrade existing bad weather capabilities at the airport (from current CAT I to CAT III) is one of the key initiatives we are undertaking. Upgrading to CAT III will involve environmental planning, engineering (including airfield modifications), procurement, installation and operations. A critical part of this process is working with the FAA and receiving FAA approval particularly when it comes to operating/maintaining the system. This process is now underway."

MSWOMer said...

I don't Tweet, but I have been following your Twitter lately. You have recently referenced the high fuel prices at ORH as holding back airlines. Doing some research, this is what I found with hopefully some changes in the future.

Currently Swissport is the FBO and handles ground service, fuel service and executive aviation service. Mass Aviation (MassPort?) handles aircraft maintenance and such. According to airnav.com, while they seem to get great reviews, fuel at ORH is $6.70 for 100LL and $6.20 for Jet A (as of 7/11/12). Actually not horrible compared to other airports and Hanscom's even worse. However, vastly different than the $2.94 price that JetBlue has set up.

However, MassPort has a new FBO coming to ORH and Hanscom (Swissport will stay too). It will take about 2 years, but the company is Rectrix from Hanscom and Hyannis. In addition to providing FBO service for ORH, it is also building a $5 million hanger, promising 103 new jobs between the two airports (Swissport employs 20 at ORH), a regional maintenance facility, and possibly even flights.

That's all well and good, but the key is that in Hyannis (where Rectrix in the current FBO), fuel prices are cheaper. The price for 100LL is $5.85 and $4.95 for Jet A (as of 7/19/12). It's not great, but it is much better. Looking around, it beats Boston (dramatically), Providence, Manchester, Hartford, and Hanscom. Not a promise, but hopefully that's a good sign. Thanks.