April 26, 2012

No Announcement today

There is not going to be any announcement today.    The bottom line is that JetBlue is talking to MassPort about ORH and it looks promising.     

My hope is that on our end, the Central Mass area does something to show JetBlue how much we want them to close the deal and that we will support them,.. 


Anonymous said...

What a failure on Mass Ports part. Almost every airport serviced by Direct Air found replacement flights to their destinations in time for summer vacation travelers. The longer they wait, the less interest they'll be. Such a dissapointnent. Tell me what to do and I'll support Jet Blue. I fly them once or twice a month from BDL or BOS, but would love to see them at ORH.

Anonymous said...

I still have a dream...


Harry T

Big Daddy said...

Why does Worcester continue to blame others for its failures.......colleges,massport,aging industrial city.....the airport was done before massport........allegient left for a reason,legal seafood left for a reason.....the college kids after being educated leave fora reason.......people that register their cars leave for a reason....most of our teachers,firemen,police live elsewhere.....for a reason.....shite claude p. Dorman is leaving:-) had to kick that in.

Anonymous said...

I have a name for all this waiting and anticipation: JetBlueballs

it's almost a medical condition without any relief