April 07, 2012

City Council Reports on low income housing

City Council meeting link

Great summaries by McGourthy.  Numbers are powerful and amazing!!

Check out 15G

Open first attachment and look at page 3 .  The number are unreal!!!!    Alot of numbers but the one to focus are "TDC per unit".     Lowest one is 200,000 per unit for apartments on LaGrange Street, while the Hadley comes in at a friggin 514,000 per rental unit!!!!!
WTF !!!!    This is insane

Check out 15E
first attachemnet Page 3.      2.,390,000 of tax monies for this project?  Here is the killer  2,040,000 of NSP monies which stands for Neighborhood Stabilization  and now it may be rented to SMOC??    We spend 2.4 million dollars on an apartment building under the auspices of "Neighborhood Stabilziation" and the end product may be SMOC>

Worcester's answer to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Parole Departement-- "affordable" housing.

These numbers are incredible and people should be outrages!!


Jahn said...

I have to give MR Nemeth credit where credit is warranted. He hit a solid 3 bagger, possibly an inside the park'er today with his piece on PLAs. Write on...

Then there is the irony of Saturday piece on the need for a new roof for the city owned leaky AUD, which roof could in fact end up being razed when the AUD is finally be auctioned off for whatever the future holds for it.

The irony is that in todays Sundae Telegraph there is big piece on the city doing "neighborhood sweeps" in the Lower Grafton St area in search of distressed/nuisanace housing which for some reason will end up being only privately held property which is cited. I mean is it really necesssary to do highly publicized "sweeps" complete with the T&G in tow? I could do a drive by in that area at midnight w/o night vision goggles and pick 1,001 building code violations faster than I could list them all. Talk about shooting fish in a tank

Hey how about this...they do a sweep of the PIP shelter at 200am and see how far over capacity it is or a "sweep" of the AUD during the next rain storm or a sweep of the Elm Park Fire ALarm Park Building for possible Asian Beetle infestation in the tree growing through the roof or a sweep of the WPI area for 4 unrelated students living in a 3 decker flat or a sweep of all the city regualtions for possibly unconstititional laws enacted by many The Tuesday Night City Clowncilors. Oooops i forgot, all the students went home for Easter weekend. Skip that sweep. Alpha Chi's taps are dry for a few days

The hypocrisy of this City continues and do as I say, not as I do mentality continues.

If my HS graduation was conducted at the AUD, does this make it a Certified Hysterical Structure?

Bill Randell said...

Never got the sunday telegram in Holden. Called and the message said production problems. Never got it..

Nemeth is right sometimes, I agree. Whenever he talks about the airport he is hardly ever right.