April 29, 2012

Bob Nemeth Story Carrier's death benefits

Always enjoy Robert Z Nemeth's stories on Worcester Airport.  Here are the hi-lights:
  1. The demise of Direct Air may be a blessing?   Tell that to the literally thousands of people who flights were cancelled, monies were  lost, vouchers were lost and membership fees were lost.   
  2. Direct Air gave no advance warning to MassPort.   You are right, but I did on this blog but what do silly bloggers know.  Do you think a company running a Ponzi scheme stealing people's monies give a warning when they about to close the doors and run with the money?  A better question may be why our Airport Director or Airport Liaison did not listen to any of my warnings?
  3. In the future MassPort will focus on trying to establish airlines that maintain routes to major hubs.  O'kay but that does not mean we will get these routes.  If we were to get JetBlue I don't see them coming with multiple daily flights to a hub.  I see them starting with some direct flights to leisure destinations in Florida.
  4. Allegiant has shown interest in returning to Worcester.  Of course they have and I pointed out on this blog several times that we need to get them back like Hagerstown recently did.   Allegiant is smart and we are the perfect airport. Bob this is not a question, however, of us making sure they have the right management, it is more a question of them checking out the new management of our airport.   
  5. While Direct Air failed everywhere else, its Worcester based services to Florida and South Carolina destinations flourished.   There is absolutely no basis to this claim whatsoever.   Planes were 80% full but they were 80% full from all the other locations.   This was a ponzi scheme and none of the locations were profitable.    Think about it, at 100% full at the prices they were charging, they were losing money every time a flight left Worcester or any other city.  Losing money is not flourishing.
What really amazes me about any story Bob writes about the airport he never has a disclaimer on the bottom that he was an Airport Board member and past Chairman.   Actually what amazes me even more is that there is not one mention of JetBlue in his story.

How can you not even mention JetBlue???  This indicates to me that the JetBlue discussions are as serious as we all think and hope since his mantra on this is that the masses should not be involved or know about highly complicated negotiations like this.  

Bottom line the negotiations with JetBlue must be on the right track because, if they were dead Bob would have said that and blamed someone. 

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jose said...

im sure the direct air flights from worcester to s. carolina and florida didnt flourish at 80% full, but was it a failure? what kind of planes were they flying too? atleast with jetblue or alegiant im sure they have smaller planes they could fly so they have a better chance at 100% full planes. im jetblue decided to fly out of orh, would it make sense for them to fly to new york? wouldnt that waste more gas for little profit then to longer routes? i think florida and san juan would be the routes they would look at.