April 24, 2012

Thursday Airport announcement

Any idea what the announcement is??  We know it is not an airline announcement but what is it?


Steve Foley said...

I predict they'll announce yet another study to determine if the airport should be closed.

After much time and money is spent, the consultants will report that closing the airport would involve paying back millions in federal grants, and oh, by the way, the city doesn't own the airport anymore so has no say as to what should be done with it.

Anonymous said...

How do you know for sure it is not an airline announcement?

Bill Randell said...

Guess I do not know for sure? But I think I would have heard it from someone else already...

Hope I am wrong and it is an airline announcement.

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Jahn said...

Various guesses:

Maybe they have reached the 100,000th passenger in their current (June 30, 2012) fiscal year?

Clint Eastwood will do his final movie with lotsa shooting at Worc Airport, as both the airport and Clint go out in style. Kinda of a Gran Torino 2.0

Isnt there an RFP out at the moment? Maybe they have selected the winning bidder.

And what is up with our MIA fellow blogger, Tracey. T&G reports she's very concerned about Jr. ROTC members in attendance at what turned out to be a politically conservative rally.

Tracey, I am truly disappointed at your attempts to reign in freedom of expression by those who may someday give their life so that you are able to speak freely every Thursday evening. Please re-consider your position. TY