April 09, 2012

Allegiant new flight

Niagara Falls to Fort Lauderdale.  Maybe ORH next?


Anonymous said...

Very nice !!!!

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Allegiant is announcing service today with some likely to PGD... Perhaps ORH will be on that list.

Jahn said...

Should the mayor, Mr Davis, and/or the CM be proactive and take a trip to Allegiants headquarters? Preferrably the CM solo with tin cup in one hand soliciting flight and an apologly letter in the other hand from then mayor Krash Kup for saying that Allegiant stabbed Worc in the back

The CM could offer no fee landing for a year of forever.

Consider thsi TIF'ing or DIF'ing ...whats good for the real estate business in Worc. is also good for the comm airline bizz in Worc?? For the record, I oppose all TIFS, DIFS, Phillies, etc and this includes the apparent back door TIFing and DIFing that appears to hav ebeen done by the Assessors office in the past.

Yes, property assessemnt do have an element of subjectivity to them, but I have to wonder how many CC's dimed up the assessor office in the past looking to "equalize" the comm. vs residential tax tax for certain favored comm. property owners. That said i wonder how many comm. property owners figured whats good for new comm. property builders is alos good for those comm. property owners who have been ante'ing up for decades in Worc. Back door, behind the scenes leveling of the playing field???

Also, BTW it seems the former assessor has really taken some heat since his departure. MAybe T&G should give him an interview and some ink. Truth be told any manager in the private sector who has missed so many deadlines as the current asessor has, would be unemployed right now. Just blame Beacon Hill and Boston for the delays. It's all Bushes fault, right? The Bush Cheney Hallburton tornado hits the assessor office.

Anonymous said...

Worcester burnt it's bridge with Allegiant with all the name calling and unprofessional conduct by politicians a few years ago. Don't get your hopes up...they will not be back.

Nick said...

US Airways should start up their ORH-Philly flights on the 37 seat Dash 8-300's or the 50 seat CRJ200

Many people have come to me and said they missed flying out of ORH, and they thought ORH-PHL was perfect because it provided seamless connections to the entire US Airways route map (especially Florida).

Allegiant has made some serious noise this week.

- Adding Hawaii flights on their new 757s (1st time they'll operate some thing other than the MD80 fleet)

- Adding flights (from Direct Air) from Punta Gorda to several destinations

I really don't see Allegiant coming back to ORH, though...

What I do see:

USAir Express-
3 Daily flights to Philly

United Express-
2 Daily Flights to Chicago
3 Daily Flights to Newark

2-3 Daily Flights to JFK
1 Daily Flights to Orlando (1 extra on weekends)
1 Weekend Flight to Sarasota