April 30, 2012

JetBlue blog post

Adding color to JFK.   JetBlue like to customize their airports to reflect their corporate identity/brand.  

Although we not formally change the name JetBlue.   Take a look at O'Hare everyone calls it Chicago O'Hare.    We do not need to change the name, but for marketing purposes we call it Worcester JetBlue Airport.

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jahn said...

Bill, I disagree with "renaming" the airport with any commercial branding, UNLESS not doing it is a deal breaker to getting us a comm. passenger carrier up there.

On another note, I-290 is to have major bridge re construction work thsi year. So Deval, just like his partner in crime, Obuma farms the work to those "foreign" to Masschusetts. Campanella & Cardi out of Rhode Island won the bid and will take the spoils back to Rhodie with them. Priceless. And yes, the state unfortunately is bound by statutory bidding rules.

And yes, they will proabbly be bound to hire some people locally( just like the so called City Sq local hiring), but rest assured there will be plenty of RI resident laborers and operators on the job, too. Dont forget RI has some of the nations worse unemployment #'s. Here's to hoping they at least buy the concrete/aggregate locally and that the steel is American made.

Krash Kup says the bridges need to be replaced and a that they will do all they can to mitigate traffic problems. Did Krash Kup mention anything about the fact that the contract was awarded to an out of state co.? I did read it very fast thsi morning

Here's to hoping the bridges have improved McMurray Anti-skid Decks (MAD) [TM] and that they aint built anywhere near any ledge outcroppings. Probably have to trim back that huge outcroppng at Plumley Village and 290.

So Sara & Kevin are front and center stage helping out the restaurantuer burned out on Pleasant St. I'll bet I know someone who gave 2 or 3x what these two attention seekers gave to the rebuilding fund. To repeat once agian, true charity is done quietly, behind the scenes, w/o fanfare, and w/o notoriety.

Why do we have a full fledged dedication ceremony complete with uniformed officers and the kilted drum & bugle corps (thats 'core' for u democrats) for a god dam freaking pick truck just b/c it carries fire fighting equipment & suppiles to fight fires in a railroad yard? I mean come on what does a pick up truck represent that needs to soooo "honored"? Will we have a complete burial ceremony years from now when the 4000 lbs of metal t finally "dies"

And oddest part is that the truck will not be housed opposite the new CSX RR yard fire barn . Instead it will be housed over at the Holy Cross Fire station and not a mention of anything about delayed response times to save the poor RR boxcars, tanker cars, locomotives and RR workers Gesssssssh.